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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Draining the SWAMP? Republicans ARE the SWAMP! What are they HIDING?


As congressional hearings reveal more and more about just
how deep Donald…


Adam Schiff: "This should concern all Americans and is yet another reason why his refusal to release his tax returns should be met with considerable skepticism and concern."


President Trump has repeatedly been accused of violating the foreign 
emoluments clause. Now, according to a new report from Reuters, 
he may also be in danger of…


"After a recent review of public records, Reuters found that “public pension funds in at least seven U.S. states have invested millions of dollars in an investment fund that owns a New York hotel and pays one of President Donald Trump’s companies to run it.
The seven states found investing in the fund are California, New York, Texas, Arizona, Montana, Michigan, and Missouri.
Included in the CIM Group’s portfolio is the Trump SoHo, from which Trump still earns revenue, despite having turned management over to a trust controlled by his eldest sons. CIM pays Trump International Hotels Management LLC 5.75 percent of the hotel’s operating revenues in exchange for managing and marketing the hotel.
Because of this arrangement, legal experts have said that Trump could be accused of violating the Constitution because the domestic emoluments clause prohibits “the flow of money from states to the pockets of a sitting president.”


Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is 
a giant roadblock in the…


Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr is a giant roadblock in the investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, as he is refusing to sign off on some documents and making everyone question what he may be hiding. Why won’t he just do his job?
Well, we may now know why as it’s being reported that he has investments in an oil drilling company linked to a Russian oil company, which doesn’t look good for him considering the fact that he refuses, as Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, to sign off on documents that would allow the Russian probe to continue.
Scott Dworkin of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump posted documents showing the relationship between National Oilwell Varro Inc. and Russia’s Rosneft. His investment appears to be over $20,000, which is just a small part of his 2 million dollar net-worth, but it doesn’t stop there.
Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 2.09.10 PM
Scott Dworkin reports that Burr has some other ties linking him to Kremlin.

Burr was the beneficiary of $8.1 million from Mitch McConnell Super PAC, which took millions from a pro-Putin Ukrainian. Depending on how that money was divided up, it could be well above that $20,000.
The red flags on this guy should already be waving all over the place. Given his unwillingness to aide in the investigation, maybe someone needs to start looking further into where his money is going and coming from.

These men cannot be trusted. Clearly Russian ties, and money, run deep in this circle.


As accusations about Chaffetz's role in Trump-Russia mount, he's 
ducking and running


STEPS DOWN - Another "Casualty"... perfectly healthy young man... came down with a case of #Russian flu - Citing health issues, Jason #Chaffetz takes immediate leave from #Congress – but his scandals loom - Twelve days after inside sources first asserted that Jason Chaffetz was being blackmailed by Russia and the #FBI was onto him, and five days after Chaffetz announced that he won’t run for reelection and may not even finish out his current term, Chaffetz is now taking immediate leave from Congress and citing health issues as the reason. He insists he’ll be back, but considering the manner in which this is playing out, that’s far from certain. (he's not coming back - he knows it, and so do we. Expect he will be the next US Citizen to apply to Russia for citizenship. Seems to be the popular way to hide these days.

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