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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beacon Hill's Behavior

Someday, Beacon Hill will do the right thing and stop these back room deals!
This was hard-fought legislation, widely supported by consumber groups and activists seeking to remove the impact of Pharma's generosity on medicine, yet .....

AARP Urges Gov. Patrick to Put Consumers First
June 29, 2012

...AARP questions the legislature’s action to weaken the prescription drug gift ban law, put in place to help protect consumers against spiraling health care costs – in particular, rising prescription prices. Consumers should not have to foot the bill when drug companies wine and dine doctors at restaurants across the Bay State – especially when prescription drug spending continues to be the fastest growing medical expenditure for consumers, and drug prices continue to climb.

“Bottom line: Prescribing decisions are too important to be tainted by marketing practices. By funding a state-sponsored, evidence-based outreach and education program for prescribers – called academic detailing – state legislators have signaled the importance of providing unbiased information about the therapeutic use and cost effectiveness of prescription drugs to doctors and medical professionals.

“AARP urges Gov. Deval Patrick to put consumers first and protect the prescription drug gift ban law by vetoing Outside Sections 110-112 of the Fiscal Year 2013 state budget.”

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Cuomo: 'Governor, What Color Will the Sky Be Over New York?

Worth watching!

New Anti-Fracking Film by Gasland's Josh Fox Targets Cuomo: 'Governor, What Color Will the Sky Be Over New York?'

POSTED: By Jeff Goodell

Gov. Andrew Cuomo of the great state of New York, I’d like you to meet Josh Fox. As you may know, Josh, who is 39, wrote and directed a film called Gasland, which I’m sure is at the top of your Netflix queue. In 2010, the film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary and helped bring the world’s attention to the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, aka fracking. To put it another way, Josh is the guy who is largely responsible for the political minefield that you now find yourself tip-toeing through as you consider whether or not to lift the moratorium on fracking in New York State.

FYI, Josh is working on a sequel for HBO, called Gasland 2, which will be out later this year. But meanwhile, he has written and directed The Sky Is Pink – a short (18-minute) film that is, well, just for you, governor. You can watch it below.

I know fracking is a subject you've been giving a lot of thought to recently. In 2008, your predecessor, David Paterson, signed the moratorium on fracking in New York State, pending environmental review. Since then, we have all learned a lot about the risks of fracking – about how the toxic chemicals used can migrate into drinking water, about how methane can leak out of well casements, about the danger of disposing of billions of gallons of polluted wastewater the process produces. I know you have had teams of scientists from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation studying all this. I‘m sure you have had teams of lobbyists from big gas companies like Chesapeake Energy pushing you and your team hard to declare fracking "safe" and to lift the moratorium ASAP.

Last week, someone in your administration – I won’t try to guess who! – leaked details of your administration’s plan to allow fracking to the New York Times. I’ll give you this: You didn’t allow Chesapeake and the other gas industry thugs to roll you entirely; among other things, the plan limits fracking to five counties in the southern tier of the state and places restrictions on drilling near drinking water supplies. Obviously, you're trying to appear rational and pragmatic about all this, talking about following "the science" while balancing economic development with environmental and public health concerns.

Well, guess what? When it comes to fracking, there isn’t much "science" to follow yet – there’s mostly just industry-funded propoganda. Not only that, but there are a whole lot of people in your state who don’t want you to balance anything. They’ve seen what has happened in Pennsylvania where the gas companies have run wild and they fear that once the drillers get their bits into the ground in New York, it’s a mad rush to ruin.

This reaction from Maya van Rossum, the Delaware Riverkeeper – the Delaware River is part of the New York watershed – is pretty typical: "How can Governor Cuomo consider allowing shale gas development when the state’s environmental study is so riddled with holes and unaddressed pollution and public health issues? How can Governor Cuomo allow shale gas drilling in New York when he can see how many citizens and communities are getting sick, hurt and traumatized from the practice in other states? And how can New York pretend it is safe to drill in some counties and not in others – especially when science shows the pollution problems are the result of drilling and fracking shale formations, not where or how deep these well bores go?"

