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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

More Poison in the Pipeline

Is this what we want for our planet in 2014?

FOCUS: Charles Pierce | More Poison in the Pipeline
Death funnel? (photo: Getty Images)
Charles Pierce, Esquire

Pierce writes: "Fans of our old friend, the Keystone XL pipeline, come into the new year with the hope that the administration will be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet as it green-lights the death funnel that will bring the world's dirtiest fossil fuel from the environmental moonscape of northern Alberta to the refineries of Texas, trying (and likely failing) to avoid bringing permanent goopy desolation to the country's most valuable farmland along the way."

This & That

Do your research. Question what you hear. Ask where the $$$ comes from.
Let's work to end Plutocracy in 2014.
More about Gov. Rick Scott's scheme:

(Shout-out to Occupy Wall St. for the photo)

This is what the GOP wants to return to.

Slashing programs that intercepted at-risk kids in schools helped escalate this problem, as did For-Profit Prisons.

Anyone remember when Robme and Muffy slashed programs for at-risk kids?
It's cheaper to intercept kids than to support them in For Profit Prisons as Throw-Away-Adults with no skills.

Prison, sadly, has become a booming business.
Prison, sadly, has become a booming business.
Occupy Democrats's photo.
Unfortunately, Republicans do not agree with Pres. Clinton's wise words. Thanks to Americans Against The Republican Party.
When there's a cloud from solar power, it's just a cloud.
ANOTHER TRAIN CRASH: Fiery Oil Train Crash in Raging Shale Oil Boom State of North Dakota Josh Fox The Sierra Club Greenpeace USA Friends of the Earth U.S.



If you can't.......

This is the reason why we ask for monthly donors. When I get a call from animal control asking for help I can only help if we have the money available for the veterinary care of these animals.

I personally hate posting pictures of this nature. I do not like holding people emotionally hostage to try to get donations.

 If you look on this page my focus is the good not the bad .
But the unfortunate reality is this is the world that I live in on a daily basis. I see the worst pe...ople do To these precious creatures.
This photo is from today actually about an hour ago. I'm driving dogs one way to meet their transport for adoption, while my friend Marcie is picking him up and taking him to Dr. Gentry at Gallatin animal hospital.
I will get him after he's been treated and seen by the vet.
My life is a constant whirlwind of animals in need & I never want to say no.
So I am asking If you can become a monthly sponsor of $10 or more It will help "A Place To Bark" do more in "2014"

 This precious boy was found starving with an embedded collar by animal control officers. 

 His year may be ending found starving, emaciated & alone on the side of a road, But his New Life, New Beginnings, New Year Will be filled with Love, lots of people who will be cheering him on and a New Life ahead! More news to follow after he sees the vet.

To donate to his care:
This is the reason why we ask for monthly donors. When I get a call from animal control asking for help I can only help if we have the money available for the veterinary care of these animals. 
I personally hate posting pictures of this nature. I do not like holding people emotionally hostage to try to get donations. 
If you look on this page my focus is the good not the bad .
But the unfortunate reality is this is the world that I live in on a daily basis. I see the worst people do To these precious creatures.
This photo is from today actually about an hour ago. I'm driving dogs one way to meet their transport for adoption, while my friend Marcie is picking him up and taking him to Dr. Gentry at Gallatin animal hospital. 
I will get him after he's been treated and seen by the vet.
My life is a constant whirlwind of animals in need & I never want to say no. 
So I am asking If you can become a monthly sponsor of $10 or more It will help "A Place To Bark" do more in "2014"
This precious boy was found starving with an embedded collar by animal control officers. 
His year may be ending found starving, emaciated & alone on the side of a road, But his New Life, New Beginnings, New Year Will be filled with Love, lots of people who will be cheering him on and a New Life ahead! More news to follow after he sees the vet.

To donate to his care:
LOVE this message! Let's end 2013 and start 2014 with this in mind. We can all do something to help. Small steps lead to big changes. What will you do to help homeless pets in 2014?

The horrifying facts of euthanasia

This is the sad truth... Please don't breed & buy while homeless animals die (Please SHARE this!)

“Wealth is not in riches but in contentment.”

From: Sayed Salahin Kadir

A very wealthy man took his son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a poor family.

On their way back from the trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?”

“It was great, Dad!”

“Did you see how poor people live?” the father asked.

“Oh yeah,” said the son.
“So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?” asked the father.

