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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This & That!

God Bless the President of the United States shared We Leave No One Behind's photo.
Rand "teflon" Paul has been associated with white supremacists and racists for years and somehow it never seems to stick. He's also a Koch brothers poster boy....

See Crooks and Liars story about support from Neo-Nazi group "Stormfront," which supported his father as well. The piece also refers to racist aides.

A Salon piece on Paul's white supremacy aides:

Great Mother Jones piece on How Many free Passes does Rand Paul get before he's considered a bigot. I am no defender of Paul Deen at all, but she was rightfully lambasted for her unapologetic ignorance, but what about this white male who works in the Senate. You know, the body in charge of discrimination and civil rights laws?

See also Matty Iglesias' great piece on Paul from

Rand Paul and the Koch Brothers:

The interesting thing is that Americans seem more preoccupied with his ties to the Koch Brothers and seems completely uninterested in his racism. - Kiera for We Leave No One Behind

#RandPaul #stormfront #racism #KochBros
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The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accuses JP Morgan of manipulating energy markets in order to scam Michigan and California consumers and taxpayers for a total of $83 million.
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accuses JP Morgan of manipulating energy markets in order to scam Michigan and California consumers and taxpayers for a total of $83 million.

Governor Christie Responds to Rand Paul’s Ignorance, Exposes Huge Republican Lie About Spending

Governor Christie Responds to Rand Paul’s Ignorance, Exposes Huge Republican Lie About Spending

Apparently to Paul, they are the type of people who have “bankrupted” this nation. Real classy.

Well, Christie shot back at Paul’s despicable comments , and in doing so exposed a huge Republican myth about spending and taxes.

Christie said, “I find it interesting that Senator Paul is accusing us of having a “Gimme, gimme, gimme” attitude toward federal spending when in fact New Jersey is a donor state and we get 61 cents back on every dollar we send to Washington. Interestingly, Kentucky gets $1.51 on every dollar they send to Washington. So if Senator Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should start looking at the pork barrel spending he brings home to Kentucky.”

With that one comment, Christie has shown he supports a common liberal talking point often used against conservatives.

See, Republicans often talk about how great their economic ideologies are and how successful their tax system can be for our country—yet “red states” often take in much more money from the federal government than “blue states.” That’s what Christie means when he refers to New Jersey as a “donor state.” They give more than they take in, while Kentucky is essentially a “taker” state as it takes more from the federal government than it gives back.

Which is ironic considering many “red states” are often controlled by the politicians who claim that lower taxes, fewer regulations and conservative values will lead to economic prosperity. Except—many red states are so poor they rely much more heavily on federal spending than “blue states,” which are controlled by what Republicans often refer to as the “out of control tax and spend liberal agenda.”

Governor Christie’s comments exposed this lie, and the kicker is—Rand Paul can’t dispute these numbers. In fact, all he could do in response was take a thinly veiled jab at Christie’s weight and whine about Christie picking a fight with him.

So in a war of words between two probable 2016 Republican Presidential candidates—Governor Chris Christie has clearly shown he can handle the likes of Rand Paul.

While Rand Paul has clearly shown, as he has in the past, that he’s more interested in making headlines than actually knowing facts.

Gilberton police chief wounded by own gun during bar incident

Gilberton police chief wounded by own gun during bar incident

Death List

Most animals in shelters will be euthanized. Most of them were someone's pet, a family member.

By the time you read this, many will have been euthanized.

If you're considering a furry family members, please consider shelters and rescues first.

Adoption and transportation information available on links.

