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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Monsanto Bt Pesticide Damages Red Blood Cells, Organs
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Studies are now showing that Monsanto crops damage red blood cells which are responsible for delivering oxygen to the body. And without functioning red blood cells, our bodies are in critical condition — desperate for life support.
The bad news about Monsanto can seem like an overwhelming highway car pileup, but thankfully the news is leading to a larger response by activists. Movements like the Monsanto Video Revolt, announced by Anthony Gucciardi last week, are taking the fight to Monsanto following the major success of movements like March Against Monsanto. Studies like these only lend more aid towards the cause that we fight for each day.
The study found that red blood cells suffer due to a bacterium commonly used as a pesticide in Monsanto’s crops, called Bacillus thuringenesis (Bt). Specifically, the Bt toxin affects mammals in ways that previously were not understood. Heretofore the Bt bacterium were only thought to harm insects, but this is proving to be grossly erroneous.

Target to remove GMOs from major store brand

by Elizabeth Renter

Super store giant, Target, has announced they will be adding a new brand to their shelves—one that is made with natural health in mind. Called Simply Balanced, the brand will be on shelves soon and will phase out genetically modified ingredients by the end of 2014.

According to a press release on the Target official website, the initial roll-out will include a selection of foods that are 40% organic and the majority of them will not contain GMOs. GMOs will be completely absent from the ingredients within the next year and a half.

This, they say, is in an effort to align with the “increasing demand for healthy food products at a great price.” The Simply Balanced brand will also exclude other harmful ingredients while striving to provide consumers with a natural and affordable store-brand option.

The Simply Balanced collection is crafted to be free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives, and avoids high fructose corn syrup. The collection never uses trans fats, is mindful about the amount of sodium in each product, and forty percent of the products are organic – giving guests more of the simple, recognizable ingredients they know and want – and a food label they can understand.

As a wellness brand built on purity and simplicity, Simply Balanced products exclude 105 common food additive ingredients, and the vast majority of the items within the collection are made without GMOs. As part of Target’s commitment to wellness, the Simply Balanced collection will eliminate all GMOs by the end of 2014.

In all, there will be nearly 250 products carrying the brand name, ranging in price from $1 for water to $14.99 for seafood products. Snacks, pasta, drinks, dairy, cereal, and frozen seafood will all be included in the lineup.

This brand is replacing two subsets of the current store-brand Archer Farms: Archer Farms Simply Balanced and Archer Farms Organic. The store will begin rolling out the new products this month.

As consumers continue to voice their opinions with the almighty dollar, corporations have no choice but to respond accordingly. Continue supporting businesses that provide organic, local, and GMO-free products and urge local stores to carry more of these options.

Carl Younger shared Real Truth Now's photo.
Food for thought. ~ldr

THANK YOU TEAM! Last week we were at 250 backers and rising toward our goal of producing a film of this magnitude for the first time in history. We wanted to lighten things up a bit with this post. Even though this is a very serious issue, sometimes laughter heals the soul, we are not fear mongers we just call it how we see it.

Today we are very proud to say we have hit our first milestone: OVER 1,100 backers strong only days later. While that may not seem like enough to accomplish our goal over the next 3 whole weeks, we say we can accomplish anything when we come together as a team. The word is getting out about Santo and people are listening. Daily phone calls and emails have been flooding in from around the world on subjects such as "I had not idea what GMO even was until I heard about this movie" to "how can we get involved if
we don't have a credit card and I live abroad?" and "I am so proud to be a part of a monumental film that tackles... some of the most controversial subjects of our time HUMANITY'S FREEDOM from corporate decision." Together we have already broken through the barrier of "it can't be done" and proven we are a force to be reckoned with. To date we have been bullied, traffic to the page was slowed by ominous hackers, threatened by trolls on important websites and Facebook pages that stand behind a film that pulls no punches, and told we can't do it and we are too far from the goal. Well I am here to remind everyone that we aren't going anywhere, we will fight to the last breath, we are united and our numbers grow by the day. No matter what obstacles are thrown in the path we will rise up and get this film made because it's for all of us, and most importantly because love for us all and freedom from chains our government and corporations have bound us with will prevail. The acronym for T.E.A.M Together Each Achieves More. We intend to build exponentially by the day and in 3 weeks we will say "job well done, we did it." Monsanto We are coming for you.
Robert Everest
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NO MORE MONSANTO! We don't want your GMO'S.

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