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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

RSN: Former Guantanamo Guard: If Trump Fills GITMO Back Up, It Will Create Blowback Against the US

It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
Reader Supported News

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FOCUS: Paul Gottinger | Former Guantanamo Guard: If Trump Fills GITMO Back Up, It Will Create Blowback Against the US 
Guard tower at the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (photo: Joe Raedle/Getty) 
Paul Gottinger, Reader Supported News 
Gottinger writes: "To make sense of what a Trump presidency means for the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, Reader Supported News spoke with former US Army Staff Sergeant Joseph Hickman, who worked as a guard at Guantanamo." 

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This, that...whatever.....

Many of his staffers are from an opaque corporate misinformation 
network. We…

Great to be back at the State House with my staff today, after a long day yesterday in jail after the #Fightfor15 protest in Cambridge. I'm grateful for all the outreach expressing support from my family, friends, colleagues, constituents, and fellow progressive activists. Extremely proud to have a staff committed to working hard to pass legislation to help out low-income families across Mass, including helping so many of my constituents who fall behind on bills, lose their health insurance, or have to turn to food pantries, because they live in an economy that doesn't work for them. Just one bill idea - requiring all companies that receive tax breaks from the state (hello, GE) pay their lowest-paid worker a living wage.

RIGHT ON!!! Robert Kennedy Jr.!
In 1966, my father held Senate hearings to investigate violent 
attacks by growers against pickers in the produce fields 
surrounding Delano, California. A young United Farmworkers 
organizer, Cesar Chavez, was orchestrating peaceful…

California, Kansas, and Texas: three sterling examples of how economic policies laid down by Democrats benefit all and those implemented by Republicans cripple economies.
California, the capital of liberal America, is the opposite of 
Trumpland. Yet its economy is blossoming and its population is 
thriving — unlike those of low-tax,…

This & that.....

For the last time, and extra loud for all of you in the back: THIS IS NOT NORMAL.
"Status quo and normalcy bias is on florid display in board rooms and cubicles alike across America. Since the election of Donald Trump and the halting, abnormal formation of what looks like it might be an administration, I hear some executives replacing strategic analysis with wishful thinking about what this new government means for business. Normalcy bias is causing these people to assume that because the “Republican” brand name is associated with Mr. Trump, that the policies – and outcomes – to follow are likely to be reminiscent of of Reagan or even George W. Bush. The assumption is that there will be lower taxes and less regulation, which is presumed broadly to be the cause of slow economic growth. These executives are projecting images about the past onto the future without regard to the very clear statements made by Trump and his proxies already about the Nationalist policies he intends to pursue.
This strategic blindness is enormously dangerous, because the stated policy goals are to upend every single guiding principle that made the United States the economic, cultural, and political leader of the free world. This position also made America the architect of the largest economic expansion in history. Abandoning this position will thereby blow up the current global balance of power, and there is no predicting the outcome of the order – or disorder – that might take its place. Business executives – and everyone else – must therefore be on guard and clear-eyed about what comes next."
Because Donald J. Trump has been in business, not politics, many 
assume that businesses might benefit. Every executive should 
understand the true risks.

