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Sunday, March 12, 2017

How can Republicans call themselves patriots if they sweep this under a rug?

Saturday on Rachel Maddow’s segment on MSNBC, she took 
Vice President Mike…


Rachel Maddow Announces Mike Pence Foreign Corruption Scandal That Could Change Everything

Saturday on Rachel Maddow’s segment on MSNBC, she took Vice President Mike Pence to task.
Pence has managed to stay remarkably isolated from direct implications for most of the allegations and scandals which have dominated American politics, under the Trump administration. But that is not the case any longer.
Maddow directly cuts down Mike Pence for what she asserted is him lying, bold-face to the American people he is supposed to be committed to serving. She also highlighted that Donald Trump is essentially doing the same thing by having his Press Secretary puppet Sean Spicer making congruent claims as Pence regarding Flynn’s Turkish conflict.
Both of these men — Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who occupy the two most powerful roles in the country, must be lying about not knowing about former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn’s ties to Russia, and being on the payroll of the Turkish government.
It was reported by numerous outlets quite some time ago that Michael Flynn’s consulting business was contracted to act as a lobbyist for the interests of the Turkish government. He was quite literally being paid to be a Turkish government propaganda machine, which constitutes being an agent of a foreign government, while serving on Trump’s campaign and transition teams, and into his tenure as NSA.
He also wrote an op-ed on Election Day for The Hill, according to Maddow, calling for the beheading of dissidents of the Turkish leader and which praised Turkey generally.
Mike Pence and Donald Trump (indirectly) have asserted that they knew nothing about that. Mike Pence scandalously did an interview with Bret Baier of Fox News and nonchalantly quipped that “this is the first [he’s] hearing of [Flynn being on Turkey’s payroll].”
Maddow however, is not about to let them get away with that dismissive, and nonsensical claim:
‘That cannot be true. It is impossible this is the first Mike Pence has heard of it. Mike Pence was the head of the [Trump] transition, while all of those news stories of Mike Flynn being on the Turkish government’s payroll were breaking. He was the head of the transition when Mike Flynn was being vetted for the National Security Advisor job. He was the head of the transition when Congress formally notified the head of the transition that Mike Flynn appears to be on a foreign government’s payroll. He was the head of the transition when Mike Flynn’s personal lawyers came and told the transition that Mike Flynn maybe needed to register as a foreign agent.’
She further identified that so many components of the Mike Pence/Mike Flynn resignation scandal and excuses make no sense. Firstly with regard to Mike Flynn, his ties and financial gains from Turkey were well known from very early on, and was reported by various media outlets. Secondly, Mike Pence was the head of the transition and therefore should have been overseeing and checking up on people who were going to be involved, or were involved in the Trump team.
Further, regarding Pence’s involvement and claims in the Mike Flynn/Russia scandal, Michael Flynn’s entire resignation was framed as being because of an erosion of trust because he lied to Mike Pence. But Flynn resigned nearly three weeks after the Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice went to the White House and confirmed Flynn had lied, bringing with her evidence in the form of transcript(s) of at least one phone conversation between Flynn and the Russian official.
Ultimately, Maddow just shattered Mike Pence’s attempts to play the victim with regard to the Mike Flynn scandal and resignation — including these new claims feigning innocence regarding his connection with Turkey, and that is a truly beautiful thing to watch.
WATCH Rachel Maddow unpack all of this on MSNBC Saturday, below:

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