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Saturday, April 29, 2017

RSN: Scott Galindez | The Republicans Are Back to Take Your Healthcare

ALL Americans deserve Health Care! 

Let's work to stop the madness and join every other Industrialized nation that provide health care for their citizens!

Check the survey to see if your Congressman/woman has co-sponsored  H.R. 676. 

Healthcare-NOW! Survey: What We Need to Win

New cosponsors for H.R. 676 are rolling in everyday, with 5 in just the past week (including the bill's very first Blue Dog Democrat and fiscal conservative - Jim Cooper, from Tennessee) bringing us up to a total of 104!
Non-cosponsoring Democrats are now a minority in the House; this makes it increasingly hard for them to say no. We need to capitalize on this momentum to get as many cosponsors - of every party - on the bill as we can.
We need your help to identify priority targets. Amazingly, most of the recent supporters aren't "low-hanging fruit" (such as previous cosponsors or members of the Progressive Caucus), which means that there's plenty of opportunities to organize conservative Democrats and Independents, and hopefully get our first Republican on board as well.

This is where your knowledge comes in! If you've emailed or called your representative, or been to a townhall, tell us how it went - please fill out this survey!

John Conyers, lead sponsor of H.R. 676, recently said in an interview that he's "never seen more excitement and energy for (single payer) than ever before". This is truly a unique moment in our movement - let's get the most out of it!
In solidarity,

It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
Reader Supported News

FOCUS: Scott Galindez | The Republicans Are Back to Take Your Healthcare 
Donald Trump, Paul Ryan and Mike Pence. (photo: Alex Brandon/AP) 
Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News 
Galindez writes: "Donald Trump thinks he can make a deal on healthcare. The recent threat by Trump, to not pay the subsidies the federal government is responsible for paying under Obamacare, was met with legislation for single-payer healthcare. Trump is gambling that if he sabotages Obamacare, the Democrats will be forced to come to the table." 

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