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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

CounterCurrents: 260 Million Indigenous Peoples Marginalised, Discriminated

Dear Friend,

Today is World Indigenous People's day. We observe the day with two forceful articles.    Baher Kamal brings a holistic picture of indigenous people around the world, especially in Asia. 

Vidya Bhushan Rawat points out that in the past 70 years since independence more than 9 million adivasis of India became victims of ‘development’ and the governments have rarely shown any concern about that. He demands that Adivasis of India should be declared as indigenous people of India. 

In our "Heroes and Sheroes of India" series we celebrate Akshay Brahmachari who worked for communal harmony in Ayodhya.

Also more stories from around the world. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

260 Million Indigenous Peoples Marginalised, Discriminated
by Baher Kamal 

Asia is home to the largest number of indigenous peoples on Earth, with an estimated 260 million of a total of 370 million original inhabitants worldwide. In spite of their huge number-equaling half of the combined population of Europe– they are often victims of discrimination and denial of their rights.

Declare Adivasis as Indigenous People Of India
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat 

In the past 70 years more than 9 million adivasis became victims of ‘development’ and the governments have rarely shown any concern about that. If India amend its constitution and technically categorise the Adivasis as Indigenous people, it will be accountable to UN General Assembly on the Indigenous People’s right. Like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other democracies, India need to apologise to its indigenous people for the historic wrongs and neglect to its first people

Global Day Of Action Against VEDANTA At Their AGM

Loud and theatrical protests will again be held outside the AGM of British mining company Vedanta Resources' AGM at the Lincoln Centre, Lincoln Inn Fields, London at 2pm on Monday 14th August accusing the company of major environmental and human rights abuses across its operations. Parallel protests will be held by affected communities and their supporters at several locations in India and Zambia.

Heroes and Sheroes of Plural India – Akshay Brahmachari
by Nivedita Dwivedi 

This article is part of a series called “Heroes And Sheroes Of Plural India” under #AnHourForCommunalHramony campaign to celebrate the Heroes and Sheroes who struggled to shape modern India in all its plurality.  Today we celebrate Akshay Brahmachari who worked for communal harmony in Ayodhya.  All are welcome to contribute an hour of your day, in celebrating these Heroes and Sheroes of plural India

Promises Of Incineration: The Nuclear Playground Gets Busy
by Dr Binoy Kampmark 

What matters now is which bully will call the other’s bluff.    Will the ghost of pre-emption be made a blood-spilt reality?  Pyongyang remains the better placed one, noting the old adage that leopards don’t tend to alter their indelible spots.    (Remember Iraq, remember Libya.)  But it is Trump who persists in showing that a bully’s restraint and measure of self-control is taking a heavy toll.

Turkey And Qatar Stage Joint Military Exercises Amid Doha Blockade
by Abdus Sattar Ghazali 

Turkish and Qatari navies have carried out a joint exercise as Qatar’s economic blockade by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries entered into third month.

Nimby’s Vs Yimby’s Over Endless Development And Over Population
by Irwin Jerome 

Everywhere along the shores of Planet Earth, endless development and the pressures of over-population continue to escalate a pitched battle among the people: It’s the Nimby’s versus the Yimby’s. So much so that this tale about what is happening on the North Shore of North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada could be called The Battle of North Shore, Planet Earth.

20 Years After The Asian Financial Crisis: Is History Repeating Itself?
by Dan Glazebrook 

20 years ago this month, a run on the Thai currency triggered a financial crisis that quickly devastated the economy of the entire region, sinking the currencies of Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea and ultimately spreading as far as Russia and Brazil. Far from ‘lessons being learned’, however, history looks worryingly set to repeat itself.

India’s Coal Contradiction
by Zeenat Masoodi 

Interestingly, this year, for the first time, solar power in India priced at Rs.2.44 per unit became cheaper than coal powered energy priced at Rs.3.20 per unit. Wind power too was competitively priced at Rs.3.46 per unit. However, while the cost of renewables may have dropped drastically, massive reserves, widespread availability, and traditional dependence on coal make the resource a formidable enemy. For instance, fossil fuels still receive eleven times more financial support than renewable energy.

