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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Route 44 Toyota: Sit in the corner and be a good girl!

Dilly, Dally Dan Viera communicated advised my attorney that she needed to inform her client [me] that I was represented by counsel and should allow the legal system to work its endless process filled with his endless motions and baseless claims.

In other words:

BE A GOOD GIRL and sit quietly in the corner!

Let's define Dilly, Dally Dan Viera's communication as SEXIST and DEMEANING, attempting to abridge my First Amendment Rights to reveal the TRUTH about these BULLIES.

My attorney is female and Dilly Dally Dan Viera has chosen to communicate with her by addressing her by her FIRST NAME, unprofessional! [Previously, her communication contained the salutation 'Attorney Viera.']

Did Dilly, Dally Dan Viera determine they were Buds?

How else should one deal with the Sexist, Condescending and Threatening Attitude of BULLIES?

Do you want to do business with Route 44 Toyota when they behave like this?

Nothing that has transpiring in more than a year represents an honest attempt to settle this matter and correct their ILLEGAL BUSINESS PRACTICE of requesting unauthorized credit reports.

And I'm supposed to 'behave myself like a good little girl'?   

This is how they resolve customer problems?

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