The son answered: “I saw that we have one cat and they have four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon. We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.”

The boy’s father was speechless.

Then his son added, “Thanks Dad, for showing me how poor we are.”

Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Wealth is not in riches but in contentment.”

Our mountain collapsed on our road.

Dirty Coal Corporations extract COAL using Mountaintop Removal, destroying communities, mountains, ecosystems, water and they're exempt from environmental cleanup costs.
We are all connected to Dirty Coal extraction if our electric energy is produced using DIRTY COAL.

Our mountain collapsed on our road.

The cliffs above Coal River Road collapsed and severed the only route through most of our communities, just about a mile from our office. We suspect the daily seismic shocks from blasting at the mountaintop removal sites nearby. The state blames the rain.

Here on the front lines at Coal River Mountain Watch, we've warned for years that this day would come. Luckily, no one was hurt. But the road is completely blocked for at least a week, and school resumes Thursday. We are filing a complaint with the federal Office of Surface Mining (OSM) that the coal company never took proper precautions since we raised the issue over 11 years ago. And we're opposing renewal of the nearest mountaintop removal permit, where violations, including blasting violations, are routine and effective penalties are nonexistent.

Speaking of the OSM, today they responded to our petition that they take over the WV Dept. of Environmental Protection's mine permitting and enforcement functions. They will further evaluate 5 of our 19 allegations, including that the WVDEP fails to address potential flooding impacts and fails to regulate selenium pollution. We are disappointed that they are not going to address sludge dams or illegal permitting, but we're not going to accept continued inaction on these and other issues. Stay tuned: our Citizen Action for Real Enforcement (CARE) campaign is going to stay busy in 2014!

Thanks to your generosity, and especially a sizable stock donation, we exceeded our December goal of $10,000. But we still need all the help you can provide. Please make your year-end tax-deductible donation here today. And please consider recurring monthly donations.

Thank you from the front lines, and Happy New Year!

Vernon Haltom
Executive director, Coal River Mountain Watch

The Party of Stupid

After all of this time poking fun at the dumbest candidates imaginable, employing self-defeating tactics and dumbing down voters, it would be dull if Republicans suddenly promoted folks with brains.

What would we do? They might look like Democrats!  

How many have been employed as comedians or writers because of the antics of the Party of Stupid in generously funding their elections and obstructing functioning government?

For my friends who have convinced themselves of the veracity of the Koch-Funded-Front groups, like the Tea Party, even the Party of the Stupid is recognizing how stupid the elected candidates are.

Matt Taibbi has done a masterful job at being politically correct describing the Party of Stupid that has gotten the dumbest candidates in history elected to office.

On a somber note, please follow the articles about the rail disaster in North Dakota.
Much of this is due to deregulation, slashing funds for oversight and inspection and ignoring public safety. After all, we know public safety is secondary to industry profits, any industry.

Karl Rove. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Karl Rove. (photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Republicans Declare War on Themselves

By Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone
31 December 13

he holidays are a great time in politics. Every year it's the same: the minute the last bits of wrapping paper have been cleared away, and Grandpa has passed his last puff of holiday gas, you can always retreat to the inside pages of the news section and find some embarrassing/despicable PR fiasco that some politician somewhere has just tried to sneak past vacationing America.
This year was no different. In a fitting homage to past holiday-season embarrassments like the Iran-Contra pardons or Bill Clinton's signing of the Commodity Futures Modernization Act, the Republican Party last week quietly declared war on itself, in the process essentially confessing to a generation of failed governance and dumbed-down politics.
The news came in the Wall Street Journal, where the Chamber of Commerce disclosed that it will be teaming up with Republican establishment leaders to spend $50 million in an effort to stem the tide of "fools" who have overwhelmed Republican ballots in recent seasons. Check out the language Chamber strategist Scott Reed used in announcing the new campaign:
Our No. 1 focus is to make sure, when it comes to the Senate, that we have no loser candidates… That will be our mantra: No fools on our ticket.
The blunt choice of words is no accident. All year long, as they've crept closer and closer to having to face the reality of a Ted Cruz presidential candidacy in 2016 (with Cruz maybe picking recently-redeemed Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson as his more moderate running mate?), the Beltway's Republican kingmakers have drifted into ever more alarmist language about the need to change course.
It's been a transparent effort to reassure industry donors that the party's future isn't a bottomless pit of brainless Bachmanns and Cruzes and Santorums, all convinced our Harvard-educated president is a sleeper-cell Arab and that Satan is a literal being intent on conquering Nebraska with U.N. troops.
Earlier this month, for instance, former House Majority Leader and cause-betraying Tea Party progenitor Dick Armey complained that Republicans have been getting whipped at the polls because "we had a lot of candidates quite frankly that did dumb things out there." And way back in March of last year, Karl Rove himself, speaking on behalf of his Crossroads SuperPAC, told Fox News Sunday that "our goal is to avoid having stupid candidates." Rove's group is reportedly also involved in this new $50 million effort.
The Chamber's announcement was met with howls of outrage from Tea Party-friendly voices, who naturally took immediate offense to the prospect of boycotting "fools" from the political process.
"Misguided," said Chris Chocola, president of the Club for Growth. "Insane," sneered conservative activist Cleta Mitchell.
Tom Borelli, senior fellow for Armey's old FreedomWorks group, quite correctly complained that the Chamber and their Republican allies were trying to defy the conservative base by hijacking the party and keeping it in the pocket of big-money interests. "The tea party is about lowering costs," Borelli explained to Newsmax. "[The Chamber will] want regulations to favor big business."
There's almost no end to the comedy of this story. First of all, there's the sheer size of the endowment.
Fifty million dollars is enough money to fund half a dozen or more Senate campaigns. That the big-business donors who traditionally have funded the Republican Party believe they need to make that kind of monster investment just to keep "fools" from getting on the ballot of a party they basically control is an incredible reflection of the state of things on that side of the political aisle.
Then, of course, there's the irony. Men like Karl Rove and Dick Armey practically invented the politics of stupid. In fact, they practically invented the politics of winning millions of votes every time some oversexed cosmopolitan liberal of the Matt Damon/Sean Penn genus used words like "dumb" or "stupid" to describe the preoccupations of Middle America's God-and-guns culture.
To see these same Beltway Svengalis trapped now in this crazy role reversal, denounced by the far right for being the same kind of condescending establishment snot-bags they themselves spent decades trying to find and campaign against – well, that's just seriously funny.
The situation with Rove is particularly delicious. This is someone who foisted upon the world the eight-year presidency of George W. Bush, a man who couldn't speak English, didn't read books or newspapers, and won his second term via the political version of an Inspector Clouseau routine, rallying middle America behind an enraged invasion of the wrong country in retaliation for 9/11.
For a political adviser, getting a blockhead like Bush elected president not once but twice was a major accomplishment. It was the sort of thing that impresses industry insiders, the same way PR professionals genuinely admire the job Burson-Marsteller did hushing up the Bhopal disaster for Union Carbide, or whitewashing Indonesia's image after the East Timor massacre.
As such the "Turd Blossom" was continually hailed as a kind of genius throughout the Bush presidency (even liberal pundits got in the act, although they usually called him an "evil genius"), despite the fact that nothing Karl Rove ever did was all that smart.
Rove's sole insight as a political thinker was that if you completely dispense with the patriotic aspects of governing – you know, that whole doing-what's-right-for-the-country thing – then winning elections is no different than selling cheeseburgers or scoring high sitcom ratings. You give people what they want, and it doesn't matter if it's bad for them.
So with George W. Bush, Rove basically gave us the political version of Married With Children, an ongoing self-parody routine where couch-potato America tuned in week after week to cheer on the nitwit hero as he and his brood took on a world of self-serious snobs and their silly "civilized" conventions (like, say, international law). It was political junk food and American voters ate it up, although the people on the business end of our endless bombings and waterboarding sessions and other atrocities were less stoked about the show.
Still, the reason Married With Children worked is that it was an industry in-joke, a piece of camp. It was actually kind of an inspired rip on the low entertainment standards of American TV audiences, though the humor of that mostly went over their heads of a lot of the people who actually watched the show.
From Rove's point of view, the Bush presidency was the same kind of deal. He seemed to take it for granted that political professionals everywhere understood that all of the lying about WMDs, and the shameless witch-hunting of John Kerry's war record, and the endless McCarthyist dabblings during campaign seasons (remember when, as an official White House adviser, Rove said that liberals wanted to "offer therapy and understanding to our attackers"?) were all just part of the game, just a way to get votes.
The whole Bush presidency, in the minds of Rove and his followers, was a goof on political advisers who were so self-serious that they actually believed themselves to be shackled to the truth, the responsibility of governing, etc. Rove and his crew openly laughed at the idea that they had to be consistent, or make sense, or do the right thing. Remember their naked mocking of the "reality-based community," and the boasting about how "we create our own reality"? Who did we think they were supposed to be, boy scouts? This was Washington! They were about winning, not governing.
