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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Progressive Breakfast: Hometowns Rising To Win Health Care For All


LeeAnn Hall
Hometowns Rising To Win Health Care For All
Back in January, a victory on health care seemed a long way away. Today, we’re still in a big fight to protect the health care that we need and that everyone deserves. It’s not just the Affordable Care Act that they’re going after. The right wing is going after Medicaid, Medicare, the Indian Health Service, veterans’ health services, and more ... When we defeat the next vote, we’re not done. They’re going to come after our health care, our food, veterans services and our housing with a terrible budget. They’re want to cut all that to pay for tax giveaways to billionaires, corporations and the one percent. Are we going to let them? No!

Progressives Go On Health Care Offense

Rep. Keith Ellison talks health care strategy at People’s Action convention. Roll Call:“…Ellison said it was important to reach out to people who might disagree with them … Ellison said it was also important to push beyond simply defending the health care law. ‘You’ve got to tell folks, “Yes, it’s about saving the ACA, but what about Medicare for all?”‘”
Democrats propose deal to maintain ACA payments. The Hill:“Democrats have offered to agree to an additional $15 billion in military funding as part of a spending package to keep the government operating if Republicans in Congress agree to fund ­ObamaCare insurer subsidies … Democrats previously have said that defense spending should only be increased if nondefense spending is also increased by the same amount. The new proposal would break that standard, which has essentially been in place since a 2011 spending deal … GOP leaders have agreed to leave extra funding for Trump’s proposed border wall and deportation force out of the spending bill…”
Newest health care bill wins conservatives, but not moderates. Bloomberg:“House Speaker Paul Ryan and his lieutenants don’t know whether the new converts will add up to enough support to pass the bill … [The new proposal] was being circulated among members Tuesday and is expected to be discussed at a Wednesday morning GOP conference meeting and a Freedom Caucus gathering later in the day.”

Trump To Outline Sketchy Tax Plan

Trump tax proposal includes repatriation. Bloomberg:“President Donald Trump plans to propose a 10 percent tax on more than $2.6 trillion in earnings that U.S. companies have stockpiled offshore … Proceeds from the so-called ‘repatriation tax’ would represent a one-time source of sorely needed revenue, which could offset some of the deep tax cuts Trump has proposed for businesses … The plan is expected to also include a 15 percent tax rate for corporations, but not the border-adjusted tax proposal that House Speaker Paul Ryan has championed.”
ABC News tries to make sense of Trump tax plan:“…it appears disjointed and haphazard … Wedged together are major corporate tax cuts, individual tax cuts, expanded deductions and even Ivanka Trump’s favored child-care tax credit … The package looks unlikely to comply with congressional budget rules, making the tricky politics even more complicated…”
Trump tax plan may be death knell for reform. Politico:“…the hastily written plan could wind up alienating critical Hill Republicans while offering little or nothing to entice Democrats. It could also be widely dismissed by outside observers as an over-hyped rehash of promises the president already made during the campaign.”

Court Blocks Trump Attack on Sanctuary Cities

WH loses another major court case. NYT:“The judge, William H. Orrick of United States District Court, wrote that the president had overstepped his powers with his January executive order on immigration by tying billions of dollars in federal funding to immigration enforcement. Judge Orrick said only Congress could place such conditions on spending … as with the rulings halting his two temporary bans on travel from several predominantly Muslim countries, the president’s own words were used against him.”
Trump attacks judges again. USA Today:“‘First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!’ Trump said in a Wednesday morning tweet storm.”

Breakfast Sides

Senate Majority Leader shifts on coal miner benefits. The Hill:“‘I’m in favor of a permanent fix on miners’ healthcare. It’s my hope that that will be included in the final package,’ McConnell told reporters Tuesday after meeting with the GOP caucus … McConnell’s endorsement is significant because he had previously supported temporary fixes but had never backed a long-term legislative solution.”
Sen. Bernie Sanders introduces $15 minimum wage bill. The Hill:“Sanders will reintroduce a $15 minimum wage bill Wednesday, attracting support from some Democrats such as Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), who previously supported a smaller minimum wage increase. Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and Bobby Scott (D-Va.) will drop a companion bill in the House.”
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