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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | Obama's Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump

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Andy Borowitz | Obama's Barrage of Complete Sentences Seen as Brutal Attack on Trump 
Barack Obama. (photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "In an appearance at the University of Chicago on Monday, former President Barack Obama unloaded a relentless barrage of complete sentences in what was widely seen as a brutal attack on his successor, Donald Trump." 
Flynn Likely Broke the Law by Failing to Disclose Foreign Payments, House Oversight Leaders Say 
Karoun Demirjian, The Washington Post 
Demirjian writes: "Former national security adviser Michael Flynn probably broke the law by failing to disclose foreign income he earned from Russia and Turkey, the heads of the House Oversight Committee said Tuesday." 
What's Missing From the Debate About Pro-Life Democrats 
Emily Crockett, Rolling Stone 
Crockett writes: "Sanders, along with Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, took some heat last week for making a stop on the DNC's 'unity tour' to support Heath Mello - the Democratic candidate for mayor of Omaha, Nebraska, who turns out to have either sponsored or voted for a long list of anti-abortion bills during his time in the state legislature." 
American Media Are Getting People at Home Ready for War With North Korea 
Matt Novak, Gizmodo 
Novak writes: "Remember what it felt like a couple of months ago when you, as an American, didn't give much thought to North Korea? I'd like you to try and remember that feeling over the next couple of weeks, because the US government wants that to change. The past month has shown a tremendous shift in news coverage about North Korea. And that's no accident." 
Wealthy Murder Suspect Freed on Bail as Man Accused of Welfare Fraud Stuck in Jail 
Sam Levin, Guardian UK 
Levin writes: "Joseph Warren sees no sunlight and never gets fresh air. The 60-year-old San Francisco man, locked up for more than a month, said he has become suicidal, rarely eats the jail food and tries to sleep as much as possible when he's not crying in his small cell. As a gay man, he is afraid he will be assaulted in the shower." 
Bangladesh's Water Crisis: A Story of Gender 
Neha Thirani Bagri, Al Jazeera 
Bagri writes: "When Khadija Rahman, then a newly married 14-year-old, moved to the Satkhira district on Bangladesh's southwest coast, she didn't realise just how much the scarcity of drinking water in the region would affect her." 
Buffalo Pipeline Leaks 19,000 Gallons of Crude Oil on Farmland in Oklahoma 
Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch 
Chow writes: "The Buffalo Pipeline, owned by Houston-based Plains All American Pipeline, L.P., leaked approximately 450 barrels, or roughly 18,900 gallons, of crude oil onto farmland in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma last week." 

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