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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Big Polluters, Defending Israel's Killing of Unarmed Children on their own LAND, Republican Clown Car

What Marco Rubio *said* sounds progressive: "I actually do believe that a woman has a right to choose with her body."
What Marco Rubio *meant* is something altogether different.
The Republican senator says he believes "a woman has a right to choose with…

Big Polluters and their allies in the Senate are attacking the EPA’s proposal to set the first-ever national standards for carbon pollution from power plants.
As the Republican Leadership in Congress continues to attack the EPA's Clean Power Plan, Senators Markey and Warren are standing up for clean air and climate action. Send them a quick message to show your support.

When the rest of the world condemns Israel's conduct of killing unarmed children, how does that make PEACE?
The US response has been to genuflect to AIPAC, condemn critics.
How do you justify killing children on their own land? “Die, you son of a whore!! Die!!” shouted Israeli men at a seriously wounded Palestinian child, who was left to die while police stood around him doing nothing. One of the officers repeatedly pushed the boy down with his foot, whenever he tried to sit up.
While the child was bleeding to death, Israelis surrounded him, shouting at him in a mix of Arabic and Hebrew, “Die, you son of a whore!”, “Die, you son of the biggest whore!”, and telling the police to “Do him a favor, and shoot him in the head!”
The officers did not shoot him, but left him bleeding with head injuries, broken legs and other serious injuries on the ground. The boy was able to raise his head a few times, but the police officers kicked him back down until he bled to death.
The slain Palestinian child has been identified as Hasan Khaled Manasra, 15 years of age, while his cousin Ahmad Saleh Manasra, 13, suffered a serious injury. They are both from Beit Hanina, in Jerusalem.

“Die, you son of a whore!! Die!!” shouted Israeli men at a seriously wounded Palestinian child, who was left to die while police stood around him doing…

CounterCurrents: US Airdrops Arms In Syria As Russia Escalates Bombing Campaign, “We Are The Masters,” Says Israeli Mayor, As 3 More Palestinians Are Killed, Warning To World As Most Powerful State, In Midst Of Major Power Grab, Exalts “Genocidal Madman” Columbus

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'Capitalism Is Mother Earth's Cancer': World People's Summit Issues 12 Demands 
By Deirdre Fulton

Decrying capitalism as a "threat to life," an estimated 7,000 environmentalists, farmers, and Indigenous activists from 40 countries convened in the Bolivian town of Tiquipaya for this weekend's World People's Conference on Climate Change, aiming to elevate the demands of social movements and developing countries in the lead-up to upcoming United Nations-led climate talks. "Capitalism is Mother Earth's cancer," Bolivian President Evo Morales told the crowd, which also heard over the course of the three-day conference from United Nations Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon as well as other Latin American leaders

A Soil Pilgrimage 
By Vandana Shiva

In taking care of the soil, we reclaim our humanity. Our future is inseparable from the future of the earth. It is no accident that the word human has its roots in humus — soil in Latin. And Adam, the first human in Abrahamanic traditions, is derived from Adamus, soil in Hebrew. Mahatma Gandhi wrote: “To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” We must never forget that ahimsa must be the basis of our relationship with the earth and each other

US Airdrops Arms In Syria As Russia Escalates Bombing Campaign 
By Bill Van Auken

Just days after terminating its disastrously failed program to arm and train US-backed “rebels” in Syria, the Pentagon announced Monday that US Air Force C-17 cargo planes escorted by fighter jets airdropped some 50 tons of arms, ammunition and grenades to anti-government forces. “This successful airdrop provided ammunition to Syrian Arab groups whose leaders were appropriately vetted by the United States,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Patrick Ryder said in a statement

“We Are The Masters,” Says Israeli Mayor, As 3 More Palestinians Are Killed 
By Charlotte Silver

On Monday, Israeli forces shot dead three Palestinian youths, bringing the total number of Palestinians killed since heightened violence erupted on 1 October across the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip and inside present-day Israel to 27

#Enough! We Can Respond To The Tears Of Kunduz Refugee, Abdul Fatah 
By Dr Hakim

On the 7th of October 2015, the anniversary of the beginning of the U.S. Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan 14 years ago, Ali and the Afghan Peace Volunteers decided instead to meet with members of five Afghan families who had fled the war in Kunduz. Together, they listened to and extended small gifts to these families. Abdul Fatah told his refugee story. “My tears fall every day & I can’t bring myself to eat. I eat this little bread & the bread seems to eat me up. My heart is there and in Kunduz and here…”

Warning To World As Most Powerful State, In Midst Of Major Power Grab,
Exalts “Genocidal Madman” Columbus 
By Robert Barsocchini

The USA today provides another illustration of why one state should never dominate global affairs: states, like individuals, largely lack self-awareness. Martin Luther King Jr. pointed out that the US is “perhaps the only nation” that was “born in genocide”. “Moreover”, he said, the US celebrates genocide as “a noble crusade,” and US “literature, …films, …drama, …folklore all exalt it.”

