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Friday, March 3, 2017

RSN: Trump May Choose "Alternative Intelligence" to Support His "Alternative Facts," Former Agents Warn, China's Strategy in Its 'War on Terror': Jobs Not Drones

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Frank Rich | Trump's Rollback on Transgender Bathroom Rule Is Just the Beginning 
Jeff Sessions's swearing-in for Attorney General. (photo: Win McNamee/Getty)
Frank Rich, New York Magazine 
Rich writes: "Its not news that America now has a president who will roll back civil rights and endorse bigotry. But nonetheless we did learn a little bit more about both Trump and his administration from this chilling decree." 
Jeff Sessions Said That People Who Commit Perjury Must Be Removed From Office 
Ian Millhiser, ThinkProgress 
Millhiser writes: "Eighteen years ago then-Sen. Sessions (R-AL) was called upon to judge a president who, he believed, had lied under oath. As political scientist Scott Lemieux notes, Sessions did not look kindly on President Bill Clinton during that president's impeachment." 
Trump May Choose "Alternative Intelligence" to Support His "Alternative Facts," Former Agents Warn 
Malak Habbak, The Intercept 
Habbak writes: "A former CIA analyst assigned to work on the Bush administration's attempt to link Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda is warning that the Trump's administration may be adopting the same model of 'alternative intelligence' that led to the Iraq war." 
The Real Triumph of Town Halls 
Henry Grabar, Slate 
Grabar writes: "The crowded, boisterous, emotional events are doing much more than holding Republicans accountable." 
Lawsuit: Memphis Police Threatened, Followed Labor Activists 
Associated Press 
Excerpt: "Memphis police have followed labor organizers home after meetings, ordered fast-food workers not to sign petitions, threatened them with arrest and put some on a list requiring them to have a police escort when they visit City Hall, activists charge in a federal lawsuit." 
China's Strategy in Its 'War on Terror': Jobs Not Drones 
Caleb T. Maupin, MintPress News 
Maupin writes: "The Chinese government is employing a unique strategy to reduce the threat of terrorism in its historically unstable Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. By providing new jobs and better housing, the government has managed to quell the threat of separatism." 
Environmentalists Urge French Bank Not to Finance Texas Fracking Project 
Tom Dart, Guardian UK 
Excerpt: "Activist points to 'hypocrisy' in BNP Paribas's involvement in south Texas export terminal, given bank's claimed commitment to the environment." 

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