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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Best Wishes!

Best wishes for a joyous holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tuesday, December 8th

Word spread near and far about a snowman who's voting for Alan Khazei on Tuesday!
Few can say it better than our friend, Gladys or Truth to Power or the Snowman!
This is an important vote that will effect us for years to come. Alan Khazei has reached out to voters, offered informed positions based on his core values and the best interests of the people being served, without consulting polls or well-funded lobbyists.
Early in the race, I leaned toward Martha Coakley, who has been campaigning for as long as I can remember.
Ms. Coakley has been carefully scripted, tackled issues based on her continuing campaign and mostly avoided controversy.
In her role as Attorney General, she is head consumer advocate for the Commonwealth.
Legislation intended to protect and prosecute should you believe Coakley's inevitability Cha Ching fantasy (promoted by supporter, MA Senate President Therese Murray) about predatory gambling was discussed, formulated, finalized behind closed doors.
Coakley's two predecessors opposed expanded gambling based on facts, research and information. Instead, Martha "cautions caution."
In time, I believe Ms. Coakley may be a noteworthy Attorney General ... in time.
The image of watching a neighboring community destroyed by OTB (Off Track Betting) suggests to me the only caution is voting for Martha who lacks the courage of her convictions or maybe lacks convictions.

Don't forget to vote!

From a supporter --

With the special election for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat approaching, I want to take a moment to share with you why I -- along with the Boston Globe, Gen. Wes Clark,, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, the Cape Cod Times, Max Kennedy, Vicki Strauss Kennedy, Sen. Sam Nunn, Sen. Harris Wofford and over 500 citizen leaders -- support Alan Khazei. (Here's the Globe endorsement:

Why Alan? Among the candidates, only Alan has the potential to be a game-changing U.S. Senator, a senator who can build and lead coalitions and marshall citizen power to drive progress on the urgent issues of our day. Only Alan has experience affecting change by engaging people and changing politics, best exemplified by his co-founding of City Year. As a citizen activist he has worked with Senator Kennedy and four U.S. Presidents to pass three major pieces of service-related legislation and to successfully rally a citizen movement to fight back against former republican leader Tom DeLay, who tried to dismantle AmeriCorps.

How Is Alan Different From the Other Candidates? While all the Democrats share some policy positions, Alan sets himself apart from the other candidates on a number of crucial issues. According to Newsweek, Alan is "the only candidate in Massachusetts who stands fully with the President on education," in looking to offer great options to all of our children, through higher pay for teachers, differentiated pay, and expansion of successful charter schools in high-need communities. On health care, Alan is a strong supporter of a reform plan with a robust public option, and, unlike Martha Coakley and Mike Capuano, he has said he would vote for the current house or senate health care reform plans, while imperfect, because they expand coverage to 36 million Americans. And on the economy, Alan has laid out detailed plans to stimulate the economy through a comprehensive green jobs initiative, a small business hiring tax credit, a main street stimulus initiative and fully funding the Kennedy-Hatch ServeAmerica bill to create more than 250,000 service jobs.

Can Alan Win? The answer is a resounding yes. Only one sixth of the 3.7 million eligible voters are expected to vote in this election; that means as few as 200,000 voters could win the election. Recent polls have charted Alan's exponential rise, which is a testament to our unmatched grassroots field operation. Our citizen field teams have knocked on tens of thousands of doors, with many more on the way. With the majority of voters still undecided, we absolutely can win this race.

What Can I Do To Help? I hope you'll join me over the next few days by canvassing, emailing your friends, posting on Facebook and Twitter, or building support for him in any other way you can: If you can, please make a donation at Together, we can make a difference!

I hope you will support Alan on Dec. 8 -- let's take this chance to elect a real reformer to represent us in the Senate. Thanks so much for your time.

From the candidate --

When we began this race with less than 11 weeks to go, few people thought my candidacy stood a chance. So, I did what I've always done -- I chose to rely on you. The result has been an enormous grassroots campaign powered by Big Citizenship, new ideas, and reform.

Now, with just 60 hours left until the polls close, we are in a position that nobody -- except you and our many friends -- could have imagined. Because of your support, friendship, and dedication, I am confident we can win this election.

The Boston Globe, The Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Blue Mass Group, The West Roxbury Transcript and just yesterday, The Cape Cod Times have all written strong endorsements stating that I would be the best next Senator for Massachusetts. Each of these important media institutions has followed your lead.

And thanks to so many who are canvassing and making phone calls over the next few days, we are bringing our message of Big Citizenship, Reform, Action, and Getting Results directly to tens of thousands of voters across Massachusetts.

I am writing to ask you to dig deep just one more time.

Our campaign is being massively outspent four and five to one by our opponents.

Historically the candidate that gets the Boston Globe endorsement wins the election, as long as they have the resources to get that message out on television and directly to the voters.

We need your support to help raise the resources we need in these final hours to keep our Globe ad on TV and fund our Get Out The Vote effort.

If each of you getting this email would give again -- and try to find one friend, or spouse or family member to give as well -- I am confident that together we will prevail.

Would you please make one final donation by clicking here:

Everything that Vanessa and I have done in our lives, people at first say it cannot be done. But we have always succeeded because we know it isn't about us. It is about bringing together a coalition of concerned Big Citizens and working together to make change.

We cannot thank you enough for all that you have done to bring us to this point in this campaign. It has been an extraordinary privilege and we are so deeply grateful.

We are truly confident that if you are willing to support us one more time, I will be the next Senator from Massachusetts and we will be able to continue working together to bring the voice of We the People into Washington and secure the change we all want and need.

Thank you so much for anything more you can do in these final hours.

With heartfelt gratitude,


Click here to see our terrific new ad about the Globe Endorsement. And please forward this e-mail to as many friends as possible.