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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

This & that.....

Low-income Americans may have to prioritize purchasing health 
care coverage…


Did you ever notice with these republican bastards it's always the lower income people that have to decide what they have to give up to get something? Meanwhile the rich get better benefits and lower costs. The GOP is a bunch of heartless, soulless bastards, down to the last one. If you voted for these ass wipes, you are no better than they are.

Drump: Personal Enrichment!

The Trump trademarks range from hotels to animal training, but there was no…

Robert Reich
China has just granted preliminary approval for 38 new Trump trademarks, paving the way for Trump to develop a host of branded businesses in China, including hotels, resorts, golf clubs, spas, insurance, finance and real estate companies, and restaurants. 35 of the trademarks are in the name of Donald J. Trump personally; the other three are under DTTM Operations LLC, of which Trump owns 100 percent.
Ethics lawyers across the political spectrum say if Trump received any special treatment securing those trademark rights, it would violate the U.S. Constitution’s ban on public officials accepting anything of value from foreign governments.
Yet it’s almost a certainty Trump did.
Dan Plane, a director at Simone IP Services, a Hong Kong intellectual property consultancy, said he had never seen so many applications approved so expeditiously "For all these marks to sail through so quickly and cleanly, with no similar marks, no identical marks, no issues with specifications — boy, it's weird," he said. Given the impact Trump's presidency could have on China, Plane said he would be "very, very surprised" if officials from the ruling Communist Party were not monitoring Trump's intellectual property interests. "This is just way over your average trademark examiner's pay grade," he said.
Richard Painter, who served as chief ethics lawyer for President George W. Bush, said the volume of new approvals raises red flags. "With so many trademarks being granted over such a short time period, the question arises as to whether there is an accommodation in at least some of them."
Painter, along with Norman Eisen, chief ethics officer in the Obama administration, are involved in a lawsuit alleging that Trump's foreign business ties violate the U.S. Constitution. Trump has dismissed the lawsuit as "totally without merit."
Between his lies and conflicts of interest, Trump is on the way to being the most unethical president in United States history. He has already surpassed Richard Nixon. I think he’s even gone beyond Warren G. Harding.
What do you think?

 ..Remember this date November 6, 2018. That's the date on which 33 senate seats, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives, and 14 governorships will be up for re-election. Put it on your calendar now and be prepared to be an informed voter. If you are worried, concerned, angry, disappointed about the direction the government is going this is the most effective way to make a change, stop complaining and start planning. Remember the president is only one cog in the government machine, and you can make effective change through voting for your local and state representatives, this is the check that can balance this situation. Remember that the HOUSE IMPEACHES and the SENATE CONVICTS!!! SHARE OR COPY and PASTE! TIME TO DO SOMETHING!!

The AARP has a warning about what Trump is doing.


SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE FOR ALL AMERICANS just like every other Industrialized Nation! 


Folks: Here's the Republican replacement for the ACA:
The Unaffordable Care Act
This is simply a give-away to the wealthy. Nothing more. Nothing less.


The plan hits low-income and older enrollees the hardest.


The GOP plan = unaffordable health care. Their bill would increase costs for the average enrollee by $1,542 for the first year and by $2,409 in 2020. For Americans who are 55-64, the cost increase would be $5,269 for the first year and $6,971 in 2020. That's unacceptable -- share to spread the truth! 

Any questions as to which is better?
50 States of Blue
Obamacare vs. Trumpcare

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