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Friday, March 17, 2017

Jim McGovern: It's time for Jeff Sessions to resign [petition]

Congressman Jim McGovern has proudly represented his constituents in Massachusetts and ALL Americans.

Please stand with Jim McGovern!

Jeff Sessions has proven himself unfit to serve our great

When it became clear that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied during his Senate confirmation hearing, I immediately called for his resignation. Join me by signing my petition now!

Sessions’ lie was bigger than your average falsehood, too. By trying to cover up his meetings with Russian diplomats, Sessions exacerbated widespread concerns over the Trump administration’s relationship with Russia. To make matters worse, he was under oath when he misled the Senate – suggesting he may have violated federal law.
Lying to the American people is not OK. It completely disqualifies Sessions from serving as Attorney General. Add your name to tell Jeff Sessions to resign without delay.

When the country’s top law enforcement official can’t be trusted, it weakens our democracy. The American people deserve public servants that tell the truth – not mislead the public for personal gain. I’m glad Sessions recused himself from future investigations into Donald Trump’s ties to Russian officials, but that’s not enough. It’s time for Sessions to resign.
Paid for and authorized by the Re-Elect McGovern Committee.

This email was sent by Jim McGovern
PO Box 60405, Worcester, MA 01606. 

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