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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Posted on MASSterList: WBSM Radio's FAKE NEWS

Massachusetts doesn't deserve WBSM's FAKE NEWS! 

This is from MASSterlist: 

Swift reactions | Ed-funding lawsuit | Senator Romney? Part II

By Jay Fitzgerald and Keith Regan

‘Drain the Massachusetts Swamp’
Sheriff Tom Hodgson and Reps. Geoff Diehl, Keiko Orrall, and Shaunna O'Connell speak at WBSM Radio's ‘Drain the Massachusetts Swamp’ rally, with talk-show host Howie Carr opening, front of New Bedford Free Public Library, 613 Pleasant St., New Bedford, 12 p.m.

The inflammatory headline is excessive and extremist. 

Howie Carr has made his reputation based on hysterical tirades, emotional rants, frequently inaccurate information. Does anyone really listen to him? 

We've gotten into a few cabs listening to this babble, requested that the station be changed and offered FACTUAL INFORMATION to the cab driver.

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson offered a cable program that was rather worthless, yet is now promoting his Wack-A-Ding irrational solutions to the uninformed. His notoriety will fade quickly. 

As a consequence of the irrational headline,  ‘Drain the Massachusetts Swamp’, Rep. Keiko Orrall was emailed and offered assurance that she did NOT participate, informed WBSM that this was FAKE NEWS,  and fully agreed that divisive rhetoric was counter productive. 

This should not be about us versus you. 

There should be FACT Based discussions about 'this is the problem. what is/are the solution[s]?'

Elevate the rhetoric, gather your FACTS  or risk being labeled.

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