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Sunday, June 26, 2016

RSN: Gutless Politicians Blocked a Bipartisan Gun Bill. But Who's Surprised?, Latin America Is the World's Deadliest Region for Environmental Activists,

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Charles Pierce | Gutless Politicians Blocked a Bipartisan Gun Bill. But Who's Surprised? 
Mitch McConnell. (photo: Getty Images)
Charles Pierce, Esquire 
Pierce writes: "I don't like to say I Told You So - Oh, hell, yes, I do - but I Told You So. The March of Cowardice went on in the United States Senate on Friday as Majority Leader Mitch McConnell chloroformed the Extra Special Bipartisan Compromise gun-restrictions bill." 
2.1 Million Brits Signed a Petition for Another EU Referendum. They Shouldn't Hold Their Breath. 
Adam Taylor, The Washington Post 
Taylor writes: "Yes. It's actually happening. People in Britain are talking seriously about the possibility of another referendum." 
George Will Leaves GOP: 'This Is Not My Party' 
Harper Neidig, The Hill 
Neidig writes: "Longtime conservative columnist George Will says he has left the Republican Party because of Donald Trump." 
Democrats Adopt Bernie's $15 Minimum Wage in Platform Draft 
Evelyn Rupert, The Hill 
Rupert writes: "Democrats' platform drafting committee took a first step toward giving Bernie Sanders a major concession, voting to adopt language in support of a $15 minimum wage." 
Former GOP Treasury Secretary Endorses Hillary 
The Daily Beast 
Excerpt: "Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, who served under President George W. Bush, announced in a Washington Post op-ed that he is dumping his party's nominee and instead supporting Hillary Clinton in the general election." 
Tennessee Judge Ignores Supreme Court, Rules Parental Rights Apply Only to 'Husbands' 
Josh Israel, ThinkProgress 
Israel writes: "Last June, the Supreme Court of the United States issued its historic Obergefell ruling, bringing marriage equality to every part of the nation. But on Friday, a Tennessee judge decided that the protections need not apply in his courtroom." 
Latin America Is the World's Deadliest Region for Environmental Activists 
Pablo Fonseca Q., Scientific American 
Fonseca Q. writes: "A company was polluting the waters of La PasiĆ³n River near his town and Lima Choc had not only documented and reported the problem but had also taken journalists and photographers to witness the fish slaughter. That day, as he walked down the steps of the courthouse, two men on a motorcycle approached and fired at him. He died on the spot." 

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RSN: TransCanada Files NAFTA Suit Demanding More Than $15 Billion for Keystone XL Rejection, The Real Wolf of Wall Street: Why Donald Trump Is So Popular With the Richest Investors, 12,000 Inmates to Receive Pell Grants to Take College Classes

