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Route 44 Toyota Sold Me A Lemon

Saturday, March 18, 2017

NHL terrorizes Penguins borrowed from the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Penguins Near Fireworks

Terrified Penguins Forced to Parade for Screaming Crowd Near Exploding Fireworks

These penguins—borrowed from the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium and exploited by the NHL—should not be in captivity in the first place, never mind forced to endure a stressful, noisy, and unnatural environment like this.

Elephant Rides

Travel Agency Stops Supporting Elephant Abuse After Hearing From PETA

When companies hear from PETA and caring people like you, it often leads to positive changes for animals. For example, a Boston-based travel agency just agreed to stop offering elephant rides. Now, let's keep up the pressure and urge other travel agencies to do the same. Then visit PETA's action center to help even more animals. Your actions are helping to save lives every day!
Cold Dog

Help 'Change' the Life of a Dog in Need

This year, hundreds of lonely "backyard dogs" will receive a sturdy PETA-built doghouse through our "Angels for Animals" program. Support this vital work by ordering a PETA coin box.
Bear Show

Bears Forced to Ride Scooters, Balance on Balls—Venue StillInsists on Hosting Cruel Show

Let's send a clear message to the Sarasota County Agricultural Fair, which is supporting a cruel and archaic spectacle involving the abuse of bears, and ask officials to cancel the show immediately.

Iditarod 2017 Update: Five Dogs Have Died in Less Than a Week

The deaths of Deacon, Smoke, Groovey, Flash, and Shilling mark a horrific milestone: More than 150 dogs have now died in the history of the cruel Iditarod race. How many more have to die before we end this barbaric tradition?
Chicks in India

Treated Like Garbage, These Chicks Are Burned, Drowned, and Walked On

Imagine a life of suffering and misery right from birth. Unfortunately, that's what millions of chicks in the egg industry in India and around the world endure—butyou can help stop this by texting the word "EGG" to 73822 or by taking action online today.

Why Canada Goose's Newest Shareholder Is Also Its Worst Nightmare

This retailer—which profits from the sale of fur and down jackets made from trapping and skinning coyotes as well as abusing birds—is going public, and PETA is among its first shareholders. Find out how this will support our efforts to end the company's cruel practices, and see what you can do to help, too.


Cows Are Mutilated and Watch as Others Around Them Are Killed

Once you see what happens to cows, calves, and bulls in order to make purses, belts, and other accessories, you'll want to join the vegan revolution and ditch leather.
Young Monkey

Demand Transparency From the USDA, Whose Records Help PETA Save Animals' Lives

When cats were being cut open and tormented in a university laboratory, PETA used the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) animal-welfare records to take action against the school, and two years later, the laboratory closed its doors. Now, the USDA is limiting access to its records, which have helped PETA and other groups save the lives of countless animals—demand transparency now.

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