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Monday, July 17, 2017

RSN: Jessica Valenti | Why Is Betsy DeVos Enabling Rape Deniers?

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16 July 17 PM
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Jessica Valenti | Why Is Betsy DeVos Enabling Rape Deniers? 
Betsy DeVos. (photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA) 
Jessica Valenti, Guardian UK 
Valenti writes: "On Thursday, education secretary Betsy DeVos carried on in the grand American tradition of treating rape survivors like garbage, meeting with accused rapists and organizations that publish photos of women they claim are 'false victims.'" 
What Robert Mueller Learned From Enron 
Jesse Eisinger, ProPublica 
Eisinger writes: "It seems safe to assume that nobody read Donald Trump Jr.'s damning emails with a Kremlin-connected lawyer more closely than Robert Mueller." 
The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America 
Kristin Miller, Moyers & Company 
Excerpt: "Well, the first thing I'd say is stop paying such attention to Trump's tweets. They're a total distraction. I think we should instead be carefully watching the actions of groups like Freedom Partners, Chamber of Commerce, the Koch's big donor operation." 
Is the Most Powerful Lobbyist in Washington Losing Its Grip? 
Steven Mufson, The Washington Post 
Mufson writes: "This should be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's moment. A businessman occupies the White House. Republicans, who have received generous campaign donations from the Chamber, control both houses of Congress. And the agenda is full of favorite business issues such as tax reform, regulatory rollbacks and infrastructure spending." 
When a Witness Confronts the Accused: Is a Courtroom ID Fair? 
Marella Gayla, The Marshall Project 
Gayla writes: "It's one of the oldest courtroom gambits in America: a prosecutor in a criminal trial asks a key witness if he sees the person who committed the crime anywhere in the room. Pause. The witness turns and points to the defendant, as the jurors take it all in." 
Why Trump's Travel Ban Hits Women the Hardest 
Michelle Chen, Guardian UK 
Chen writes: "The latest temporary reinstatement of the order's 120-day refugee ban - pending an anticipated October Supreme Court ruling - is already quietly undermining the most fundamental universal humanitarian rule: it puts women and children ... last." 
Actor James Cromwell Speaks Out Before Jail Time for Peaceful Anti-Fracking Protest 
Democracy Now! 
Excerpt: "Oscar-nominated actor James Cromwell is reporting to jail at 4 pm Friday in upstate New York after he was sentenced to a week behind bars for taking part in a nonviolent protest against a natural gas-fired power plant." 

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