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Saturday, May 20, 2017

CounterCurrents: Strutting Fascism And Swaggering Militarism

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Strutting Fascism And Swaggering Militarism
by Gaither Stewart 

One question remains: the difference between Fascism and Nazism. Can one distinguish between them qualitatively, recognizing however the same essence in each? Or are they perhaps different movements also in essence? Mussolini believed they were different. Subsequent history has also differentiated between them. The Polish Pope John Paul II said at the end of his life that Nazism was the supreme evil of the century. Though history in general tends to consider Fascism a variation of other authoritarian regimes, one might add, closest to the USA today, I prefer to leave them together, wrapped in each other’s arms, one comforting the other.

Julian Assange, Sweden, And Continuing Battles
by Dr Binoy Kampmark

It had been, from the start, a cruel wait and see game.  Lacking logic and consistency, the Swedish effort to extradite Julian Assange from the United Kingdom, not for formal charges but the pretext of questioning him over sexual assault and rape, collapsed on Friday.

On Being Presidential And The Judgment Of History
by Dr Arshad M Khan

There is in the U.S. a certain notion of being presidential.  Toss missiles at Syria or bomb Afghanistan and everyone reflexively calls it presidential.  Added to warmongering is peace making, visiting foreign countries, meeting with foreign leaders, holding joint press conferences with a slew of foreign reporters, all in a whirlwind of activity eagerly seized upon by the home press and guess what?  The president is being presidential … which as a bonus yields positive publicity, bumping up his favorability rating in the polls.

Positioning Popularity Properly
by Richard Oxman

Around the time I first met the great author — the incomparable artist and singular soul — there was a saying that one would hear on occasion. It went, “Fifty million Frenchman can’t be wrong.” It was a comment on how popularity could be a guide. [Pause.] No.

Consuming Passions And Environment
by Pratap Antony 

A very important aspect of careless consumption is the ecological impact on our planet is – If we keep consuming, what are we giving back?

Disappearance of Daughters!
by Dr Fayaz Ahmad Bhat 

Nobel Laureate, Economist Amartya Sen, in way back 1990’s introduced the term “missing women”, showing a deficit in the number of women relative to the expected number of women in a region. He argues that “an advantage they enjoy not only after they are forty years old but also at the beginning of life, especially during the months immediately following birth, and even in the womb”. Thus Sen, attributes the phenomenon to the discrimination in basic nutrition and health care.

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