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Thursday, March 9, 2017

RSN: Andy Borowitz | Obama Denies Wiretapping Trump: "Like I'd Want to Hear More From That Fool?"

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Andy Borowitz | Obama Denies Wiretapping Trump: "Like I'd Want to Hear More From That Fool?" 
President Barack Obama. (photo: Susan Walsh/AP) 
Andy Borowitz, The New Yorker 
Borowitz writes: "Donald J. Trump's claim that Barack Obama wiretapped him received a strong denial on Monday from the former President, who said to reporters, 'Like I'd want to hear more from that fool?'" 
Senate Democrats Blow Best Chance to Demand Special Russia Prosecutor 
Jon Schwarz, The Intercept 
Schwarz writes: "Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee briefly possessed some power to nudge Rod Rosenstein, President Trump's nominee for deputy attorney general, to publicly commit to appointing a special prosecutor to investigate any Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election." 
Dakota Access Pipeline Court Challenge Denied, Oil Could Flow as Soon as Next Week 
Rebecca Hersher, NPR 
Hersher writes: "A federal judge has denied a request by the Standing Rock Sioux and Cheyenne River tribes to halt construction of the final piece of the Dakota Access Pipeline." 
The GOP's Obamacare Replacement Is Just a Gigantic Tax on Women 
Erin Gloria Ryan, The Daily Beast 
Ryan writes: "After seven years of grandstanding and hand-wringing, this is the best Republicans could come up with?" 
Hawaii Will Sue to Block New Trump Travel Ban 
Matt Zapotosky, The Washington Post 
Zapotosky writes: "The state of Hawaii will ask a federal judge to block President Trump's revised executive order barring the issuance of new visas to citizens of six Muslim-majority countries, according to a court filing." 
Hungary to Detain All Asylum Seekers in Container Camps 
Patrick Wintour, Guardian UK 
Wintour writes: "The asylum seekers will be kept in converted shipping containers while they wait for their cases to be heard via video-link." 
International Women's Day: These Women Are Winning the Fight Against Industrial Agriculture 
Alison Meares Cohen, EcoWatch 
Meares Cohen writes: "Industrial agriculture is the dominant form of food production in the U.S and, increasingly, around the world. The impacts of industrial agriculture on our health and our living environment are well-documented: pesticide toxicity, water pollution, processed food, antibiotic resistance, worker injustice. Women, who are arguably the most responsible for food moving from field to table, have the most at stake." 

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