Please support Spay & Neuter programs to reduce this tragedy.
NYC!! Meet Prisca and her 4 adorable little kittens Prudence (female), Paige (black female), Piper (grey tabby male) and Wyatt (black male) Prisca gave birth to her kittens in a park and fortunately someone found her and were able to offer a temporary home for them. They would all really love to be adopted so they could have a FUREVER home. Please let me know if anyone is interested if not please share!!
Jennie Simon Penna said you were offering to help circulate the Mom and babies you rescued from the lady who was going to take them to the ACC. Here's a pictur...e! They're doing great, about 14 days now, plump and rambuncious little meepers that wear their momma down! I've named her Prisca, and the kittens are Prudence (calico female), Paige (black female), Piper (grey tabby male) and Wyatt (black male) - figured they could stand to be Charmed! Let me know if you want more info. I haven't gotten Prisca tested yet but hopefully will do so this week.See More
MUSH survived yesterday's euth list at Devore, but she's back on the euth list today (Wed 7/31) at Devore and can be killed at any time. If you can save this beautiful girl, contact Devore NOW at 909-386-9820, ext 0 and ask supervisor for time while you come get her. Needs rescue/foster/adopter/pledges.
MUSH - ID#A567879 (available 7/27)

My name is MUSH.

I am a female, black and white Pit Bull Terrier and Labrador Retriever.
The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old.

I have been at the shelter since Jul 22, 2013.

This information is less than 1 hour old.
For more information about this animal, call:
San Bernardino County - Devore Shelter at (909) 386-9820
Ask for information about animal ID number A567879
See More
Our dogs only have 30 minutes before they will be gone forever.... please share one last time and help get them out! Contact a rescue or reserve on the NYC AC&C website if you can assist.
To see the full list of our dogs in danger today, please visit this link:
Our dogs only have 30 minutes before they will be gone forever.... please share one last time and help get them out! Contact a rescue or reserve on the NYC AC&C... website if you can assist.

To see the full list of our dogs in danger today, please visit this link:
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***URGENT**** Last week was a rough week at this pound-- Adams County lost alot of dogs and I am praying we can change that this week- Adams has been known to "Euth" on Thursdays (and) they have also used the heart stick method in the past- We have NO idea if this has changed or not but until we know for certain that these babies are not dying via HS all dogs walking in those doors are considered urgent..... (especially) on Wednesday's PLEASE share far and wide and help these babies find LOVE and save their LIFE!

Adams County - West Union Ohio
Link to Main Petfinder-

Phone- 937-544-2431

Hello All,

Unfortunately the shelter is extremely full and we are housing some dogs 3 or more to a kennel, which is extremely unfair to them regarding space, health and their well being. As much as we absolutely hate to, we have to make room today for the animals that are constantly coming through our intake doors. The following animals are the ones that are left from previous code red lists. These code red dogs will be given one hour (until 1:45 p.m. to be confirmed tagged and those who are tagged must be out of the shelter by 5:00 p.m. today (we can work with some who may be a little late, but they must leave today).

Trudy 20413072
... General 20427122
Nanu 20505638
Tara 20454135
KC 15518132
Wanda 20475174

Sincerely, thank you for your help and dedication to our animals.

Ashley Windham | Senior Animal Care Technician
Animal Services
City of Irving l
4140 Valley View Lane, Irving, TX 75038
P: (972) 721.2256 l F: (972) 721.2106
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This boy who gets along great with everyone can be saved if he gets a foster, he is in the Fredricksburg VA area right now! He is a nice dog as easy as them come and a rescue is interested but is out of fosters. Are you in this area and can foster? If so please click his pic for more info! Please share him!

Please share Nico Story He is still at the shelter and nothing has come through for him!! EXCELLANT dog that is waiting like so many others for someone to fall in love with him ! He will give 10 fold back to you !! He is just a calm boy that loves being with you and spending time!! Please continue sharing his information in hopes of finding him a safe haven!!
Thank you for all and any help! it is greatly appreciate!!!
Contact below!~

