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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Ferrari worth £200,000 crashes into garden of Bath home after driver 'lost control'

January 7, 2018
For the record and for the great journalism here with the sarcastic "lost control" inverted comas I will tell you exactly what happened
as I was the driver ...  
I approached the rouandabout and applied the brake the car immediately applied full power and no matter how much I stamped on
the brake the car would not slow down and the brakes would not hold it back. I had no chance to turn the key off as the roundabout
was looming rapidly .... TBh it was the most horrific experience ever, The car has now gone back to Ferrari for full investigation and
they will be keen to find out what went wrong with the car. As usual people and journalist  like this writer jump to conclusions ..........
the car had a major and seriously dangerous fault. Luckily for me a witness heard and saw the whole incident and confirmed to the
police the car was reving uncontrollably with full brake light on hence no action was taken against me.
© Local World
January 7, 2018
The real Story here is the fact the car did what it did putting not just my life at risk but anyone who could have been in the way.
I am not the only one this has happened to there are others online who have had the same experience with these cars ....... 
© Local World
January 7, 2018
I couldnt Dave I did try but to be honest the whole thing happened so suddenly and fast .... the thing was reving like mad
and the brakes were heating up and no longer holding the car back , hence I made the decision to head for the bank and
trees rather than risk charging up the road at speed and killing someone .... I will let you know what they say
© Local World

Ferrari worth £200,000 crashes into garden of Bath home after driver 'lost control'

The incident happened near the Bathford roundabout on A4 Box Road at around 7.40am

A Ferrari worth around £200,000 crashed into the front garden of home in Bath this morning (January 6).
The incident happened on A4 Box Road at around 7.40am after the vehicle left the road at the Bathford roundabout, crossed the pavement and ended up in the garden.
According to the owner of the house, who was woken by the sound of the crash, the driver said there was an issue with his accelerator.
“My husband and son were awake and heard the crash,” she told the Chronicle.
“It woke me up and I ran straight down, checked the driver was ok, phoned police and made driver a cup of tea.
“The driver said the throttle stuck on and he couldn't slow down to take the roundabout.

The driver was not injured in the incident

“He lost control and went across the pavement, flattened two bollards that the council put in and went through all my recycling and rubbish - luckily not a person.”
As well as the damage to the recycling bins and bollards, the car damaged the front garden wall, trees and hedges, while there was also significant damage to the vehicle.
Police attended the scene and the Ferrari 458 Spider was later recovered around 12.30pm.
The homeowner said it is not the first time something like this has happened in the area, adding that similar incidents happen “at least once a year”.

The Ferrari was later recovered

She said the residents have tried to get Bath and North East Somerset Council to put a barrier up, but they have not been able to get very far with the request.
“Us and the other residents here have reported many incidents like this to the police, the council, highways, local MP to try and get a more substantial safety barrier installed,” she said.
“There have been eight new houses built along this road in the last two years. That's an increase of 25 per cent more possible pedestrians using that pavement.
“It's a main walkway from Batheaston to Bathford. Even at the early time of the crash, there were joggers, people walking dogs, people walking to work.”

The Bathford roundabout

She said the residents have asked whether a barrier installed for the safety of the workmen along the Batheaston bypass in 2016 could be recycled and put where it is needed.
However, this request has been ignored by the council’s highways team.
“The road isn't the problem” she added. “There are adequate speed limit signs, warnings of the roundabout, 'reduce speed' bumps, etc.
“It's just the odd driver going too fast or just losing control that we need protecting from.”

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