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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Monday, November 30, 2015 Former Military Chief: Iraq War Was A 'Failure' That Helped Create ISIS

If you truly care, please read what you can to discern the solutions. 

The US can't re-build crumbling roads and bridges, can't feed hungry children, can't house the homeless, yet this defines the Moral Bankruptcy of the US: 
Daily Kos's photo.
This says it all.
Thanks to The Middle Class is Drowning for the graphic.

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn, former U.S. special forces commander in Iraq and Afghanistan who was the country's highest ranking military intelligence official, says that the George W. Bush administration's Iraq war was a tremendous blunder that helped to create the self-proclaimed Islamic State, or ISIS.
"We strategically marched in the wrong direction."

Bernie Sanders, Clinton, and O'Malley Remarks at the at the New Hampshire Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Bernie Sanders, Clinton, and O'Malley Remarks at the at the New Hampshire Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Senator Bernie Sanders Remarks at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Presidential Candidate Clinton Remarks at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Presidential Candidate Martin O'Malley Remarks at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

RSN: Shoot the Kid 16 Times

In the upper left hand corner of this page is a SEARCH feature. 
Much has been written about the Chicago Police Department, Homan Square and police killings of BLACKS.

Ignorance of what has transpired in Chicago and elsewhere is simply no excuse. 
Injustice has created the SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE for which we all pay. 

In many communities, members of the Police Force live locally, know their communities and take pride in their jobs, conducting themselves professionally. 

In Chicago, we know that Chicago Police operated a BLACK HOLE [Homan Square] where they tortured BLACKS into false confessions, inter alia.  

RSN: Chicago Cop Beat Wife in Homan Square 'Black Site,' Document Shows

RSN: Republicans Deserve Credit for Creating a Budget This Cruel, Bill Gates' "Charity" Org Holds $1.4 Billion in Fossil Fuel Investments

RSN: "Irresponsible & Reckless": Environmentalists Decry Obama's Arctic Drilling Approval, Homan Square Detainee: I Was Sexually Abused by Police at Chicago 'Black Site',

"Collective Psychopathology" And US Police State Methods 
By Jon V Kofas

In February 2015, The Guardian published a couple of new stories about the connection between the Chicago police department “black site” at Homan Square and the Guantanamo prison where terror suspects have been kept as political prisoners without ever been charged. Neither the national media in the US nor the Chicago media organizations, including African-American, have pursued this story. Even after the British paper brought these issues to the attention of the public, the mainstream media in Chicago and across the US are ignoring the revelations, a subject in itself revealing about the role of the US media in a democratic society where human rights and civil rights violations occur

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site' --Secret interrogation facility reveals aspects of war on terror in US | 24 Feb 2015 | The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site. The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago's west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units. Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights. Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include: Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases. Beating by police, resulting in head wounds. Shackling for prolonged periods. Denying attorneys access to the "secure" facility. Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15


Net Neutrality: Look whose side Republicans are on! Not yours! CLG: Israel cuts off electricity to thousands of West Bank Palestinians

The Disappeared: Chicago Police Detain Americans at Abuse-Laden 'Black Site' 
Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian 
Ackerman writes: "The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site." 

RSN: Science's Embarrassing Fossil Fuel Problems, Renewable Energy Skyrocketing, From Solar Mosques to Wave-Powered Naval Bases

The tapes of a recent shooting were erased. 
Witness accounts differ from Police statements and autopsy results contradict Police accounts. 


It's Live on the HomePage Now:
Reader Supported News

FOCUS: Charles Pierce | Shoot the Kid 16 Times
Protesters rallied in Chicago on Nov. 28, 2015, in response to the release of video showing the police shooting death of teenager Laquan McDonald. (photo: Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune)
Charles Pierce, Esquire
Pierce writes: "If you're wondering what went through the mind of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke as he emptied his service piece into Laquan McDonald a year ago, it was confidence. The confidence that comes with being licensed to carry a gun as a defense against your fellow citizens."