Fred LeBrun, a political columnist at the Albany Times Union, noticed that you seemed taken aback by the ferocity of the reaction to your proposal: "Once the story of the state's supposed plan was in play, the governor went out of his way to neither confirm nor deny it was correct, yet he couldn't stop talking around it while never really saying anything. At least not believable. "What came out was vintage Cuomo's Deli, where you can get any cold cut you want as long as it's baloney, sliced anyway you want to hear it."

These are treacherous waters for you, governor. Remember all the trouble your dad had with the anti-nuke activists on Long Island in the 1980s? Fracking could be a similar quagmire for you, especially given your immodest aspirations to the Oval Office.

Anyway, the guy you really gotta come to terms with is Josh Fox. Because this little film about the troubles with fracking in New York is pretty damn good. Among other things, he’s got some damning info from the industry on well failures that you might want to have a look at. Whatever you think of the film, one thing is for sure: It’s gonna be seen by a lot of people – a lot of voters, governor. So as you ponder how and when to lift the ban on fracking in New York, give it a look. Journalists like myself will be interested to hear your response to the question Josh addresses to you at the end of the film: "Governor Cuomo, what color will the sky be over New York?"

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Anti-Union Party At It Again!

The article below was re-posted in its entirety because it was no longer archived. It defined the failed policies Washington is now pursuing that have brought us Casino Capitalism and the global economic crisis that continues and threatens --

Tinker Bell Pinochet and the Fairy Tale Miracle of Chile

The Anti-Union movement, supported and promoted by the Republican Party threatens to drive down wages and create a Banana Republic. Is this really where we want to be?
Collective bargaining rights are under attack - again

CLEVELAND, June 21 - An anti-union bill currently making its way through
Congress seeks to undermine the rights of workers to bargain collectively
under the guise of higher wages.

The cynically-named Rewarding Achievement and Incentivizing Successful
Employees Act, or RAISE Act, would amend Section 9(a) of the National
Labor Relations Act (NLRA) to allow employers to ignore what they agree to
in collective bargaining agreements. Introduced by Senator Marco Rubio
(R-FL) as S. 3221, the bill would take away employees' rights to negotiate
contracts that create a uniform, fair process for granting wage increases.
The dubious logic behind the bill is that employers are benevolent and
generous supporters of their workers, and should be allowed the freedom to
reward favored employees with higher raises. In reality, the legislation
would give employers the ability to discriminate against employees by
arbitrarily showing favoritism to one worker over another.

This legislation undermines the fairness that collective bargaining
agreements bring to the workplace, opening the door to favoritism or
discrimination based on race or gender.

In a letter to all members of the Senate, Teamsters General President
James P. Hoffa wrote: "Make no mistake. The goal and purpose of this
legislation is to end collective bargaining.. Nothing in the bill ties pay
or benefit improvements in any way to individual achievement or success.
The RAISE Act does nothing to guarantee an improvement of pay or benefits
for workers. Rather it eliminates current built-in protections against
favoritism and arbitrary action by companies. The RAISE is a green light
for employers to violate contracts and ignore agreed upon wages and
benefits for any reason. It is a ploy to divide workers.

"Let me be clear. This bill is not about giving American workers a raise.
The RAISE Act should be recognized for what it is - another in a long line
of devices, thinly veiled and sophisticated, to pit workers against each
other, to weaken unions, and to destroy collective bargaining."

BLET National President Dennis R. Pierce blasted the proposal. "This is
just the latest act of aggression in the War on Workers and the unions
that represent them, and it is shameful that it comes from a man openly
running to be his party's nominee for the Vice Presidency of the United
States," Pierce said. "While S. 3221 in its current form would not apply
to railroad workers, who are not subject to the NRLA, it would require
only an amendment to expose BLET members to the bill's 'bosses' pet'

General President Hoffa's letter can be read/downloaded/printed from the
following link: