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Friday, March 17, 2017

Dead Beat Don's Budget Cuts

Where are the cuts to Drump's weekend golfing and Melania's stay-at-home Mom deals?

No wall will keep you safe from WHITE ARMED DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

REPUBLICANS perpetuating ignorance!
Oak Ridge National Laboratories did a great deal of stunning energy research, mostly pretty dull stuff with charts and graphs that I happened to print.
After 9/11, Bush/Cheney removed that research from public view.
The EPA libraries were available online for research. Bush/Cheney likewise made that inaccessible.
There is an Avian Flu that is a deadly strain...who's going to do the research? Next EBOLA outbreak, where are the scientists?
This stuff matters in your lives, don't kid yourself.

summary of budget cuts/changes in the budget Trump sent to Congress today
• $2.6b in wall funding, $314m for 500 CBP agents and 1,000 new ICE personnel. (Additional funding for the wall is requested in the FY ’17 Defense supplemental)
• $10.4b in Dept. of Ed. c
• $3.1b in DOE cuts reducing innovation funding and support for a truly all of the above energy strategy
• $2.4b in DOT cuts – eliminates TIGER grants
• Eliminates the $498m for rural water infrastructure in the Water and Wastewater loan and grant program (refers to EPA SRF which is only increased by $4m with no additional funding for WIFIA)
• Eliminates EPA infrastructure assistance to Mexican Border
• Eliminates Community Development Block Grants
• At least $10.4 billion in cuts to existing education funding: $9 billion (13%) cut in education funding despite increasing voucher programs by $1.4 billion
o Eliminates the Supporting Effective Instruction State Grants
o Eliminates 21st Century Community Learning Centers
o Eliminates Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
o Reduces or eliminates Impact Aid Support Payments
• At least $3.1 billion in cuts to existing DOE funding : $1.7 billion (5.6%) cut in DOE funding despite $1.4 billion increase in National Nuclear Security Administration (11%)
o Eliminates ARPA-E, Title 17 Innovative Technology Loan Guarantee Program, and the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program
o Reduces the Office of Science budget by $900m (17%)
o $2b reduction across Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, the Office of Nuclear Energy, the Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, and the Fossil Energy Research and Development program.
o Eliminates Weatherization Assistance Program ($211m) and the State Energy Program ($50m)
• $2.4b (13%) cut in DOT funding
o Eliminates TIGER grants
o Privatizes FAA
o Prevents new grants from FTA Capital Investment Program
o Eliminates funding for the Essential Air Service program for commercial air service to rural airports
o (The budget comments on but it is unclear if it cuts, maintains, or increases the Nationally Significant Freight and Highway Projects grant program)
• Eliminates the Economic Development Administration including Rural Utilities Service grants (Total of $14m in grants to Texas in 2015)
• Eliminates support for small and medium sized manufacturers through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership program including W W Wood in Pleasanton, TX.
Housing and Urban Development
• Eliminates Community Development Block Grants
o The additional grant program eliminations could be as much as
• Eliminates the $498m for rural water infrastructure in the Water and Wastewater loan and grant program (refers to EPA SRF which is only increased by $4m with no additional funding for WIFIA)
• Eliminates Rural Business and Cooperative Service -$95m
• Eliminates EPA infrastructure assistance to Mexican Border
• Reduces Office of Research and Development by nearly 50%
• Funding for 20 attorneys for land takings to build the border wall
• Primary emphasis on DHS and immigration activities ignores other functions of DOJ
• Cuts funding at DOJ by $2.5b (21%) while providing for significant increases in immigration and enforcement activity
• Eliminates funding for Community Development Financial Institutions Fund grants
Small Business Administration
• Eliminates PRIME technical assistance grants, Regional Innovation Clusters, and Growth Accelerators
Other Agencies
• Eliminates the following agencies and (12 others):
o Overseas Private Investment Corporation
o Legal Services Corporation
o Corporation for Public Broadcasting
o US Trade and Development Agency
o US Institute of Peace
o Inter-American Foundation
o Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation

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