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Monday, July 17, 2017

CounterCurrents: Chinese Peace Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo Is Dead

Dear Friend,

A few days back CC reported the terminal illness of  Chinese Peace Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo, and the denial of permission by Chinese authorities for him to seek treatment outside China. The worst has happened. Liu Xiaobo is gone. We must all condemn this human rights violation by Chinese authorities. 

The sexual crime malady that's gripping the Catholic Church has reached the top level of the Church hierarchy. Cardinal George Pell, third in the Vatican hierarchy is    charged with multiple sex offences. He has arrived in Australia, from where he hails, to appear in court. Time for the Church to "clean the Augean stable."

Don't miss the    insightful article by M Suchitra on the revolutionary women of Srikakulam. 

K.P Sasi's cartoon series "India Now" continues. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Chinese Peace Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo Is Dead
by Dr Vivek Kumar Srivastava 

Chinese Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo has met his end. The end signifies several things- that no state oppression can ever defeat the strong will of the people. Liu stood for a cause and state did its oppressive acts as is the nature of the non democratic states, but he defeated the Chinese policy of restriction to dissidents as his last days generated a strong protest against China and Chinese state is now under pressure as how to deflect the international attention from its worst human rights activities.

A Question of Accountability: Cardinal Pell, The Vatican And Child Abuse
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

In an unprecedented move, Cardinal George Pell, termed by author Gianluigi Nuzzi “the ambitious bulldog from Sydney,” and one present at the penitent moments of Benedict XVI’s apology, has made his way to Australia to face what are termed “historical sex offences”.

On the Role of “Pressure” In The Elementary School Realm of the U.S.
by Rachel Olivia O'Connor 

Although I am not focusing mainly on civil disobedience in this article, I believe it is worthwhile to conclude by underscoring that in many cases what’s known as “civil disobedience” is part of what must be discussed among very young students studying Democracy. A PBS broadcast from 2007 does a decent job of describing what the term means according to one of my mentors, Howard Zinn.

Revolutionary Tales Told By Women
by Suchitra M 

Waiting at the Palasa railway station platform for the superfast train to Kolkata, I felt shame and guilt as well. What is this I’m doing? Why am I rushing like this? I had literally scrambled through the rich lives of people who do not figure in any documented history. Shouldn’t I have spent more time with them and listened to all that they had to say?

Stand Up To Anglo-Zionist Fascism
by Ghali Hassan

The struggle against Anglo-Zionist fascism must be global. The onus is on all of us in the West to stand up united against Anglo-Zionist fascism because the electoral process has become useless and against the will of the people.  It is a necessity and there is no choice but to change the current violent and oppressive system of Anglo-Zionist fascism. If Anglo-Zionist fascism continues, the survival of the planet and humanity cannot be guaranteed.

UID – The Greatest Trick Yet, By The Greatest Prestidigitator
by Prem Kumar Vijayan    

We are today witnessing one of the greatest political prestidigitations in the history of India – perhaps of the world. Over the last few months, the country has been rocked by a series of politico-economic earthquakes, starting with the infamous demonetization move. This was followed up with the dramatic acceleration in the enforcement of the Aadhar-UID scheme, culminating in the directive to link Aadhar to subsidies on the one hand, and to the filing of income tax on the other. And then, even before we could blink the spots out of our eyes from that spectacle, along came GST, and the furore over it. As the dust from these earthquakes slowly settles, when we look back at the destruction, certain patterns are slowly becoming discernible. They are as ominous as the shadow of a mushroom cloud.

Three Years of Modi Rule And Kashmir
by Basharat Shameem 

What the current ruling dispensation at the centre needs to understand urgently is that the dissenting Kashmiris only want solution to the political problems according to their aspirations. They indeed desire peace and development but only when it comes with honour and dignity, not with an absence of these. They indeed don’t want a repeat of 2008, 2010 or 2016. But they don’t want to see New Delhi’s coffers at the cost of the coffins of their children.

Dangers of Vigilante Politics
by Pushkar Raj 

The country is experiencing a spate of violence with cases of lynching in different parts of India. The citizen is hapless and government is unresponsive betraying its authoritarian tendencies rooted in its ideology.

Attack On Amarnath Pilgrims Sparks International Outcry, But Why No Condemnation On Attack On Minorities?
by Gurpreet Singh 

While the anger over this barbaric incident is understandable and justified, there has been a complete silence over the continued violence against minorities in India under Modi.

India Now!

Political cartoon by K P Sasi 

Physical And Sexual Assault On A Transgender Woman By A Group Of Army Personnel

WSS and THITS express outrage at the brutal physical and sexual assault of a 34 year old transgender woman by a group of army personnel. WSS demands stringent penal action against all the accused, a speedy investigation and trial, as well as complete medical treatment, compensation and legal support to the survivor (name concealed to respect identity).

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