Most of the time, when you're a white cop, you shoot the kid and nothing happens. Will that finally change?

hoot the kid.
Shoot the kid 16 times, mostly when he's already down.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Make the body bounce.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that your buddies have your back.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that your buddies will grab the tapes.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that your buddies will bully the witnesses.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that the city will settle quietly.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that the city will bury the case.
Shoot the kid 16 times and know that nobody ever will know that you did.
Shoot the kid.
Shoot the kid 16 times.
If you're wondering what went through the mind of Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke as he emptied his service piece into Laquan McDonald a year ago, it was confidence. The confidence that comes with being licensed to carry a gun as a defense against your fellow citizens. The confidence that comes with the knowledge that almost every powerful institution in your city will come to your aid if every powerless individual in the city is outraged by what you've done. The confidence that comes with knowing that the tapes will always be taken care of, the autopsy buried, and the official story spread far and wide before the truth ever is known, assuming that it ever is. The confidence that comes with being a white police officer in a major city in a terrified country. That was the spirit in which Jason Van Dyke allegedly fired his last rounds into what soon became the dead body of Laquan McDonald.
But the rules changed on Van Dyke. They changed in Ferguson, and on Staten Island, and in Tulsa, and, most recently, in Minneapolis. Dogged local reporting dug out the autopsy report, which showed that Laquan McDonald had taken 16 bullets. Dogged local reporting, and an overwhelming public outcry, forced the release on Tuesday of the dashcam video. The videotape was proof enough. Jason Van Dyke stands charged with first-degree murder in the death of Laquan McDonald, whom he shot 16 times.
It's hard to know whether this story will end well or not. Truth be told, the first-degree murder charge may be very hard to sustain in this case against a Chicago police officer. At least one juror likely will have imbibed the line that Van Dyke's life was endangered by McDonald because that juror has been fed a steady diet of black criminality on the news, on the radio, and by his favorite television pundits. This is not an easy prosecution, but the fact that it is being brought at all is something of a small miracle. That is, of course, very easy for me to say. I am not the threat, walking down the street with my Skittles and my iced tea. I am not the threat, peddling my loosies on the sidewalk. I am not the threat, acting bizarrely outside the Burger King. I am not the threat.
Shoot the kid.
Shoot the kid 16 times.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM: Muslim cab driver shot by passenger ranting about ISIS terrorists: ‘This is extreme — this has to stop’

The Raw Story shared a link.
A Muslim taxi cab driver was shot by a man who ranted against Islamic State militants before running into his house to grab a rifle instead of paying his fare.

Muslim cab driver shot by passenger ranting about ISIS terrorists: ‘This is extreme — this has to stop

White man shooting rifle (Shutterstock)

uslim taxi cab driver was shot in Pittsburgh by a man who ranted against Islamic State militants before running into his house to grab a rifle instead of paying his fare.
The 38-year-old Moroccan immigrant said he picked up the man about 1 a.m. Thanksgiving outside Rivers Casino, and he said the passenger began questioning him about his background, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
“He started the conversation and began to ask questions like, ‘You seem to be like a Pakistani guy. Are you from Pakistan?’” said the driver, who asked to remain anonymous because he feared for his safety.
The driver explained he came from Morocco but insisted he was “an American guy” — but that didn’t satisfy the passenger.
“Then he continued the conversation,” the driver said. “He began to speak about ISIS killing people. I told him ‘Actually, I’m against ISIS. I don’t like them.’ I even told him that they are killing innocent people. I noticed that he changed his tone and he began to satirize Muhammad, my prophet, and began to shift to his personal life. He mentioned that he has two kids and was in prison for some time.”
When they arrived at the man’s house in Hazelwood, he asked the driver to wait because he had left his wallet inside.
“I waited for just five minutes, I think, and I noticed that he came out of the house carrying a rifle in his hand,” the driver said. “I noticed him coming toward me. I didn’t hesitate. I [made] a fast decision to leave and drove my taxi away because I felt he was going to do something, there is danger he would shoot me or something. I felt like he had the intention to kill me.”
The man fired multiple gunshots at the driver’s cab, blasting out the rear window and shooting him in the back.
The driver drove several blocks before pulling over and flagging down another driver to ask for help.
He remains hospitalized in stable condition, the newspaper reported, but the bullet is still lodged between his shoulder blades.
“In our religion, Islam, we forgive, even in such conditions,” the driver told the Post-Gazette. “I learned this from our prophet Muhammad. We don’t take revenge. I could forgive this, but I still want my rights.”
The Cranberry Taxi Service cab was equipped with a video camera, but no arrests have been made.
“It’s not like a TV show where it’s solved in 15 minutes,” said City Councilman Corey O’Connor. “We have to go back, retrace everybody’s steps, look at videos.”
Police have not said whether they believe the driver’s race or religion played a role in the shooting, but the FBI has been notified and is evaluating the case.
The driver arrived in the U.S. five years ago with an English degree and expects to become an American citizen in three months, and he hopes to become a teacher and bring his wife from Africa.
Members of the city’s Muslim community are frustrated that investigators are hesitant to describe the shooting as a hate crime.
“Since the Paris attack, we’ve been suffering,” said one woman, a member of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh who also requested anonymity. “Personally, we experience a lot of humiliation, a lot of people giving you the finger on the streets and calling you names. But when it comes to the point of shooting, this is extreme. This has to stop.”
Watch this video report posted online by WTAE-TV:

CounterCurrents: Betrayal Of Humanity By Paris Climate Change Conference Before It Begins, How Every Palestinian Killed By Israeli Army Profits It!

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In Solidarity
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Betrayal Of Humanity By Paris Climate Change Conference Before It Begins 
By Dr Gideon Polya

The Paris Climate Change Conference aims for international consensus on actions to keep global warming to less than 2 degrees C, but has betrayed humanity before it even began. Thus science informs that the internationally-agreed 2 degree C temperature target is both catastrophic and inevitable. Pre-conference national greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution reduction commitments to Paris imply a plus 2.7 degrees C temperature rise. Indeed the present circa plus 0.9 degree C temperature rise is already catastrophic for populations in low-lying island and megadelta locations

How Every Palestinian Killed By Israeli Army Profits It! 
By Parul Verma

Why is Palestine's continuous death is Israel's motive? Every bullet in the heart of a Palestinian, raises Israel's profitable bars in its export weaponary business.The military exports have been reported of $7.5 billion in 2012, $6.5 billion in 2013, and $5.5 billion in 2014. This year it is expected to exports to total $4-4.5 billion. The lynching /murdering/shooting of each Palestinian, sustains Israel's economy. Do not misunderstand me, Israel does not wish to eliminate the existence of Palestine, rather the open air prison that Israel has converted the land of Palestine in, is crucial for it to maintain. Israel needs Palestine for its growth economically. But how does it implements this idea into a reality? How does Israel becomes the victimiser, yet remains the victim in front of the international community?

Forcing Greek Women Into Prostitution: Capitalism At Work 
By Paul Craig Roberts

The plummeting living standards forced on the Greek people by German chancellor Merkel and the European banks have forced large numbers of young Greek women into prostitution. The large increase in the supply of women offering sexual services has dropped the price to 4 euros an hour. That’s $4.24, enough for a cheese pie or a sandwich, the value that bankster-imposed austerity has placed on an hour’s use of a woman’s body. The half hour price is $2.12

Development: The Amazing Emptiness Of Magic Words 
By Pratap Antony

Development, as a magic word, is working in India, because like all magic words, no one knows exactly what it means, or wants to. It is accepted at face value, without thought, as in any inconsequential sound construct. So that’s why this word is currently being used as an economic ‘magic word’ in speeches that are impressive for their drama and rhetoric and which magically merge science and history with myth and folklore, that are full of catchphrases, like, ‘good governance’, ‘make in India’, ‘development’ ‘smart cities’, and the alleged exploits in the development of Gujarat

Shahrukh Khan’s Insensitive Remarks On Road Congestion 
By Vidyadhar Date

It was very insensitive of film superstar Shahrukh Khan to say that he loves being caught in a traffic jam. That is the only place he gets free time for himself, he can use his internet and so on. Unfortunately, for ordinary people, a traffic jam adds to the horror of the daily commute, standing in an overcrowded train or bus. Apart from the discomfort of standing, now they inhale more pollution and suffocation. And ordinary people have to pay much more for their auto rickshaw or taxi ride because of the jam