You Cannot Trap The ‘Magic Rat’: Trump, Congress And Geopolitics
by Robert J Burrowes 

We cannot trap the ‘magic rat’ that afflicts so many individuals but we might be able to assist some of them to recover from this psychological disorder. We might also be able to mobilise those not afflicted (or not so badly afflicted) to respond powerfully to frightening information about the state of our world.

Where ARE We Heading?
by Sally Dugman 

That which I predict for here in the USA is desertification for the Southwest and most of California (the latter of which will keep having earthquake tremors since it is separating from the continental USA due to being geographically part of the Pacific tectonic plate rather than Continental USA landmass.). Severe water shortages and fires, too, will transpire, but ramped up beyond the current levels in California. They are coming.

Why I Spotlight Nepal And Conduct A Comparative Analysis With The U.S.
by Richard Oxman

Nepal provides a great basis for doing a comparative analysis with the U.S., and generates lots of fascinating material on an ongoing basis under the umbrella of Current Events.

27 Million Died In Russia Because Wall Street Built Up Hitler’s Wehrmacht To Knock Out Soviet Union 
by Jay Janson 

With criminal corporate monopoly media masking the US created prosecutable genocide ongoing in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan by focusing attention on Russia, fantasized as a dangerous enemy needing military confrontation, it might be a good time to review past US planned, facilitated and at times perpetrated genocidal crimes in Russia. Article recalls those after WW I and before WW II.

‘Russiagate’ — The Most Trustworthy Current Information
by Eric Zuesse 

This summary is up-to-date as of August 6th, but it will start with a leak from a phone-conversation on August 1st, in which Seymour Hersh reveals “what I know” about the Russiagate matter, the matter that dominates today’s U.S. international news

Canada’s Right Wing Militarism
by Jim Miles 

All of this is part of the larger global picture of waning U.S. economic power supported by an increasingly ineffective, yet overwhelmingly powerful military. As Russia, China and others gradually withdraw from the U.S. based petrodollar reserve currency system, the more likely the U.S. is to strike out in anger and frustration at its created enemies. Sadly, Canada will go where the U.S. leads.

Attack On Article 370 Is Intolerable For Kashmiris
by Basharat Shameem 

The unremitting maltreatment of Kashmiris, the constant refusal to acknowledge Kashmir as an issue and not to talk of holding any dialogue, the blind use of unbridled state power in crushing the will of dissenting Kashmiris and now, the full swing preparations to abolish Article 370 in wake of the so-called debate on Article 35-A of the Indian Constitution, has all amply made it clear that the BJP government is not interested in peace and tranquility in Kashmir by any stretch of the imagination. 

Scrapping Of Article 35A – Part Of An Agenda
by Abdul Majid Zargar 

Not much was known about Article 35A  of Indian constitution , till Civil Society of Kashmir smelt a rat in the intentions of  New-Delhi, ruled by  right wing ahistorical Hindutva forces, to scrap it and  initiated a debate on it some three years ago.  Since then much has been said about the article but very little done to save it.

Google Censorship & Zionist Constraint On Effective Free Speech Threaten Planet
by Dr Gideon Polya

While Western countries have wealth, peace, and free speech not found in many other countries, corporate Mainstream media ensure very limited effective free speech for dissident humanitarians. The disproportionately Zionist-dominated US media giant Google has responded to “fake news” assertions with massive but sneaky Google censorship that further limits effective free speech of dissidents worldwide,  further empowers the neocon- and Zionist-dominated Establishment, and threatens the planet.

Rana Ayyub To Be Honoured In Surrey

Courageous author and journalist Rana Ayyub – who exposed the involvement of the Indian officials in the systematic killings of Muslims will be honoured by Radical Desi in Surrey, Canada this Saturday.

Arrest Of Medha Patkar: Dr Vacy Vlazna Writes To Indian Hight Commissioner
by Dr Vacy Vlazna 

I urge the government of India to immediately end the shocking forceful evictions of 40,000 families in Narmada Valley….

Protests Across India Against The Brutal Arrest Of Medha Patkar And Others
by National Alliance of People’s Movements 

People across the country protested against the high handed action of MP Police of the Dhar and Badwani administration which used excessive force leaving 48 people injured, some of them were admitted to ICU in Badwani.

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