Horrid Carcass of Indonesia – 50 Years After the Coup 
By Andre Vltchek

Oh Indonesia, you are a true daughter of turbo-capitalism, of the lowest religious aspirations, of senseless obedience, notorious lack of education and knowledge, and unimaginable brutality and lack of compassion! Right now, the Indonesian people have no country. It was taken away from them by Western imperialists, by their own corrupt and treasonous “elites” and by the military. Only after they realize what has been done, they will be able to struggle and build their new motherland

Is "Islamic Terrorism" A Myth?
Ludwig Watzal Interviews Elias Davidsson

An interview withElias Davidsson. His latest book "The Betrayal of India", critically examining the Mumbai attacks of November 2008, is expected to be published in 2016

Silencing Women In Campuses 
By Nikita Azad

In such times as these, when voices of women are silenced and the space where such voices were heard are snatched from them, such as democratic educational campuses, it is very important that women start resisting such attempts and put forward a fight for acquiring all the spaces of society, in texts prescribed by the authorities as well as in campuses

RSN: Flooding the System: Climate Change Could Knock the Internet Offline, The Crazies and the Con Man, Confederate Flag Supporters in Georgia Indicted on Terrorism Charges, Texas Councilman Shot With Taser at Home in City Where Sandra Bland Was Arrested

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Paul Krugman | The Crazies and the Con Man 
Paul Krugman. (photo: The New York Times) 
Paul Krugman, The New York Times 
Krugman writes: "As this column went to press, practically the whole Republican establishment was pleading with Paul Ryan, the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, to become speaker." 
The Biggest Thing at Stake in the 2016 Election 
David S. Cohen, Rolling Stone 
Cohen writes: "The next president will hold tremendous power over the Supreme Court's make-up, and therefore the rights of millions of Americans." 
Flight MH17 Shot Down Over Ukraine by Russian-Built Buk Missile, Dutch Report Says 
Thomas Escritt, Reuters 
Escritt writes: "Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine by a Russian-made Buk missile, the Dutch Safety Board concluded on Tuesday in its final report on the July 2014 crash that killed all 298 people on board." 
Confederate Flag Supporters in Georgia Indicted on Terrorism Charges 
Laura Wagner, NPR 
Wagner writes: "The 15 accused are charged with making terroristic threats and violating an anti-street gang ordinance during a July 25 incident in which a group of white men in Confederate and American flag-adorned pickup trucks clashed with a group of black people attending an outdoor party." 
Texas Councilman Shot With Taser at Home in City Where Sandra Bland Was Arrested 
Sarah Kaplan, The Washington Post 
Kaplan writes: "In the same city where Bland was stopped, an African American council member was Tasered by cops just outside his home." 
The Fight for $15 Is Raising Wages. Now It's Time for Step 2: Unions. 
David Moberg, In These Times 
Moberg writes: "From the beginning, the Fight for $15 has included a demand for the right to form a union without intimidation, but the demand for $15 an hour pay stole the limelight. Now some workers who have been active in the Fight for $15 movement realize they already have an organization, even if it's not the standard model union." 
Flooding the System: Climate Change Could Knock the Internet Offline 
Joshua Eaton, Al Jazeera America 
Eaton writes: "With the next extreme weather event just a matter of time, networks remain vulnerable to unpredictable acts of God." 

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Obama says "We are writing the rules." Who's "we"?

