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Thursday, April 27, 2017, Tell Trump: Protect Our Public Lands - Don't Sell Them Off

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Earlier today, President Trump signed an executive order that will surely threaten our public lands. The order "directs the Department of the Interior to review prior monument designations and suggest legislative changes or modifications to the monument proclamations."

What's that all mean? In short, it means our public lands will likely be sold off the wealthy, seeking to get even richer through development for oil and gas.While that will help the rich, it'll hurt the rest of us.

A recent study found that outdoor recreation alone drives a $887 billion economy and supports 7.6 million jobs. Additionally, numerous studies have shown that communities located near monuments and other protected public lands have stronger economies that are attractive to new residents, entrepreneurs and small businesses, and investment.

Maybe that's why, since Teddy Roosevelt sixteen presidents - eight Republicans and eight Democrats - have used their authority to protect places from the Grand Canyon to Acadia to Papahānaumokuākea in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and historic places from Stonewall to Birmingham to Cesar Chavez.

Trump's action is deeply unpopular - the public overwhelmingly opposes attacks on national parks, public lands and waters. In some polls like the up to 90% of voters supported Presidential proposals to protect some public lands and waters as parks, wildlife refuges and wilderness.

Our first national monument was created by a president who was a war veteran. Let's not allow a president who has never served take them away from the American citizens and future generations.

Please add your name to the list of veterans who oppose these executive order to eliminate our public lands. It's important. And if you're a veteran and so moved, include a personal quote and photo of yourself in military uniform or in the outdoors that we can use in our social media effort to stop this.

Thank you for adding your voice.
- The team at VoteVets


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