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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

RSN: Rate of Ocean Warming Quadrupled Since Late 20th Century, Study Reveals, John Oliver Torches the "Universally Hated" Republican Health Care Bill

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John Oliver Torches the "Universally Hated" Republican Health Care Bill 
John Oliver. (photo: HBO) 
Taylor Link, Salon 
Link writes: "John Oliver joined the rest of America Sunday night when he trashed the GOP's new health care bill. Oliver dedicated the latest show of 'Last Week Tonight' to House Speaker Paul Ryan's amazingly unpopular American Health Care Act." 
California to Join Lawsuit Challenging Trump's Latest Travel Ban 
Patrick McGreevy, The Los Angeles Times 
McGreevy writes: "California on Monday joined Washington and other states as a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging the Trump administration's latest travel ban as an unconstitutional overreach, state Atty. Gen. Xavier Becerra said." 
Facebook Says Police Can't Use Its Data for 'Surveillance' 
Elizabeth Dwoskin, The Washington Post 
Dwoskin writes: "Facebook is cutting police departments off from a vast trove of data that has been increasingly used to monitor protesters and activists." 
Trump's Season of Fear: Inside the Devastation Left by Immigration Raids 
Delphine Schrank, Guardian UK 
Schrank writes: "Among the expanded powers that Trump's executive orders and accompanying memos have given law enforcement since his inauguration, undocumented immigrants can be arrested and deported on mere suspicion of a broad array of offenses." 
The Kids Are Right: There's Nothing Outrageous About Stamping Out Bigoted Speech 
Osita Nwanevu, Slate 
Nwanevu writes: "The argument that politically correct standards of etiquette or speech restrictions on campus are delirious, unprecedented absurdities that will set us on a slow, steady path toward the snuffing out of free society is unhinged." 
Mass Protests Force Out South Korean Leader Amid Corruption Scandal 
Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! 
Excerpt: "On Sunday, ousted South Korean leader Park Geun-hye left the Blue House presidential compound and returned to her private residence in southern Seoul two days after South Korea's Constitutional Court unanimously ruled to remove her from office over charges of graft and corruption." 
Rate of Ocean Warming Quadrupled Since Late 20th Century, Study Reveals 
Roz Pidcock, Carbon Brief 
Pidcock writes: "The buildup of heat-trapping greenhouse gases is warming the upper ocean four times faster than during the period 1960-1990, according to new research." 

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