Jim Wright
A guy calling himself "Deplorable Virginian" with the Twitter handle of @LiberalsRracists attempted to engage me this morning.
Now, sometimes I string these people along to see if I can get a laugh, but a quick glance at his timeline and I saw him going after George Takei with this: "old sulu and pals willfully deceive and distort. good little leftist brown shirts!"
Good little LEFTIST brown shirts.
Brown Shirts.
You know, folks, I suspect the Republic cannot long survive this degree of ignorant stupidity.
Let me break this down for you:
"Brown Shirts" was the nickname of the Sturmabteilung (Storm Detachment), commonly abbreviated SA, the original paramilitary wing of the NSDAP (the National Socialist German Workers' Party) or what most people nowadays would call the Nazi party of WWII Germany fame. The charming folks who brought you global war and industrial genocide.
Now, here's the thing so pay attention: the Nazis were FASCISTS.
Fascism is an extreme political philosophy based on militarized authoritarian nationalism. Don't take my word for it, look it up. Do it. There are literally hundreds of millions of words devoted to defining fascism, where it came from, what it entails, examples from history, and so on.
Now, fascism since its invention in Italy in the early 1900s, has had a number of variations, BUT the fundamental core of the philosophy, its very foundation is this: violent and unbending opposition to liberalism, anarchy, and left-leaning political systems such as Marxism.
The "socialist" in NSDAP is a translation from the political terminology of 1920's German and does NOT mean "socialism" as defined in modern American parlance. In point of fact, the definition of "socialist" in NSDAP is the antipode of "socialism" for the reasons outlined in the previous paragraph.
Fascism is a FAR RIGHT political philosophy when plotted against the traditional political spectrum. It is violently in opposition to ANY political system LEFT of its position ESPECIALLY socialism, communism, and Marxism. Which is why the Nazis and the Soviets HATED each other and fought a war of mutual annihilation.
The Nazis were fascists.
The Brown Shirts were Nazis.
Brown Shirts = Nazis = Fascists = Extreme RIGHT.
So to say "LEFTIST Brown Shirts" demonstrates a staggering degree of both historical and political ignorance.
Now, our grandparents fought -- and many gave their very lives -- to defeat the fascists. Our entire country was devoted to that endeavour in a degree of effort never seen before or since. After the fascists were defeated, we spent more than 60 years in steadfast opposition to the extreme LEFT political system of communism. We literally spent TRILLIONS in this effort, there are world ending weapons lying in readiness out there in the cornfields of the Great Plains and patrolling the depths of the sea as a result. We gambled our very future on that effort.
So if anybody should know how to format a proper political and historical insult, it for goddamned sure ought to be somebody from VIRGINIA, the very state in which the United States was born.
This ignorance, this increasing gleeful ignorance of Americans, is an abject failure of American education at all levels. This is a failure of leadership. This is failure of political discourse. Most of all, this is a failure of CITIZENSHIP.
And there's nothing amusing about that at all.

 CounterPunch's photo.
Something to think about.

Occupy Democrats
History is repeating itself in the worst way possible...

Elitists have been HOARDING dictionaries, knowing this day would come!

David G. McAfe
20 hrs
‪They took our dictionaries! ;)‬

Patricia Polacco's photo.

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IT'S OFFICIAL: The White House will take no action in #StandingRockand has no thoughts or guidance for Water Protectors on the ground.#nodapl #thanksObama
NATIONAL (VFB) — On Monday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told…

Wasn't there a treaty covering this land? Oh, wait, I guess that doesn't mean shit. I forgot. We have no government, when the fuel corporations want to do their business. No wonder people voted for Trump. Ha. They wanted a change. Just a new boss, same as the old boss, maybe worse.

"Nazis. Racists. Bigots. Sexists. Supremacists. Call these monsters what they are. I am done with the term ‘Alt-Right’ for those who are effectively modern-day Nazis and Ku Klux Klan, for those who attack me personally with unspeakable, unabating venom, for those who brutally and inexcusably denigrate Jews, women, people of color, LGBT, immigrants, Muslims, the list goes on.
The name ‘Alt-right,’ like ‘white nationalists,’ sanitizes a ghastly rhetoric and acutely dangerous agenda, akin to Nazis or the KKK. This is no longer a fringe group, not a few lone actors under the cloak of darkness, no small subset of anonymous individuals; this is a concerted effort currently embedding itself in the heart of Washington DC — policymakers, lobbyists, think tanks, institutes, and the new administration itself — in attempt to mainstream monstrous views and tactics that support a white majority and pro-white ideals they treasure and promote. A physical, offline hub is emerging with a vengeance for the group and ideology that gained traction and rose to prominence across the internet."
“The ugly kike Erin Schrode from Marin County hilariously got shot 
by a rubber bullet as she was making trouble on the behalf of the 

Not my words, but I thought this was really well stated. The author has asked me to remain anonymous:
This is why the notion that someone who is "good at business" [which Trump isn't, at least not as I define it] will make a good leader in government is a bunch of hooey. They just DO NOT GET IT that the two areas of practice are vastly different in the skills required and the endpoints for success. Everyone praised Bill Clinton for leaving us with a surplus, but he didn't do that because he's a business magnate—he's actually a pretty crappy businessman, as witnessed by the business ventures where he and Hillary lost their shirts (Whitewater, anyone?). He got there because he's good at prioritizing governance needs. "It's the economy, stupid" is a case in point. The needs of society for governance and strategic planning often have nothing whatsoever to do with financial gain and a whole hella lot to do with public safety and well-being, and you cannot make a short-term profit on those sorts of impacts. You CAN see a long-term one, though, as economic well-being of the nation is improved as people need to worry less about meeting basic housing, health, and education needs. And this is precisely why GOP strategies continually fail to improve American well-being, because they are so focused on short-term bottom-line type planning that they ignore those long-term needs and the gains obtained by taking this view.
Put it this way: We ran a deficit in the Depression and WWII and were rewarded with a post-war boom, because FDR had a lock on this type of thinking.