Recolonization Of India: Circle Is Closing Faster Through 
New-Education Policy Dictated By WTO-GATS!
By Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle

New Education Policy 2015 (NEP), which will be unleashed in Dec. 2015, is being drafted by the Government of India (GoI) on which opinions have been sought. In 1986, National Policy on Education was framed and amended in the wake of implementing neo–liberal policies in 1992. Now, NEP 2015 is a move of GoI towards the implementation of WTO-GATS [World Trade Organisation - General Agreement on Trade in Services] dictates before its ministerial meeting in Dec 2015

Improved Learning Outcomes Still A Challenge For Schools In India 
By Dr.Swaleha Sindhi

The contemporary education scenario in India is beset with numerous unanswered questions on issues concerning retention and learning outcomes. Research studies have identified several factors that multiply this phenomena and perpetuate exclusion in schooling processes that impact the learning outcomes of children, especially the marginalized and girls

Secularism In Indian Context: A Close Reading 
By Noor Ameena

Prominent headlines in the Indian and foreign newspapers today is about the growing intolerance in India. Since the new Government has come to power at the Centre, a number of instances can be pointed out, which cannot be let happen in a secular democratic republic like India. Several statements coming from a few elected representatives and prominent faces holding important responsibilities are completely outrageous. Too much of energy is wasted on issuing sermons on how much each community should procreate to remain a majority/ minority community, what an Indian should or should not eat and so on and so forth. Every such incident is highly condemnable and what every Indian can do at this instance is to understand the politics behind the events that unveil. It is not only the culture of tolerance towards other religions that needs to be reinstated, but also respect for all religions. Our endeavours shall be to fulfill that end

MASSterList: Count Rosenberg as a Charlie fan | Lawn on D: Can we afford it? | UMass VA plan scuttled |


Monday, November 30, 2015

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By George Donnelly (@geodonnelly) and Sara Brown
Today: Lawn on D on the agenda: Can we afford to have fun?
The Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Executive Committee meets for a presentation about Lawn on D and other matters. Lawn on D, while a smashing success this summer, ran a deficit of about $1.9 million this year. The meeting will be at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boardroom 201, 10:00am. And then there's the matter of the new executive director. At noon the MCCA selection committee will meet in executive session to discuss candidates for the still-open position to replace Jim Rooney, who left in July to become the president of the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

MBTA's Fiscal and Management Control Board plans to discuss operating budget principles for fiscal 2017, according to its agenda. The board is leaning heavily toward raising fares, and as T chief administrator Brian Shortsleeve said recently, "Everything is on the table." 10 Park Plaza, Boston, 11:30am.

The annual Copley Square tree lighting ceremony will be held at 5:00pm, and Mayor Marty Walsh will be there. It's at Copley Square, 560 Boylston St., Boston.
High-speed rail: It's worth fantasizing about
Sunday's Globe editorial makes the case for high-speed rail, even if the price tag could approach $100 billion. And it is wonderful to dream about: The Federal Railroad Administration has been weighing ideas for the Northeast corridor, and the highest-ticket plan "would cut travel times in half, bringing New York City to within two hours of South Station by building an entirely new route through southern New England," says the Globe editorial, which also notes we live in a spartan transportation world where even public art can't survive along the Green Line. "Faster connections would have major economic benefits; they would also relieve flight congestion at Logan and other East Coast airports, freeing them to focus on more distant destinations. Needless to say, it would also take cars off the highway." If only the federal government had the money and would think that far ahead...

Deaths of maltreated children often deemed "undetermined," investigation finds
Medical examiners take too long to find a cause of death for children who may be victims of abuse, and when examiners do issue the report, the most common ruling is termed "undetermined," leaving some family in the dark. That's the gist of a follow-up report on bureaucratic failings in dealing with child abuse by Jenifer McKim of the New England Center for Investigative Reporting, who provides compelling stories of deaths of children where no one was brought to justice.
Count Rosenberg as a Charlie fan
Senate President Stanley Rosenberg may not be a charter member of the Charlie Baker Fan Club, but he's certainly a member. He said this to Jon Keller on Sunday morning's "Keller at Large" show: "It's really a pleasure working with him. He digs into the details, sets a direction and then lets his executive team move things along," About Deval Patrick, Rosenberg said he was not as available as he would have liked.