What else explained an apparent atheist like Rove, who derided the evangelicals his president courted as "the nuts", being so hot to push hardcore religious policy down America's throat? (As Rove is said to have put it, "Just get me a fucking faith-based thing!") He obviously didn't take what he was doing seriously, and would later seem shocked that others did.
We first saw this when the Republicans came out in the summer of 2008 and picked as John McCain's running mate an Alaskan Bible-thumper named Sarah Palin, one of the few potential candidates in the Republican Party rolls even dumber than George Bush.
Rove, by then just a media commentator, was apparently mortified that political "reality-making" machine he'd built was pushing things too far. He immediately went on TV and blasted the choice as a "political pick" and "not a governing decision but a campaign decision."
Though no one said anything about it at the time, the damning subtext of Rove's criticisms of Palin as a purely "political pick" and not a "governing decision" was that he, Rove, should know, because after all he'd built the entire Bush presidency using the same methodology.
The Armey story was similar. Armey was on the ground floor with FreedomWorks, one of the back-channel big-dollar funding sources for the supposedly grassroots Tea Party movement, and his group's advocacy helped out now-reviled candidates like Ted Cruz, Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin and Richard Mourdock of Indiana (the Einstein who said that pregnancies from rape are something "God intended to happen").
FreedomWorks spent $40 million on such candidates in 2012, but as has been reported frequently since, only a quarter of them won, leaving donors and party leaders unimpressed with the movement's future prospects.
After the public had a chance to see and reject the things these candidates stood for, however, Armey, like Rove, recoiled from his own politics, offering that line about his party's failure being tied to "dumb things" done by certain candidates. He added that the Republican Party bore blame, too, having not "schooled" their candidates in the art of not making indefensibly stupid statements.
The thing is, the basic calculus of Rove-Armey politics has always involved capturing majorities with loud/angry media distractions (the Dixie Chicks hate America! John McCain has an illegitimate black child!) while on the policy side quietly spending great gobs of the taxpayer's money and sneaking through the meaningful objectives of rich industry donors in the fine print.
They were totally contemptuous of the typical middle-class religious conservatives in their base, never really gave them anything but lip service during campaign seasons, and in the end just used them to get what they wanted once they seized office.
For Rove, if that required handing out chestnuts like the "Faith-based thing" to the "nuts," or indulging John Ashcroft's pathological fear of marble tits, so be it – the important thing was that in the end, Cheney's energy buddies got their Clear Skies Act, the biotech donors got their Prescription Drug Benefit Act, the consumer credit vampires got their Bankruptcy Bill, and so on.
With Armey and the Tea Party, the "movement" was about always about rallying ordinary struggling Americans behind an idealized anti-tax/deregulatory agenda that, in an amazing coincidence, also favored the super-wealthy industrialists who happened to be backing groups like FreedomWorks.
The problem with blowing off the whole governing thing in favor of a decade-plus of cynical pandering and generally treating presidential politics like a fraternity pranking competition is that it eventually comes back to bite you.
If you spend years letting your voters think Saddam Hussein was an agent of al-Qaeda, that passing a national health care program will result in the formation of Stalinist "death panels," or that Barack Obama is secretly a foreigner, you're going to end up with some loopy candidates prone to saying crazy things that will turn off voting majorities, which in turn will make it hard to the deliver policy objectives you actually care about for your big-money donors.
The Republican establishment is only just figuring this out. Hence this new $50 million initiative, which according to the WSJ will involve the Chamber working with party leaders in"an aggressive effort to groom and support more centrist Republican candidates."
But this sudden decision by the party's Washington establishment to reverse course and blame their failures on "fools" out there in the heartland is a joke. If you spend a decade treating your constituents like morons, you can't point the finger at them when your party gets a reputation for being stupid.
You're going to make George "Is our children learning?" Bush the face of your party for eight years and then turn around and call your voters stupid? Jesus. No wonder they decided to make the move during Christmas.
The rest from RSN:
North Dakota Oil Train Crash Sparks Fireball
Excerpt: "A BNSF train carrying crude oil in North Dakota has collided with another train, setting off a series of explosions that left at least 10 cars ablaze, the latest in a string of incidents that have raised alarms over growing oil-by-rail traffic."
Sign-Ups Surge in New York State's Health Exchange
Anemona Hartocollis, The New York Times
Hartocollis reports: "After a rush of 11th-hour interest, 230,624 people had enrolled in either private or public insurance through New York State's health insurance exchange by the Dec. 24 deadline, qualifying them for coverage on the first day of the new year, state officials said on Monday."
Younger Military Veterans Are Angered by Budget Cuts to Their Pension Benefits
Lori Montgomery, The Washington Post
Montgomery reports: "The plan to trim pension increases for working-age military retirees ... is by far the most controversial provision in a bipartisan budget deal approved by Congress and signed last week by President Obama."
Nearly One and a Half Million Workers Will Get a Raise on New Year's Day
Bryce Covert, ThinkProgress
Covert reports: "Come January 1, over 1.4 million people - 1,441,000 to be exact - will get a raise thanks to increasing minimum wages in 13 states, according to an analysis by the National Employment Law Project (NELP)."
10 Hopeful Things That Happened in 2013
Sarah van Gelder, YES! Magazine
van Gelder reports: "There was something almost apocalyptic about 2013. Typhoon Haiyan slammed into the Philippines, the strongest storm ever recorded on land. It killed more than 6,000 people and affected millions. But it was just one of the 39 weather-related disasters costing $1 billion or more in 2013."
FOCUS: Glenn Greenwald | The NSA Can 'Literally Watch Every Keystroke You Make'
The Government is capable of watching your every move in cyberspace. (photo: Shutterstock)
Glenn Greenwald, Democracy Now!
Greenwald writes: "I think everybody knows by now, or at least I hope they do after the last seven months reporting, that the goal of the NSA really is the elimination of privacy worldwide - not hyperbole, not metaphor, that's literally their goal, is to make sure that all human communications that take place electronically are collected and then stored by the NSA and susceptible to being monitored and analyzed."

