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Friday, March 10, 2017

RSN: George Lakoff | Trump's Twitter Distraction, One of the Most Important Figures in Environmental Justice Just Quit Trump's EPA

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George Lakoff | Trump's Twitter Distraction 
President Donald Trump. (photo: Alex Wong/Getty) 
George Lakoff, George Lakoff's Website 
Lakoff writes: "The net has been drawing closer around Trump's Russian connections. His unwavering support for America's major enemy has raised a question: Is Treason the Reason?" 
Trump Unaware That Michael Flynn Was a 'Foreign Agent' 
Amber Jamieson, Guardian UK 
Jamieson writes: "Donald Trump was unaware his former national security adviser Michael Flynn was working as a 'foreign agent' when he gave him the job, according to his press secretary." 
Seattle Judge Weighs Fate of Arrested Mexican 'Dreamer' 
Tom James, Reuters 
James writes: "A Seattle federal judge on Wednesday wrestled with whether he has the power to release a Mexican immigrant with a work permit who was arrested by U.S. authorities last month." 
Trump Has Sold Out His Voters for Corporate America 
Graham Vyse, New Republic 
Vyse writes: "The president's early policies benefit corporations and the rich at the expense of everyday Americans." 
Jeff Sessions Says He Wants to Bring New Detainees to Guantanamo 
Ellen Nakashima, The Washington Post 
Nakashima writes: "Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Thursday said he is in favor of bringing new enemy combatants to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, reversing eight years of Obama administration policy aimed at shrinking the population at the military detention facility in the hopes of eventually closing it." 
Trump's Actions in Yemen Show Him Looking Increasing Like a 'War President' 
Dan De Luce and Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy 
Excerpt: "Air raids in Yemen reflect a broader trend." 
One of the Most Important Figures in Environmental Justice Just Quit Trump's EPA 
Sabrina Imbler, Grist 
Imbler writes: "Mustafa Ali helped to start the EPA's environmental justice office and its environmental equity office in the 1990s. For nearly 25 years, he advocated for poor and minority neighborhoods stricken by pollution." 

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