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The Real Wolf of Wall Street: Why Donald Trump Is So Popular With the Richest Investors 
Donald Trump. (photo: Bill Clark/Roll Call)
Heather Digby Parton, Salon 
Parton writes: "On Wednesday, hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, Ted Cruz's former sugar daddy, announced that he had formed a Super PAC for wealthy Republicans who were too cowardly to own up to being Trump supporters. It's subtly called the 'Defeat Crooked Hillary Pac' and it being sold as a way for rich donors to contribute without having to sully their reputations by associating with that awful Donald Trump." 
Fear, Loathing and Firearms: Sensory Overload Inside the NRA's Mall of Death 
Ben Fountain, Guardian UK 
Fountain writes: "At the 145th National Rifle Association annual meetings and exhibits, you could see and purchase replica flintlock muskets like the kind Daniel Boone used, 'wardrobe' handguns the size of a cellphone, a carriage-mounted 1883 Gatling gun, historic firearms from the Renaissance down through the latest Surge, bullet-splat jewelry, deep-concealment holsters, triple barrel shotguns, and camo everything - coolers, flasks, four-wheelers, deer blinds, infant-wear and sexy-time lingerie." 
From 'Brexit' to Trump, Nationalist Movements Gain Momentum Around World 
Scott Detrow, NPR 
Detrow writes: "When Donald Trump arrived in Scotland Friday morning, hours after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was quick to draw parallels between the U.K.'s political earthquake, and his own campaign for president." 
Baltimore Police Union Faces Backlash for 'Insensitive' Tweets Following Freddie Gray Verdict 
Paulina Firozi, The Hill 
Firozi writes: "Baltimore's police union is facing heavy criticism after a series of tweets it posted in response to a police officer's acquittal in the death of Freddie Gray." 
12,000 Inmates to Receive Pell Grants to Take College Classes 
Danielle Douglas-Gabriel, The Washington Post 
Douglas-Gabriel writes: "As many as 12,000 prison inmates will be able to use federal Pell grants to finance college classes next month, despite a 22-year congressional ban on providing financial aid to prisoners." 
Mexican Mayor Who Supports Oaxaca Teachers Survives Bomb Attack 
Excerpt: "A homemade bomb exploded in the hands of the mayor of San Juan Mixtepec, a municipality in Oaxaca, a southern Mexican state that has been shocked by the current teacher's conflict." 
TransCanada Files NAFTA Suit Demanding More Than $15 Billion for Keystone XL Rejection 
Michael Brune, EcoWatch 
Brune writes: "On June 24, foreign oil company TransCanada filed a lawsuit against the U.S. under NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, arguing that the U.S. rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline violated NAFTA's broad rights for foreign investors by thwarting the company's 'expectations.' As compensation, TransCanada is demanding more than $15 billion from U.S. taxpayers." 

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CounterCurrents: U.N.’s Legal Expert Calls Proposed Trade Deals Illegal, Brexit: What Happens Next?,

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Brexit: What Happens Next?
by Kavaljit Singh

This vote is expected to trigger a wide range of far-reaching social, economic and geo-political ramifications at the domestic, European and international levels. Many of these effects would be long-term and are yet to be fully comprehended. Even though the Leave vote was largely influenced by the immigration issue but other important concerns have not been given adequate attention.

The Brits Opted For Brexit! What Comes Next?
by Dr Ludwig Watzal

Instead of accelerating further integration, the member states should reclaim more sovereignty from Brussels. The EU nomenclature is out of touch with the real world. They do not serve the interest of the peoples but rather corporate interests such as the TTIP negotiations show that are held in camera. If the EU doesn’t change track, it will fall apart.

Brexit: A Victory For Britain’s Working Class
by Nauman Sadiq

Whenever one comes up with gross absurdities such proportions, they should always make it contingent on the principle of reciprocity: that is, if free trade is beneficial for the nascent industrial base of the underdeveloped countries, then the free movement of labor is equally beneficial for the working classes of the developed countries. The policy makers of the developing countries must not fall prey to such deceptive arguments, instead, they must formulate policies which suit the interests of their working classes. The only trouble is that the governments of the Third World are dependent on foreign investment and the global loan sharks, that’s why, they cannot adopt an independent economic and trade policy.

UK Leaves Collective Order For Dead Glory
by Dr Vivek Kumar Srivastava

The exit EU referendum needs to be seen in the perspective of the use of EU as a political tool by US. The US has controlled the European continent by NATO; EU which was the result of intra continental economic forces after the Second World War has been now used by USA for its geostrategic gains, when EU ventured into Ukraine not to the liking of the Russia. EU after the vote needs to understand that its illogical arguments against Russian interests have weakened it in final way.

Rubbishing Brexit: Post-Referendum Malevolence In Action
by Dr Binoy Kampmark

Twenty-four hour news networks are both terrible and worthy sites to gauge herd-like assumptions.  A gaze at CNN over the coverage of the Brexit over the course of Friday suggested the dismay, growing into outrage that the infallible market had somehow failed to detect the Leave voters on its all divine radar.

How 100 Syrians, 200 Russians And 11 Dogs Out-Witted ISIS And Saved Palmyra
by Franklin Lamb

According to the Syrian General who commanded the whole neutralization of the ISIS “Erase” project, and who generously gave these observer hours of his and his staff’s time, all of Palmyra and the close-in surrounding area are now cleansed of bobby-traps and are safe. The General proclaimed just this week that Palmyra and our cultural heritage sites here are ready and waiting to again receive foreign friends.