Ring of Mercury Contamination Around DIRTY CANADA TAR SANDS

The Dirty Energy Koch Brothers who brought you the Tea Party stand to enrich themselves further with Dirty Tar Sands, environment be damned!
This new tar sands finding is not surprising, but no less devastating. Read more here:

SHARE if you agree: tar sands are bad for the climate, bad for the land, and bad for people. We're going to spend 2014 fighting them harder than ever.
Researchers have found a nearly 7,300-square-mile ring of land and water contaminated by mercury surrounding the tar sands in Alberta. Mercury levels were 16 ...times higher in the areas surrounding the tar sands operations. Read more about this important study here:
The excavation of tar sands in Alberta is wrecking our climate, violating the rights of First Nation people and poisoning the air, water and land. LIKE and SHARE if it's time to stop this senseless destruction.See More

Blame this on DEREGULATION, slashing funding for oversight and inspection, obstructing government function, and allowing Big Corporations to govern.
"billowing flames and smoke that resembled a mushroom cloud." Thankfully no one was hurt, but can we please stop hauling tar sands oil by pipeline AND by rail?

Monday, December 30, 2013

This & That

The Blue Street Journal's photo.
This is quite disturbing. Read more here:

It doesn't get much clearer than this.

Via Being Liberal

While paying poverty wages...

Does this seem fair to you?
Researchers have discovered a 7,300-mile long ring of mercury around the tarsands in Canada, showing levels 16 times higher than normal background levels.

They also for the first time found methyl mercury, a more toxic form of the neurotoxin, in the snow. ‪#‎NoKXL‬

The MN recreational trap/hunt season has ended with 237 dead wolves -17 wolves over quota. The season ended over a month early, after 50 days of killing.

Only 2 days ago, MN DNR was reporting 216 dead wolves. Why a 20+ surge in dead wolve...s in 1 day? Wolf killing enthusiasts are speculating online that the surge is due to weekend trapping hobbyists finally checking their traps on Saturday. Are you ready to stop this in 2014?

#wolves #Minnesota #shame

Wisconsin proves we're really good at killing wolves; incompetent at living with them on our landscape. Season closed 2 months early, killing 257 wolves. How very sad.


#wolves #wisconsin #shame

#wolves #wisconsin #shame

Ani DiFranco Wanted to Party at a Slave Plantation. Guess What Happened?

| Mon Dec. 30, 2013