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Sunday, April 30, 2017

RSN: Jelani Cobb | The Banal Horror of Arkansas's Executions

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This is not about freeing people. This is about not executing those who may have had poor defense counsel or witnesses who lied. 


There is also a growing awareness that it is perhaps impossible to create a justice system that both executes criminals and avoids killing innocents. The sclerotic appeals process insures that years, if not decades, will pass before the condemned meet their state-authored fate. But streamlining the process only increases the likelihood that innocent people will die. Since 1973, a hundred and fifty-eight inmates on death row have been exonerated of the crimes for which they were sent there. A prisoner in Ohio named Ricky Jackson spent thirty-nine years on death row before a key witness admitted to lying in the testimony that led to his conviction. Jackson is alive solely because of the inefficiency of the system that sought to kill him.

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FOCUS: Jelani Cobb | The Banal Horror of Arkansas's Executions 
Jack Jones, left, and Marcel Williams. (photo: AP)
Jelani Cobb, New York Magazine
Cobb writes: "By the opaque reasoning of capital punishment, the state of Arkansas grew some unknowable fraction safer last Monday evening, when Jack Jones, a fifty-two-year-old, overweight, hypertensive, diabetic amputee, was strapped to a gurney in the Cummins Unit prison and administered drugs to successively sedate him, impair his breathing, stop his heart, and kill him."

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