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Monday, April 24, 2017

Who's missing?

Bob Reynolds

Friends , my son, Bobby Reynolds, needs some assistance . Whom has he omitted from his list
Folks, I need your help. I'm trying to remember all the great people Trump would surround himself with...I think I'm forgetting somebody, and I want to give them all due "credit" for their accomplishments.
Here's what I have so far:

Carter Page - Under FBI investigation, advisor to Trump and subject of a FISA warrant due to connections with Russian agents

Paul Manafort - Under FBI investigation, resigned as Trump campaign chairman after he was found to have been taking money from pro-Russia Ukrainian oligarchs

Roger Stone - Under FBI investigation, long time friend and advisor to Trump, suspected of colluding with Russian agents to sway 2016 election

Michael Flynn - Under FBI investigation, fired as National Security advisor, registered foreign agent

Erik Prince - Under FBI investigation, advisor to Trump and founder of Blackwater, a group of mercenaries convicted of manslaughter and murder in Iraq, suspected of being a "go-between" for Trump and Russian agents

Betsy DeVos - (sister of Erik Prince) purchased her position as Secretary of Education under Trump

Jeff Sessions - Trump's Attorney General recused from Trump/Russia investigation due to lying during his senate confirmation hearing about meeting with Russian agents while a member of the Trump campaign

Monica Crowley- Trump nominated spokesperson for NSC dropped out due to plagiarizing her doctoral thesis

Andrew Puzder - dropped out after being nominated for Secretary of Labor, by Trump, because of his conflicts of interest and his anti-labor opinions, oh and alleged abuse of his ex-wife
Wilbur Ross - Trump's Secretary of Commerce, the apparent connection between Trump and Russian 

Dmitry Rybolovlev who purchased a Trump property for $100 million when Trump paid $40 million for it. Rybolovlev was trying to prevent his ex-wife from getting access to his money...convenient for both men
Alexander Acosta - Trump's Secretary of Labor, former prosecutor in Florida who infamously cut a sweetheart plea deal with Jeffery Epstein, Bill Clinton's and Trump's pedophile buddy who owned "Orgy Island"

Roger Ailes - advisor to Trump, former CEO fired at Fox News due to sexual harassment

Bill O'Reilly - former conservative pundit fired at Fox News due to sexual harassment, friend of Trump, about whom Trump said, "I don't think Bill did anything wrong."

Breitbart - Under FBI investigation on suspicion of colluding with Russian agents, one of Trump's preferred news sources

InfoWars - Under FBI investigation on suspicion of colluding with Russian agents, one of Trump's preferred news sources

Melania Trump - wife of Donald Trump, lied on her website claiming a college degree she never had, plagiarized Michelle Obama's speech, posed nude for numerous "tasteful" pictures both solo and with other women.

Who am I missing?

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