I am reaching out today to try and find a rescue, foster, or adopter for a magnificant dog named "Nico" He is an American Bulldog Mix Male already NEUTERED white with Brindle spots. He is Guesstimated to be around 4-5 yrs old. He was picked up as a stray and unfortunately his family has not come for him! Nico is currently located at a county shelter that is NOT a no-kill Shelter and finding him a Rescue, Foster, or Adopter is Imperative for Nico. Space is always limited in this shelter so time is of the essence to insure Nico Safety!!!
I don't understand why because at one point the family seemed to do right by having him neutered? Nico is a wonderful dog that has stolen my heart and if given a chance I am pretty sure that he will steal your heart also!! Please! Please! Please share his information far and wide!! All and Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Meet Nico
American Bulldog mix
4 - 5 yr old MALE ~ Neutered
This picture was to cute to pass up we had just done the looking at the teeth and mouth and his lip was curled under. This is not him showing his teeth or anything just being a cute picture!!
Nico is about 70 - 85 lbs. He walks really well on a leash if he starts to get a little fast for you a very slight correction and he is right back by your side. If you want to run he will run but if you want to walk he will walk also. This Boy is just happy to spend time with you. Nico loves to have belly rubs and the famous butt scratches. He will lay next to you to just have his ears rubbed or head rubbed. Nico is super with kids (6 yr old and 10 yr old) Nico was dog tested with a 5 yr old male and female alpha dogs and he did not have any issues. He walked along with them as they walk along with Nico and no issues or aggressions.
Nico was put through the evaluation of touching all over his body (head, mouth, legs, paws, tail) with out any aggressions or issues he just stood there. Was even able to pick him up with out any issues. Nico takes treats ever so gently no grabbing out of your hand. There were no issues with taking food away. He wanted to continue to eat but no aggression.
A sudden loud noise did not startle him.
With all the different commotion going around him Nico just stayed calm in his crate trying to make eye contact with who ever he could. He was happy to just lay in the crate and chew on his treat. I cant get over how LAID back Nico is!! It is not hard to fall in love with him!!
I really don't understand why people just don't care about an amazing dog like Nico. This boy is truly awesome dog very much a laid back boy that just wants to have a home! He is not high energy or hyper in any way. Reminds me of a push button dog that so many people out in the world
Please cross post his information far and wide. If you can help please speak up if you cant please take a few minutes to cross post Nico's information in hopes that maybe someone out there could help him! Thank you so much for your time and any and all Help you can give!! Nico truly appreciates it !!!

Please if you can help please be advised that the shelter requires that a rescue is a 501c3 and can fax it to the shelter. If you would like to foster or adopt please contact immediately! If there are any questions that have not be addressed please ask. Will be glad to help!!

If I have contacted anyone in error I apologize for any inconveinance I am just trying to reach all I can in order to find help for this amazing boy!!!!

Bully Paws Volunteer
There is no greater love then the love a rescue dog gives you!!
Please think about opening your home, heart and life to a Rescue Dog!
If you cant foster or adopt think about sponsoring a Bully Breed dog!!!!!

My sunshine doesn't come from the skies, It comes from the love in my dog's eyes. ~unknown~
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Look at this amazing lab in SHELBY NC! He needs out NOW! Please share him asap!
Tag 622

Lab, Male

Received Date: 7/29/13
Release Date: 7/29/13
Beautiful scared girl needs RESCUE!! URGENT- please share with everyone!
I am an unaltered male, black and white Border Collie mix.
The shelte...r staff think I am about 6 years old.
off hold 07/31
Garland Shelter
600 Tower Drive
Garland, TX 75040
Phone: 972-205-3570, Press option 2 then 4
To express an interest in adoption or to tag for your rescue, email ID number of the animal, and a description to ***It is very important to contact the shelter BEFORE the animal is off hold. Emails need to be sent to the shelter BEFORE 7AM on the day the animal is off hold.
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West Valley shelter, LA area, CA. SENIOR!!!!!! He is a volunteer favorite. Small and very sweet. He is crying like a baby for someone to take him out of there. Chipped and came in as a stray, no one came for him when the owners were called Poor boy! Please share!
WOOF WOOF~~~ I am a Senior. I strayed away and my owners haven't come for me. I have no name and have been at West Valley since July 16th. Way Overcrowded at t...his shelter and Hot!
Type: 11 Year Old Neutered Black/White Shiht Zu
ID: A1408603
West Valley, SO CAL: 818-753-9325
PLEASE SHARE ME, any Home will do for me. I need out.
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There are so many cats in the shelter in BUCKHANNON WV!
98 % of them don't make it out alive!!!!! Please share this album they need adopters or rescues! Thanks!

