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Friday, January 5, 2018

MASSterList: Tales from the floods | Budget surplus? | Pot showdown

Day Late Charlie? 

Charlie Baker's predecessor and the legislature approved funding for the MIDDLEBORO ROTARY - a disaster that affect 47,000 vehicles each day and gridlocks the region. 

So...what's Charlie do? 

Charlie decides to fund a GAZILLION DOLLAR TEMPORARY SOUTH COAST RAIL project to move the LAKEVILLE COMMUTER PAIL STATION to Middleboro, never consulting communities which oppose the move, no traffic studies were completed....
and this is only temporary...until the Stoughton electric line is completed.

Raising fares has made driving less expensive, gridlocking roads..... 

Running for re-election, NOW Charlie wants a Transportation Commission?

Just keep smiling Charlie! Massachusetts voters LOVE white teeth and seem to ignore your Faux Pas.  
Speaking of transit issues, whatever happened to that transportation commission?
When they first announced the commission, one got the impression the Baker administration wasn’t very enthusiastic about the idea. This kind of confirms that hunch. From SHNS’s Colin Young at CommonWealth magazine: “In September, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito announced that Gov. Charlie Baker would sign an executive order "in the coming weeks" creating a new commission to review transportation needs and how the state could fund them. More than three months later, as Massachusetts braces for a blizzard and commuters wonder whether they will be able to get where they need to go amid winter weather, the administration still has not established its transportation review commission.”

MASSterList: Tales from the floods | Budget surplus? | Pot showdown

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