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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

RSN: Eve Ensler | This Spring, Fight for Our Precious Planet and Join the Climate March

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Eve Ensler | This Spring, Fight for Our Precious Planet and Join the Climate March 
Author and playwright, Eve Ensler. (photo: Annabel Clark/Guardian UK) 
Eve Ensler, Guardian UK 
Ensler writes: "Let our fight for planet Earth bring forth a global spring. Now more than ever we need a renewal in our dedication to a world where women, and indeed, all of life, triumph over destruction and the forces of anti-life." 
Congress Focuses on Averting Shutdown, but Trump Wants More in Budget Deal 
Geoff Bennett, NPR News 
Bennett writes: "Ever aware of the consequences, House Speaker Paul Ryan says passing a spending bill is his primary goal this week - even as the White House is urging the GOP to resuscitate last month's failed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act and the president is making a fresh push on a tax overhaul." 
A Cop Shot an Unarmed Man in the Back. The Supreme Court Says There Doesn't Even Need to Be a Trial. 
Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress 
Millhiser writes: "The penalty for drunk driving is not getting shot in the back." 
US Has Regressed to Developing Nation Status, MIT Economist Warns 
Chloe Farand, The Independent 
Farand writes: "Economist Peter Temin used a model, which was created by Nobel Prize winner Arthur Lewis and designed to understand developing nations, to describe how far inequalities have progressed in the US." 
New Orleans Takes Down Confederate Monuments Under Cover of Darkness 
Associated Press 
Excerpt: "In New Orleans in the small hours of the morning on Monday, workers wearing bulletproof vests and scarves that obscured their faces removed the first of four prominent Confederate monuments." 
Marine Le Pen Doesn't Have a Chance 
Jean-Marie Pottier, Slate 
Pottier writes: "The reason for this confidence is France's electoral system. French people love voting so much that they do it twice." 
Edible Water Bottles to Eliminate Plastic 
Excerpt: "The edible water ball has a natural membrane, which can be fully swallowed and digested." 

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