U.N.’s Legal Expert Calls Proposed Trade Deals Illegal
by Eric Zuesse

Alfred de Zayas, the U.N.’s Independent Expert on the Promotion of a Democratic and Equitable International Order, is assigned the task to apply the standards of international law to proposed treaties, to determine whether they’re in accord with international law. On Friday, June 24th, he issued his finding on three large proposed treaties regarding international trade among Atlantic countries: TTIP, TISA, and CETA. Earlier, on February 2nd, he had issued a similar finding on the proposed TPP treaty between Pacific countries, and his conclusion there was the same: that the proposed treaty violates international laws, and is inconsistent with democracy. 

Financing For Indigenous People, Land Reforms And Protection Of Forests And Other Natural Ecosystems In India Part III
by Anandi Sharan

Who knows whether the Conference of the Parties of the CBD will listen to us. And in India these proposals will not be accepted without a fierce popular struggle against global capital emanating from within India as well as from the USA, EU, Russia, China and Japan and the other industrialised countries. But if we don’t succeed in our struggle there will be continuing starvation deaths of children numbering around a quarter of all children born every year. How can we let this be happening? We must rescue humans by rescuing ecology urgently. We need decent and good quality homes, work and land, and a money system that serves the Fundamental Right to Ecology and Environment for which the Constitution was made.

Indian Supreme Court Abandoned Mass Victims Of State Abuse During 1975-77; So, Must Apologise
by Dr P S Sahni

The Indian Supreme Court never tires of asking for apology for this or that inanity usually for some perceived contempt of court. The Supreme Court ought to cultivate and demonstrate its sensitivity to its earlier decisions which were contemptuous of the people of India. The judges of the Supreme Court are servants of the people. In a democracy it is the people who are supreme. About time the Supreme Court en banc tenders an unconditional apology to the mass victims of state abuse during 1975-77, as also to the entire people of India.

Towards A TB Free India: It Cannot Be A Lone Battle
by Shobha Shukla

While the government can be the enabler of TB services, it cannot be the sole provider. It alone cannot tackle the TB monster. CSOs can act as intermediaries between the government and the beneficiaries. A vibrant CSO network and informed community participation will tremendously improve the reach and quality of services. While we need more powerful TB community voices, the future lies in all stakeholders working together to ensure early and accurate diagnosis, correct treatment, treatment adherence and economic support to affected people. There will have to be a better connect between the corridors of power and ground realities. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do much. TB is a battle we need to fight together

Burning Of Dalit Houses At Odisha And Deliberate Inaction By The Government Machinery

On 3rd June, 2016, eleven dalit houses were burnt down allegedly by the upper caste (Sabarna) of the village Kamagarh of the eponymous Panchayat in the Aska Block of Ganjam District. 

2016: India’s Degrading Journo-Murder Indicator
by Nava Thakuria

As six months of the year rolls on, India emerges as one of the worst places for working journalists similar to the troubled nations including Mexico, Yemen, Afghanistan and Iraq. The largest democracy of the globe witnessed the murder of three journalists in the first half of 2016, where the populous country lost five journalists to assailants last year. As nobody has been convicted in all eight journo-murder cases, the Indian media fraternity rose to the occasion
for special protection laws and also for a national action plan to safeguard the media persons.

Trump's dream

When Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech, his message was one of inclusion and equality. It was about coming together to build a stronger nation. It’s an ideal that I’m proud to say my state of Massachusetts has always fought for.

Unfortunately, Republican Party leader Donald Trump also has a dream. He has a dream that one day America will be isolated by a wall, to shut out those who would come here for a better life.

He has a dream that one day America will judge people by color, creed, and country of origin.

He has a dream that one day America will have no more Muslims or mosques, Planned Parenthood, or Social Security.

In a time when our nation should come together, Donald Trump and his Republican Party seek to rip us apart. He renewed his call to ban all Muslims from entering the country. He even suggested President Obama was somehow involved in the tragedy in Orlando. It’s unbelievable.

Trump is a bully, but more than that, he’s dangerous. If he were running for “Bully in Chief,” he’d win in a landslide. Unfortunately, he’s running for president. And if he wins, we all lose.

