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Friday, March 10, 2017

RSN: Never Before Has the House Moved So Fast to Pass Such a Bad Bill: TRUMPCARE!, EPA Head Falsely Claims Carbon Emissions Aren't the Cause of Global Warming

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Robert Reich | Never Before Has the House Moved So Fast to Pass Such a Bad Bill 
Robert Reich. (photo: Getty) 
Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Facebook Page 
Reich writes: "Never before in history has the House of Representatives moved so quickly on a bill that would affect so many on the basis of so few facts." 
As House Races to Advance Health Bill, GOP Senators Tell Them to Slow Down 
Elise Viebeck, Sean Sullivan and Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post
Excerpt: "A key House committee, voting before dawn Thursday after about 18 hours of debate, approved a Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act, giving the bill its first procedural victory even as the Senate's top Republican expressed concern about the absence of a cost estimate." 
Jessica Valenti | Don't Let Feminism Get Hijacked for Racist Ends 
Jessica Valenti, Guardian UK 
Valenti writes: "While we all celebrate International Women's Day in different ways, there's one under-discussed issue I hope all of us will take up - the way racist policies across the globe are being enacted under the guise of protecting women." 
When Wrongful Convictions Affect Blacks More Than Whites, Can We Call It a Justice System? 
Scott Martelle, Los Angeles Times 
Martelle writes: "Racial disparities have long been evident in the U.S. criminal justice system, but a new report drilling into statistics on wrongful convictions points up exactly how nefarious the problem is. African Americans are much more likely to be wrongfully convicted of a murder, sexual assault or drug offense than whites." 
Mississippi Pro-Choice Activist Fired on International Women's Day 
Matt Kessler, Guardian UK 
Kessler writes: "Catholic Charities fired a Mississippi employee on International Women's Day for discussing her former pro-choice advocacy work in a recent magazine article."
Women and Children in Yemeni Village Recall Horror of Trump's "Highly Successful" SEAL Raid 
Iona Craig, The Intercept 
Craig writes: "Although some details about the mission remain unclear, the account that has emerged suggests the Trump White House is breaking with Obama administration policies that were intended to limit civilian casualties." 
EPA Head Falsely Claims Carbon Emissions Aren't the Cause of Global Warming 
Samantha Page, ThinkProgress 
Page writes: "The man in charge of the protecting the country's environment, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, appeared on CNBC's Squawk Box on Thursday morning and falsely claimed carbon dioxide emissions are not the 'primary contributor' of global warming." 

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