ALL THE CATS IN THIS ALBUM ARE IN A HIGH KILL SHELTER. 98-99% WILL BE PTS. there is such a fast pts rate i can't tell you which ones are there and which are not. I'M THE CONTACT PERSON FOR THE SHELTER/ RESCUE COORDINATOR. transport that goes to the WV/MD (hagerstown MD) twice a month CONTACT ME : with any questions or inquires another way to help is by donating to this chip in: there you will see what it's for and how u can help I can pull from this shelter, need rescue groups to take these babies, Shelter is located in Buckhannon, WV more info on the shelter: More
Photos: 14

******POUND FULL***** DIES ANYTIME------ Cages are doubled up and there is NO ROOM------ If you can help any of these angels please call the pound for additional information or as we always say be at their door in the morning when they open Please share like crazy guys WE ARE THEIR VOICE!!!!!!!

Lawrence County Dog Shelter
1302 Adams Lane
Ironton, OH 45638


Urgent Animals at the Irving Animal Shelter shared a photo.
CAGE NO: stray area ANIMAL ID: 20475174 BREED: Retriever-X SEX: female ...EST. AGE: 2 years EST. WEIGHT: 45 lbs HEALTH: Toes on right rear paw appear damaged or deformed. TEMPERAMENT: friendly ADDITIONAL INFO: stray INTAKE DATE / AVAILABLE DATE: 7-16 / 7-20See More

REMINDER: PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to make a pledge for a cat please click onto their photo (which is their main thread) and post your pledge there. It allows us to keep better track of pledges when it's all posted in one place. Thank you

A note for those folks that pledge and to those who help tally up the nightly pledges.

1- Please make sure every cat's pledge is counted as an individual except: Ex: If there is a mom with her kittens listed together and you would like to make one pledge amount for the whole family than please just post it on the mom's thread and specify the pledge being made is for the whole family so the pledge doesn't get counted more than one time. It allows PODR to tally up pledges accurately.
2- Anyone wanting to pledge for a specific cat or kitten is to post the pledge amount onto their main thread by clicking onto their photo.

3- Please do not add in any pledges made from any other pages such as (NYCUC) or group pages on fb as we have no way to follow up with those.

4- We have also noticed that some people will pledge several different dollar amounts for the same cat . Please try and post one pledge dollar amount, if you would like to increase the amount that you have initially made please say something like this Ex: I'm adding another $5 to my previous $10 pledge.

5- If a cat you have pledged for prior is now being listed or relisted (Example second chances, or special pleas or in general) Please scroll through the thread first before making another pledge. We do not want to count in your pledge twice. If your pledge still stands please say something like this (Ex: My $5 pledge still stands)

We do appreciate everyone's cooperation and are trying to find a better way to help keep things more accurate and organized. Thank you
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USEFUL INFO: List of Rescues and "how to adopt" Stray holds are 72 hours for all animals that are 4-weeks of age and up who come in as strays. Any animal under 4 weeks old can be put down upon intake. Owner surrenders can be put down at...
Page: 40,241 like this
Urgent Part 2 - Urgent Death Row Dogs added 2 new photos to the album New Beginnings 4.

Clyde from Bonny & Clyde

Awww, we think shelter pets truly do feel this lucky when they are chosen by adopters. But those who have adopted a shelter pet also know the feeling, don't you think?

4 week old puppy dumped at a shelter with his eye rotting & filled with pus due to an untreated corneal ulcer. We are working with Boston Brigade Rescue: Saving One Boston At A Time to raise the funds needed for his surgery. Please purchase a tee to donate to his care here -->