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Saturday, April 29, 2017

RSN: Robert Reich | What Happened to the Promised Investigations Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election?

It's Live on the HomePage Now: 
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Robert Reich | What Happened to the Promised Investigations Into Russian Interference in the 2016 Election? 
Former Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich. (photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star) 
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page 
Reich writes: "What happened to the promised investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 election? The House intelligence committee has been plagued by infighting and missteps. While the Senate investigative committee has pledged a thorough probe, it's done little so far - no high-profile hearings, until very recently no full-time staff, and its few part-time staffers have no investigative experience or expertise with Russia." 
Arkansas Executions: Death Chamber Evidence Sought Amid Torture Fears 
Ed Pilkington and Jacob Rosenberg, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "Lawyers for the four men executed by Arkansas in the past week were set on Friday to ask a federal judge to force the state to preserve evidence from its death chamber. The request, the first step towards a thorough investigation, came amid fears that the prisoners might have been subjected to excruciating pain, tantamount to torture." 
Trump Nominates Deputy Interior Secretary With Serious Conflicts of Interest 
Jenny Rowland, ThinkProgress 
Rowland writes: "President Donald Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke announced on Friday that former Interior Solicitor and current lobbyist David Bernhardt will be nominated for Deputy Secretary of the Interior Department. Bernhardt was a senior political official and the top lawyer in charge of ethics and legal compliance for President George W. Bush's Interior Department during a period plagued by scandal and ethical violations." 
Congress Passes Spending Bill to Avoid Shutdown, Again Punts on Health Care 
Geoff Bennett, NPR 
Bennett writes: "With the clock ticking, Congress on Friday managed to fulfill its basic function - keeping the federal government running." 
The Unrest That Led to the LA Riots, Twenty-Five Years On 
Carvell Wallace, The New Yorker 
Wallace writes: "The video of Rodney King - the motorist whose beating by the Los Angeles Police Department, in 1991, would ultimately spark six days of violent unrest - asking 'Can we all get along?' is still, twenty-five years later, astonishing to watch." 
Colombian Community Resistance Defeats Mining Giant, Company Will Leave Country 
Excerpt: "After the Colombian municipality of Cajamarca overwhelming voted to ban mining in their community in March, South African giant AngloGold Ashanti announced Thursday it would end 14 years of exploration work for a project that would have been the world's largest open-pit gold mine." 
Ranchers and Tribes Unite Once Again to Fight the Keystone XL 
Devi Lockwood, YES! Magazine 
Lockwood writes: "A week after tens of thousands turned out in support of science and as thousands more this weekend take to the streets for the People's Climate March, a quieter walk will be held at what might be considered ground zero of the country's energy debate." 

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