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Sunday, March 19, 2017

CounterCurrents: India moves far, far into the Right

Dear Friend,

India is moving far, far into the right! The Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has consolidiated its position with its commanding victory in the most populous and politically crucial Uttar Pradesh (UP) state. UK's 'Independent' headlined "Trump is tame compared to India's newly strengthened prime minister Narendra Modi". Very true. His boldness is reflected in the selection of the new Chief Minister of UP. Yogi Adityanath, a fanatical rabble rouser who has several criminal cases pending against him. Some of the charges include rioting, attempt to murder, carrying deadly weapons, endangering life or personal safety of others, unlawful assembly, trespassing on burial places and criminal intimidation. Mind you, he was not from among the 312 MLAs elected to the Assembly, but was handpicked by Modi and his lieutenant, Amit Shah. So India is moving into far, far, far right. Donald Trump is just a novice in the art of rabble rousing, hate mongering, divisive politics compared 
to Modi and his controllers the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS)

Everybody is asking where is Congress party? Prof. K.M Seethi gives a great exposition of the predicament that the Congress party has found itself in. 

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In Solidarity

Binu Mathew

Mahant Yogi Adityanath As Chief Minister Of Uttar Pradesh: Why Hindutva Juggernaut Rolls On?
by Shamsul Islam

We should rejoice the fact that whether these were elections of 2014 or 2017, the Hindutva camp has been able to secure around 30% of the total votes. Even in UP elections where according to pro-RSS commentators ‘Hindutva aandhi (storm)’ demolished all opposition, as per the polled voted it was catch of less than 40%. Hindutva aggression shows that Hindus are not falling in the Hindutva trap. Unfortunately, those opposed to Hindutva fail in challenging the anti-national philosophy and deeds of RSSdue to sheer ignorance. Since RSS/BJP victory in Maharashtra RSS has abandoned its fa├žade of being a non-political body. Now RSS pracharaks are appointed as chief ministers and India’s fight against Hindutva and RSS nefarious ideology cannot be delayed any more. 70% of Indians are our security against Hindutva juggernaut.

Rise Of Yogi Adityanath: Time For Unity Of Purpose
by Vidya Bhushan Rawat

India’s Bahujan secular forces want a grand alliance of all the like minded secular social justice Ambedkarite Bahujan left forces to join hand in the greater interest of the country. Please don’t join hand just for election purposes only but make a common minimum programme and work accordingly. The time is too short for next general elections and Modi may surprise political parties if and when he chooses to announce it. People who cherish the idea of inclusive India need to stand up united now as their time has come. NOW!

Yogi Adityanath: India Is On The Move
by T Navin

The selection of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister represents this emerging shift. Contrary to the intolerance debate, India is no longer intolerant. The state is completely tolerant towards polarising and divisive politics, accommodative and encouraging towards leaders with reputation for hate speeches. Yes communal, fanatics, goondas and criminal elements are being mainstreamed and accommodated to positions of power.

Tectonic Shift In ‘Congress System’: Debating ‘Leadership’ And Silence On Policy Regime
by K M Seethi

. The crisis of the Congress is thus more ideological and social, rather than a mere question of leadership.  If the Congress should still re-emerge as “spokesman of the nation” besides “its affirmed agent of criticism and change,” it should, by and large, revisit its very approach to the existing policy regime.

Romancing Coal: The Adani Obsession
by Dr Binoy Kampmark

Internationally, the Adani brand name is not getting much mileage either, with the likes of Morgan Stanley, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank or HSBC, bodies long known for their record in supplying loans for coal projects, afraid to commit funds.

50 Reasons For Free University Education As We Bequeath The Young A Dying Planet
by Dr Gideon Polya

Education is a basic human right and all education should be free for all. However the commodification and corporatizing of higher education has meant that free university education presently only obtains in about 25 countries, and the young are brainwashed into acceptance of fee-charging  higher education. The present ruling generations should grant free university education to the young who are inheriting a dying planet. Below are 50 reasons why we must have free university education now.

Kate E. And Lady Gaga, Defenders of the Maligned
by Sally Dugman

I’m sick of the wars, utterly sick of all of them. They happen abroad in a panoramic view involving thousands if not a million or more and right on USA soil on a greatly curtailed scale.

The Rise And Fall Of Populism And Fake News
by Avanish Rathi

To share a link on social media without verifying the source and/or contents is absolutely criminal in today’s climate. To inculcate beliefs based on a 140 word tweet by a populist is doubly so. Do the likes of Facebook share responsibility? None whatsoever. It is up to the reader to make sure what he/she shares has basis in reality and fact.

Demanding Justice For Convicted Workers of Maruti Suzuki

The sessions court in Gurgaon on 18 March, 2017 sentenced 13 workers of Maruti Suzuki to life imprisonment for murder. Twelve of these are the erswhtile leaders of the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union. Eighteen others were sentenced from three to five years for rioting and causing grievous injury. Cases against these workers were filed in July 2012 after violence in company’s Manesar plant during which one official unfortunately lost his life. On company’s complaint police arrested 148 workers and charged them with conspiracy and killing the company official.

Photo Essay: Earning, One Cut At A Time, Street Barbers Of Delhi
by Maariyah Siddique

The daily office chores annoy you, but imagine the struggle of this daily-wage labourer who sets out early morning, from Faridabad, from Ghaziabad and other suburbs of Delhi; laying out the entire street barber shop and not whining about his daily income which ranges between Rs 300 to 500 per day.

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