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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

RSN: Stephen Eric Bronner | Trump's Worries

Reader Supported News
08 August 17 AM
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Stephen Eric Bronner | Trump's Worries 
Donald Trump. (photo: Mark Seliger)
Stephen Eric Bronner, Reader Supported News
Bronner writes: "Donald Trump is neither the first nor likely the last demagogue with a loyal mass base. He is also not the first 'man of the people' whom self-styled "pragmatic" elites believed they could control."
'Fake News'? The Russia Investigation Is Getting Very, Very Real.
Amber Phillips, The Washington Post
Phillips writes: "President Trump keeps calling the Russia investigation 'fake news.' But with each passing week, the independent investigation into Trump's campaign ties to Russia is getting more real, not less."
Trump Hands US Policy Writing to Shadow Groups of Business Execs
Anita Kumar, McClatchy DC
Kumar writes: "President Donald Trump, lacking trust in the speed, skill or loyalty of the government workers he inherited, is shifting the task of writing U.S. policy to a network of advisory groups stacked with business executives that operates outside of public view."
Secretive Search for Man Behind Trump Dossier Reveals Tension in Russia Inquiry
Julian Borger, Guardian UK
Borger writes: "Two US congressional staffers who travelled to London in July and tried to contact former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele were sent by a longstanding aide to Devin Nunes, the chairman of the House intelligence committee and a close ally of the White House."
Blackballing Kaepernick: Fear of the Black Athlete
Khaled A. Beydoun, Al Jazeera
Beydoun writes: "By blackballing Colin Kaepernick, NFL owners are telling all black athletes to stay silent and subservient."
Tunisia Takes Landmark Step to Shield Women From Violence
Human Rights Watch
Excerpt: "The law on violence against women, including domestic violence, approved by the Tunisian parliament on July 26, 2017, is a landmark step for women's rights, Human Rights Watch said today."
Climate Change Speeding Up in US, Leaked Government Report Finds
The Daily Beast
Excerpt: "The U.S. is experiencing rapid climate change, 13 government agencies say in an unreleased report obtained by The New York Times."

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