Cyr jumps into Cape and Islands Senate race
Julian Cyr, a Democrat who has worked on the campaigns of President Barack Obama and former Gov. Deval Patrick, plans to run for the Cape and Islands Senate seat in 2016 for the seat soon to be vacated by Sen. Dan Wolf. Cyr announced his political plans on Saturday, and the Cape Cod Times has more here:

Shot in the arm for Christie from the Union Leader
New Hampshire's largest newspaper, The New Hampshire Union Leader, endorsed Chris Christie for President on Saturday. "We doubt that too many people across New Hampshire have politics front and center right now" wrote the paper's publisher, Joe McQuaid. "But in just 10 weeks, New Hampshire will make a choice that will profoundly affect our country and the world. We better get it right." McQuaid said Christie is a solid conservative candidate who has governed liberal New Jersey well. Christie is currently in seventh place in the polls in New Hampshire.
Legislature may raise cigarette-purchasing age statewide
Following the lead of Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who called for raising the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21, the Legislature is looking to follow through on a bill to raise to do basically the same thing. The Associated Press reports that nearly 60 representatives and senators have endorsed a bill that would penalize vendors for selling cigarettes to anyone under 21. A hearing is set this Thursday on Mayor Walsh's proposal. More from the AP story via the Globe:

Deer hunt becomes focal point for animal rights activists
Animal rights activists want Gov. Charlie Baker to stop a deer hunt on Blue Hills Reservation, protesting over the weekend and into today with a planned candlelight vigil at Houghton's Pond in Milton. Four daylong hunts are scheduled beginning today and tomorrow, as public officials look to find solutions to an overcrowded deer population, considered to be six times above healthy levels. Astead W. Herndon of the Globe has more:
Daily fantasy's mixed messages 
In their advertisements, daily fantasy sports sites position themselves as places where anyone can win, while they also argue in court that their games require skill and that only the best players are likely to take home the best prizes, Dan Adams of the Globe reports. Boston-based DraftKings is among the fantasy sites fighting a bid by New York state officials to shut them down, and in court last week the sites presented testimony from professional fantasy players who the sites say win 90 percent of the prize money. 

UMass' back to drawing board on VA plan 
A highly touted plan to build a large new Veterans Affairs clinic at UMass Medical School is dead, the Telegram reports, after being rejected by the federal government. The Worcester joint venture, which the Patrick administration announced last Veterans Day and positioned as a potential national model, ran into legal snags and has been shelved. Focus will now turn to building a smaller facility to help reduce VA wait times in the region.
Walsh endorses Clinton for President 
Mayor Marty Walsh formally endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton for president Sunday and WGBH's Adam Reilly says the real long-term winner in the scenario may be Walsh himself. Walsh gains a "choice opportunity to play kingmaker on a national scale" by helping Clinton connect with unions and with members of the recovery community with his own personal story of overcoming addiction in key states, most immediately New Hampshire, Reilly writes. 

While in town, Clinton touted her plan to invest $250 billion into infrastructure projects nationwide, reports, pointing to Boston's struggles to keep the T operating last winter as proof that public transit and other public amenities are key to strong economic growth. Clinton's plan would be funded by closing corporate tax loopholes and would also include launching a national infrastructure bank to help fund local projects going forward. 

New members of Congress strong fundraisers 
Congressman Seth Mouton has raised more than $1 million for his campaign coffers so far this year, leading the state's congressional delegation and followed closely by other newly elected representatives, Joe Kennedy and Katherine Clark, the Associated Press reports, via the Cape Cod Times. All three out-raised longer-serving members and all three have been seen as potential candidates for statewide office in the future. 

Lawmakers plan to leave pot questions to voters 
Proponents of legalizing marijuana say they have enough signatures in hand to get their initiatives on the ballot next year and while the proposals could be taken up by the legislature first, lawmakers are making it clear they have every intention of leaving the issue to voters, the Salem News reports.

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