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Monday, March 13, 2017

On Tuesday I Witnessed 3 of the Dumbest Comments I’ve Ever Heard From Trump Admin., GOP (Videos)

FOX NEWS = FAKE NEWS has removed one of the posted videos to prevent you from viewing Republican Idiocy.

On Tuesday I Witnessed 3 of the Dumbest Comments I’ve Ever Heard From Trump Admin., GOP (Videos)

I’ve reached a point with Donald Trump and the Republican Party where nothing surprises me anymore. It’s a daily barrage of stupidity that’s often so absurd it’s hard for me to believe there are millions of people who actually trust these clowns. For example, these three comments on Tuesday prove exactly what I mean.

Let’s start with Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and his asinine comment concerning the GOP’s pathetic “plan” to replace the Affordable Care Act. After CNN’s Alisyn Camerota explained that “access for lower-income Americans doesn’t mean equal coverage,” Chaffetz put his disdain for the poor on full display:
Americans have choices. And they’ve got to make a choice. And so, maybe rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to go spend hundreds of dollars on that, maybe they should invest it in their own health care. They’ve got to make those decisions for themselves.
As a person who routinely buys the latest iPhone, I currently pay AT&T $32.50 a month for mine. So is Chaffetz saying that Americans should be able to purchase comprehensive, quality health insurance for $32.50 per month? And considering the average cost of an iPhone is about $800 (or about what I currently pay for two months of health insurance), what does Chaffetz suggest I do to cover my premiums for the other ten months?
And, no, this is not similar to what President Obama said a few years ago when he said some Americans might have to prioritize their expenses to include health care. Under Obamacare, most poor Americans in states that expanded Medicaid coverage saw next to nothing in premiums in the first place. Furthermore, Obamacare’s subsidies made plans much cheaper for millions of Americans. When Obama made his comments, he was discussing a transformative change in this country where some people who had gone without health insurance, many of whom often got saddled with a mountain of debt after experiencing unexpected medical emergencies they couldn’t afford to pay, would need to start accounting for a new expense. Again, the ACA offers much better subsidies for poor and middle class Americans than the GOP’s “plan.”
Chaffetz was asked, specifically, about lower-income Americans who are going to be some of the people who suffer the most under the GOP’s plan to reduce subsidies, end Medicaid expansion, and make drastic cuts to Medicaid. He responded by essentially saying the poor can do without if they need health insurance that badly. This was the equivalent of someone saying, “It’s not my problem to figure out how the poor are going to cope under our disastrous plan — let them go without if health care is that important to them.”

This was one of the most out-of-touch and appalling comments I’ve ever seen anyone make. He’s tried to walk his statement back, but there’s no mistaking that what he said is exactly what he meant.
Sticking with health care, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) apparently felt the need to get in on the stupidity by saying that the disagreements over fulfilling the promise his party spent years saying they were going to do “on Day 1” will bring Republicans closer together — despite all evidence to the contrary:
There’s one thing that has united Republicans in when we won the House, in 2014 when we won the Senate, and in 2016 when we won the White House. This doesn’t divide Republicans, this brings us together, and that is complete repeal, clean repeal.
Actually, what brought the party “closer together” was Republicans using the Affordable Care Act as a “boogyman” to fear-monger and mislead their supporters about the law while lying to them about having a better plan with which to replace it. Now we’re seeing a party that made “repealing Obamacare” its rallying cry for the last several years divided on what to do because, quite honestly,none of them know what the heck to do.
The bill they proposed on Monday is an absolute joke. It’s hated by the far-right for not being extreme enough, opposed by moderate Republicans for being too extreme, and hated by the left for being a bill that will lead to higher premiums, guts Medicaid, and benefits wealthier Americans and insurance companies.

The reason why Paul’s statement doesn’t make any sense is because if a “complete repeal, clean repeal” was really what the GOP backed — as opposed to the propaganda campaign slogan that this “promise” really was — then they would have done that weeks ago. Republicans have had all the power they need to do a “clean repeal” of Obamacare since the moment Trump was sworn in. However, not only have they not done that, but the only ‘plan” we’ve been shown is basically a really bad, watered-down copy of the Affordable Care Act that’s been remapped to benefit health insurance companies while poor Americans get the shaft.
Last, but not least, we have Sean Spicer speaking on behalf of Donald Trump declaring that they’re not going to backdown from their accusations that Barack Obama had Trump Tower “bugged” until they’re provided proof that it never happened:
Why would he [Trump] withdraw it [wiretapping conspiracy] until it’s adjudicated?
That’s another way of saying that Trump doesn’t plan to withdraw his accusation that President Obama illegally ordered Trump Tower to be put under surveillance until he’s presented with evidence proving that something that never happened — didn’t happen.
This was, by far, the dumbest thing I heard on Tuesday. On this issue, Trump’s position is that he can make whatever outlandish accusation he wants, refuse to provide a shred of evidence for it, then say it’s up to those he’s accused to “prove” his ridiculous conspiracy isn’t true. If Trump has this so-called “evidence” proving this happened, then why is he calling on Congress to investigate it? If he has evidence like he claims he does, then show it to Congress. It makes absolutely no sense for him to have this information, refuse to make any of it public, then tell Congress they need to look into a matter — while refusing to hand over the evidence he claims proves it happened.
It’s. Just. So. Dumb.
Here lately, there are days where I sit back and can’t believe what I’m witnessing. We have an incompetent, corrupt person in charge of this country, surrounded by an administration that has no clue what it’s doing, backed by a party that’s so inept it can’t even figure out how to fulfill its top campaign promise for the last few years even though it has all the power it needs to do so.
I laugh, not because I think any of this is funny, but to keep myself from sinking into a deep depression over the realization of what an absolute joke Donald Trump and the Republican Partyare making my country look like right now.
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Watch the videos below:
Chaffetz’s and Paul’s via CNN and Spicer’s via MSNBC:

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