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Sunday, April 30, 2017

RSN: Jelani Cobb | The Banal Horror of Arkansas's Executions

If you have a conscience, please read, think about it and SHARE. 
This is not about freeing people. This is about not executing those who may have had poor defense counsel or witnesses who lied. 


There is also a growing awareness that it is perhaps impossible to create a justice system that both executes criminals and avoids killing innocents. The sclerotic appeals process insures that years, if not decades, will pass before the condemned meet their state-authored fate. But streamlining the process only increases the likelihood that innocent people will die. Since 1973, a hundred and fifty-eight inmates on death row have been exonerated of the crimes for which they were sent there. A prisoner in Ohio named Ricky Jackson spent thirty-nine years on death row before a key witness admitted to lying in the testimony that led to his conviction. Jackson is alive solely because of the inefficiency of the system that sought to kill him.

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FOCUS: Jelani Cobb | The Banal Horror of Arkansas's Executions 
Jack Jones, left, and Marcel Williams. (photo: AP)
Jelani Cobb, New York Magazine
Cobb writes: "By the opaque reasoning of capital punishment, the state of Arkansas grew some unknowable fraction safer last Monday evening, when Jack Jones, a fifty-two-year-old, overweight, hypertensive, diabetic amputee, was strapped to a gurney in the Cummins Unit prison and administered drugs to successively sedate him, impair his breathing, stop his heart, and kill him."

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Trump Supporters

Military Veterans Against Fascism. shared Hostile Politics's photo.

Drumpf's LIES

The group was big, loud and excited. But the president seemed to want 



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Trump says "we have a lot of ppl standing outside" and he "broke the all time record" in this arena. There are rows of empty seats here

Here's another part of the arena where Trump says people have been left standing outside. Lots of ppl here, but not at all capacity
Tamari pointed out that Trump did draw a “big and excited” crowd to the 7,000-seat venue. But it wasn’t completely packed, he said on Twitter.
Trump said during his speech that he wanted to “thank the fire marshals. They have a lot of people standing outside,” he added. “We really maxed out. We broke the all-time record for this arena. We broke the all-time record.” A number of publications reported that the arena was “almost full” or close to full capacity.

Thing is, there IS a big crowd here. A loud and excited one. POTUS could easily - and truthfully- talk about that. But has to claim more.

This the point & why it matters: it's how *routine* & easy these falsehoods are. Not like a flip flop or broken promise. Just pure invention 
Saturday’s rally took place at the same time as the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner. During his speech, Trump bashed the “fake news” media for telling lies.
Trump has proven himself to be deeply concerned about the size of the crowds he draws. He was incensed after the press reported President Barack Obama had bigger crowds at his inauguration, a comparison clearly backed up by photos.
Trump also called Harrisburg “just rotting ... a war zone” during his presidential campaign. But on his 100th day as president, far from the press, he described it as a “wonderful, beautiful place.”
A Trump opposition rally was held across the street hours before the president spoke. Harrisburg’s Democratic Mayor Eric Papenfuse said the event’s goal was to “send a message to the president that he needs to be more moderate and more inclusive,” reported the Washington Post. “I hope he will look around and understand that he needs to do more than rally his supporters. He needs to listen to and speak with those who didn’t vote for him.”

THANK YOU! The Climate Rally Just Put Trump’s Inauguration To Shame


Thank you for caring! 

Insecure Trump won’t like these numbers.

Insecure Trump won’t like these numbers.

Trump’s 100th day in office was marked by thousands of people taking to the streets. While the President would normally revel in such a gathering, these people came out to march against him and his backwards agenda regarding the environment and climate change.
In Washington, D.C., organizers secured a permit for 100,000 people from the National Park Service. By 1pm today, that mark was far exceeded; organizers have declared that over 200,000 people joined in on the march calling for action on climate change.
To put these marches into a perspective that the President would understand, the number of participants marching in today’s rallies will far exceed the number of people who attended the Trump inauguration. While estimates maintain that between 250,000 and 600,000 people attended the Inauguration, today’s crowd size in D.C. alone may exceed the low end of that estimate.
While the march in Washington, D.C. is supposed to be the largest, Climate Marches are occurring all over the country and world. There are at least 375 planned globally.
Per ABC News:
The event aims to pressure leaders to act on climate change while creating family-sustaining jobs, investing in front-line and indigenous communities and protecting workers who would be affected by the transition to a clean, renewable energy economy.

In front of the WH, a different 100 day message for Pres. Trump: "Resistance is here to stay, welcome to your 100th day" protesters chant
In a fitting, albeit unfortunate, circumstance, the U.S. capital hit record-breaking temperatures at 91 degrees for the march. Even the overnight temperature in D.C. last night was a record, never falling below 70 degrees.

"The D.C.  is going to be huge." "Traffic is going to be snarled." I was skeptical. But they were right, this is a big crowd
President Trump and many in his administration and the Republican Party don’t believe that the accelerating change of the planet’s climate is being driven by human activity, despite that being the consensus conclusion of the scientific community and most world governments. Indeed, in his first 100 days in office, President Trump and his allies have sought to undo as many of President Obama’s efforts to combat climate change as they could, and Trump’s choice to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is a longtime denier of human-driven climate change who has spent much of his political career fighting EPA efforts to regulate fossil fuel emissions. (He also doesn’t believe carbon dioxide is a primary driver of global warming.)

If Trump thought that he could get away with decimating the environment to benefit his rich friends in the oil industry, today’s march – along with various others – is proof that he will not. The entire world is not only watching, but standing – marching, even – for what is right. Trump’s presidency is nothing more than a minor stumble in the fight to reverse the dangerous trends of climate change and save our planet.