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Gosh, Americans don't need enemies like China when we've got "protectors" like Obama. 
In his pitch to get us to swallow that glob of global corporate greed known as the... [read more]

Just "doing the best we can"… can make a difference

Cowboy hatBy Jim Hightower - Fri., 10/9/15 
Toward the end of his life, the civil rights champion and Supreme Court justice, Thurgood Marshall, was asked how he wanted to be remembered. "He did the best he could with what he had," Marshall... [read more]

Proud "Partners" corporatize our parks

Cowboy hatBy Jim Hightower - Thu., 10/8/15 
While we Americans celebrate the 100th anniversary of our National Park Service, America's so-called "leaders" are aggressively commercializing our parks, converting these jewels of the common good into just another corporate cash cow.
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Moneyed elites get richer the old-fashioned way: Stealing

Cowboy hatBy Jim Hightower - Wed., 10/7/15 
Get ready to swallow your "Statistic of the Day!"
But first, to help you absorb the big one, here's a preliminary statistic for you: 158,000. That's the number of kindergarten teachers... [read more]

RSN: Matt Taibbi | Rupert Murdoch Is Deviant Scum

It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
Reader Supported News

FOCUS: Matt Taibbi | Rupert Murdoch Is Deviant Scum 
Matt Taibbi attending an Occupy Wall Street demonstration at Bryant Park in New York. (photo: Griffin Lotz/Rolling Stone) 
Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone 
Taibbi writes: "Murdoch owns or controls print, cable and film outlets in so many places that his cultural and political views are fast becoming a feature of global geography." 

