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Friday, April 28, 2017


“Indiana’s Senate race is expected to be one of the top targets for Republicans because Donnelly is the only Democrat elected statewide in Indiana, which voted for President Trump by nearly 20 percentage points.” -USA Today, 4/10/17

We all know that Indiana is at the top of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s list of must-win Senate races. The math is simple: Republicans need to get to a filibuster-proof, 60-seat Senate majority in order to ram through their radical right-wing agenda. And they can’t get to 60 if they don’t knock out Joe.

That means that Joe Donnelly is standing in the way of the Trump/McConnell agenda. And that’s where you come in.

Joe is facing a $35,000 fundraising deadline by the end of the month. Make a $5 grassroots contribution today to Joe’s Senate Defense Fund, and your gift will be MATCHED.
Pitch in to Team Donnelly's End-of-Month deadline and have your gift MATCHED!
The attacks on Joe have already started -- coming from special interest groups like Trump’s Make America Great PAC. And they’re not going to stop until the polls close next November. We can’t stop the attacks -- what we can do is organize on the ground and fight back.

Joe is ready for this fight. He’s been attacked by Republicans and right-wing groups for a long time. They want to defeat Joe because he fights for our values. He’s proven that by working to protect DACA recipients from deportation, standing against Trump’s most extreme Cabinet nominees, and joining protesters to speak out against Trump’s refugee ban and his disastrous attempt to take away people’s health care.

What Joe’s team needs are the resources to fight back -- online, on air, and on the ground. We need him in Washington much more than Trump and McConnell want him gone.

We can beat back the attacks that are already coming -- but only if we meet our fundraising goals. Make a $5 contribution today, and we’ll match your gift.

Thanks for your help,
Team Donnelly  


P.O. Box 891, Indianapolis, IN 46206
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