If we don’t act together to defeat Trump, it will be a disaster. Show you’re committed to defeating Donald Trump. Sign on >>

Donald Trump wants to see Mr. King’s dream crushed. He’s proven time and again, with his racist and misogynistic remarks, that he has no understanding of the principle of inclusion at the heart of our great nation.

He’s called climate change -- one of our biggest challenges -- a “hoax.”

He accused a respected federal judge from Indiana of bias because of his Mexican heritage.

He’s even said that women should be punished for exercising their reproductive rights.

Trump and his Republican allies are not going to back down from their fight to destroy the values that made the United States of America the great country it already is. We cannot back down in our fight to stop them.

We must come together to defeat Donald Trump. Show you’re committed by adding your name to mine.

This won’t be easy. But we have a proud tradition in this nation -- we come together to face our greatest challenges and overcome them. This is our chance to renew that tradition once again.

Thank you.

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Saturday, June 25, 2016

RSN: Popular Support for Liberal Democracy Can No Longer Be Taken for Granted

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FOCUS: Popular Support for Liberal Democracy Can No Longer Be Taken for Granted 
Students take part in a pro-EU rally. (photo: Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters)
Yascha Mounk, Slate 
Mount writes: "Britain has Brexited. The consequences of Thursday's vote are momentous. But it is even more important for what it represents: Today, we are entering a new political era - one in which popular support for the core institutions of liberal democracy can no longer be taken for granted." 

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RSN: Hillary's Lack of a Progressive Vision Leaves the Door Open for Trump

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FOCUS: Robert Reich | Hillary's Lack of a Progressive Vision Leaves the Door Open for Trump 
Former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich. (photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star)
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page 
Reich writes: "Asked in a CBS This Morning interview why he hasn't yet endorsed Clinton, Bernie Sanders replied,'Because I haven't heard her say the things I need to hear said.'" 

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This & that....

Hillary Clinton supporter and Superdelegate, Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) resigned today, June 23, 2016 due to being found guilty of corruption. Now we just need Clinton herself to be prosecuted and unable to be the nominee.

BREAKING: A Hillary Superdelegate QUITS Congress, IS GOING TO
PRISON! Posted By: usainfobox June 23, 2016
Share Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA)…

Sometimes even the Boston Globe gets it right. Both Republican and Democratic Governors colluded in dismantling the mental health care system in this state - dismantling the Community Mental Health Centers and the state hospitals with the promise of something better. They and the legislature did nothing, and across the state people are dying and police have been thrust into the role of mental health management, a role for which they are neither trained nor equipped. No wonder the candidates of anger have so much traction - the two party monopoly has failed us all - and once again the Spotlight Team has exposed the naked failure and total lack of compassion of government in Massachusetts.

Sadly, the crisis in mental health care being reported by the Spotlight team is true. As I said, wrote, and testified when the state mental health care system, including hospital level of care beds AND the community mental health system, was being dismantled under both "Republican" and "Democratic" governors, with the promise of something better - "People will die". I have seen this happen, including clients - and it is nearly impossible to get any mental health care for the indigent, marginally employed, and low income population, and indeed for most middle class folks, let alone long term mental health care and therapy. This is one of many reasons I am disenchanted with both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party as heartless. While there are some elected and appointed officials with compassion who are statespeople, they are a tiny minority. See:
The Desperate and the Dead: The Boston Globe Spotlight team investigates Massachusett's mental health care crisis.
The Desperate and the Dead
by The Boston Globe Spotlight team
One by one, nearly all the old state psychiatric hospitals were boarded up or bulldozed, but Massachusetts leaders broke their promise to replace them with something better - or much of anything at all. The failed mental health care system has led to a public safety crisis, including scores of murders by disturbed people, police shootings, and embattled institutions from courts to hospitals confronting a tidal wave of mentally ill people.
Read Part 1 now →

 Occupy Boston shared a link.

One by one, nearly all the state psychiatric hospitals were boarded up 
or bulldozed, but Massachusetts leaders broke their promise to replace 
them with something…