For Murdoch and Fox, the chickens might be coming home to roost

t all comes back to Rupert Murdoch. As multiple recent news stories have proven, the 2016 presidential race is fast becoming a referendum on the News Corp CEO and reigning media gorgon.
The two top candidates in the Republican field are a Fox News contributor (Ben Carson opened his Fox career two years ago comparing Obama to Lenin) and a onetime Fox favorite who is fast becoming the network's archenemy: Donald Trump is the fallen angel in the Fox story, a traitor who's trying to tempt away Murdoch's lovingly nurtured stable of idiot viewers by denouncing their favorite "news" network as a false conservative God.
The fact that Trump is succeeding with this message on some level has to be a source of terrible stress to Murdoch. He must be petrified at the prospect of losing his hard-won viewership at the end of his life.
This, in turn, might explain last week. Otherwise: what was Rupert Murdoch doing tweeting?
Murdoch owns or controls print, cable and film outlets in so many places that his cultural and political views are fast becoming a feature of global geography. The sun never sets on his broadcast empire, a giant hovering Death Star that's been firing laser cannons of "Rupert Murdoch's Many Repellent Thoughts About Stuff" at planet Earth for decades now.
Yet Murdoch apparently still doesn't feel like he's getting his point across. At 8:59 p.m. last Wednesday night, the 84 year-old scandal-sheet merchant had to turn to Twitter to offer his personal opinion on Ben Carson and the American presidential race. To recap:
"Ben and Candy Carson terrific. What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide?"
Forget for a minute what Murdoch said. Think about the why.
Murdoch's networks have already spent the last eight years hammering home this message to the whole world. Fox News has constantly presented Barack Obama as a mongrel, a kind of Manchurian President, raised in madrassas and weaned on socialism, who hates white people and yearns to euthanize them.
The network spent years exhaustively building and tweaking Obama's supervillain persona, almost always employing this Two-Face theme. The president in Fox lore is superficially a polite, intelligent, "articulate" American politician who sounds on the level. But in the end, Fox tells us, Obama will always be unable to control the envious, Christian-fearing, success-hating African Marxist Terrorist in control of his subconscious.
Murdoch's relentless message has been that Obama isn't just impure, but overcompensatingly impure. He's forever accusing the president of designing policies to redistribute white wealth as a means of proving his solidarity. And when Fox talks about Obama's race, the caricature is always that he's a secret street hood straining uncomfortably in politician clothes.
There was the time Eric Bolling talked about him "chugging 40s in IRE while tornadoes ravaged MO." Or there was the time Brent Bozell compared him to a "skinny, ghetto crackhead," or the time they called his 50th birthday party a "hip hop barbecue."
Rupert Murdoch has spent seven to eight years finding every conceivable way to say that Barack Obama isn't one of us. The president is forever described as a kind of malevolent animal, unable to control his irrepressible urge to take and redistribute the white man's property. His hatred of Christians, too, is uncontrollable, a result of his early Muslim indoctrination.
Fox usually describes Obama as "cool" and "smart" on the outside, but a mystery on the inside, an unknown even to himself. They compared him to Rachel Dolezal, for God's sake. Even Obama's "filthy" private smoking habit has been presented at times as evidence of his secret split personality.
So after blasting out this ocean of repulsive, underhanded and frankly racist bilge over the course of years, Murdoch still thought we hadn't got the message that Obama isn't a "real black president."
Forget about Barack Obama's psyche; the fact that Murdoch thought he had to hit this same vicious rhetorical note one more time in a personal tweet at 9 at night at the age of 84 says a lot about Murdoch's own pathology. This is a level of narcissism that makes Donald Trump seem introspective.
Speaking of Trump: The orangutoid real estate mogul's presence in this presidential race is a real and hilarious threat to Murdoch's political influence, at least in the United States. The on-again, off-again romancebetween Fox and Trump seems destined to end in permanent divorce, which could force Murdoch into a serious conundrum, because Trump has essentially been calling out Murdoch's own "realness."
Until Trump arrived, Murdoch owned the lowest common denominator in the media space. He didn't just play to our worst instincts, he wrapped both arms around them and squeezed as hard as he could.
Some people think the media business is tough, but think of it like teaching preschool. There's a whole range of strategies, but one of them, guaranteed to work, is walking into class every morning and handing out giant tubs of ice cream. The Fox lineup is the media equivalent of this: a giant pile of tits, explosions and football.
All media companies do this to varying degrees, but Murdoch's brilliant insight, the one that made Fox the voice of 'Murica, is that the lowest common denominator can be extended beyond entertainment, to ideology and politics.
Murdoch sold political coverage that could be digested directly by the stomach, bypassing the mind. He fed viewers a steady diet of Southern Strategy bromides about minorities and foreigners and queers and feminists and Sean Penn, all working together to steal the minivan out of Middle America's driveway.
From a production standpoint, this coverage strategy is a beautifully utilitarian thing. The stuff writes itself, and you don't really need to agonize over things like facts, just putt somewhere near the cup. You win by picking five to six news stories each week that fit the narrative, and just hammering the hell out of them.
In no time, every retirement home in America will be tuned in (half of Murdoch's news viewers are 68 or older), and your advertisers will be able to suck money out of the elderly and the desperate even more efficiently than do casinos.
Murdoch's genius is that he always found ways to hit new lows without hitting absolute bottom. He created a political propaganda network whose next step down was the Third Reich. But he's been careful to never go there, likely not because it's wrong, but because that next step scares advertisers – just ask Glenn Beck.
Along comes Trump, who wants not just to cross that invisible line, but race past it. He's pitching voters on the idea that Rupert's news network is a sellout establishment plant because it won't go there, and a good number of them are buying. 
Now Murdoch has to worry how low he'll have to go to keep his street cred. His network wasted no time backing Trump's "Mexicans are rapists" comments. But they've been paralyzed, for instance, over the difficult question of whether or not women are fat menstruating pigs.
At present, Murdoch's people seem desperately to want to plead nolo contendre on Trump's crazier comments. Fox personnel have reportedly been instructed to stay away from Trump's "blood coming out of her wherever" line about anchor Megyn Kelly. Disturbingly, but also darkly ironically, viewer emails have reportedly all been on Trump's side.
"[Fox News Chairman] Roger [Ailes] was not happy," a Fox source told New York Magazine"Most of the Fox viewers were taking Trump's side."
Neither Ailes nor Murdoch are too dense to know what this means. They know they've spent a generation building an audience of morons. Their business model depends on morons; morons are the raw materials of their industry, the way Budweiser is in the hops business.
The problem with morons is that you can do a pretty good business asking each one for a dollar to keep them safe from the giant asteroid that is going to land in their living rooms tomorrow. But even an American starts to get suspicious after 30 or 40 years of tomorrows.
You have to keep upping the ante to make it work. Trump is doing his best, but he's going to places now that make even Rupert Murdoch nervous. Meanwhile the "respectable" candidate is Fox's own Ben Carson, a man who continues to be living proof that you don't need to have a brain in order to operate on one.
Carson's latest gem is that the Holocaust could have been prevented if only the Jews had been armed, a line so dumb that it would have been cut from a Zucker brothers movie. Six months ago Rupert Murdoch dismissed the loony neurosurgeon in an amusingly condescending tweet. "Wonderful character, up from Detroit ghetto, sadly seems political naïf," he wrote. But now he's clinging to Carson as his best hope to stay in the game.
I think Rupert Murdoch fired off those desperate tweets last week because he senses his beloved audience of idiots drifting away. They are beginning to suspect the truth about him, i.e. that he isn't really one of them: They may finally sense that he's a foreigner, that he wouldn't be caught dead eating pork rinds, that he knows what the word "naïf" means.
Murdoch could go lower to prove his devotion, but that next step down is Trump. If he balks at that, he might lose his audience. Beautiful. Here's to hoping that any choice he makes will end in disaster. Nobody has ever deserved it more.