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Thursday, August 10, 2017

RSN: Poison Papers: Monsanto Knew PCBs Were Toxic for Years but Sold Them Anyway

The article below deserves to stand alone .....

"...The lawsuit claimed that Monsanto continued to sell the compounds even after it learned about its dangers and falsely told the public they were safe. Indeed, internal documents have surfaced showing that Monsanto knew about the health risks of PCBs long before they were banned. A document, dated Sept. 20, 1955, stated: "We know Aroclors [PCBs] are toxic but the actual limit has not been precisely defined."...."

Reader Supported News
10 August 17

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Poison Papers: Monsanto Knew PCBs Were Toxic for Years but Sold Them Anyway
Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch
Chow writes: "According to documents published by The Poison Papers project, a new online archive of more than 20,000 documents obtained from federal agencies and chemical manufacturers, Monsanto possibly knew as early as the 1960s - at least a decade before the federal ban - that PCBs were harmful to public health and the environment but continued to manufacture and sell the widely used product anyway."

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