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Sunday, July 16, 2017 Sign and Share: Veterans and the Senate health care bill


Late last night, Mitch McConnell delayed consideration of the Republican "health care bill" because Senator McCain had to have surgery that will keep him from D.C. for an unspecified amount of time.

We wish the senator well, but this bill is coming back up. And before it does we wanted to give you a reasonably comprehensive rundown of the impact the legislation will have on veterans, ask you to take action, and then implore you to forward this message to your friends.

That brings is to Medicaid. Nearly 1.75 million veterans use Medicaid as a source of health care coverage. Almost 40 percent of them -- 913,000 veterans -- have no other source of coverage, meaning Medicaid is the only way for them to get health care. And for nearly 350,000 veterans, Obamacare's Medicaid expansion program is the only way they can afford health care.
These potential changes and defunding of Medicaid put veterans and military families at considerable risk. And we all must step up and make our voices heard on their behalf.

We started VoteVets almost a decade ago to serve as a progressive voice for veterans and military families on the issues impacting our lives. In many ways, with so much at stake right now, we were built for this moment.

Thank you for making your voice heard through VoteVets, and for asking your friends to signup to do the same.

All my best,
Will Fischer 
Iraq War Veteran and Director of Government Relations 


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