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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

TRUMPCARE: Rep. Raskin trounces Paul Ryan & GOP on healthcare hypocrisy—every American should see this


SINGLE PAYER UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE IS THE SOLUTION...just like every other Industrialize Nation!

House Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD, 8th District)
Rep. Raskin trounces Paul Ryan & GOP on healthcare hypocrisy—every American should see this

House Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) just nailed the Republican Party with another example of their blatant ACA v. Wealthcare hypocrisy.

In 2009 and 2010, when President Obama and Democrats were seeking the passage of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, Republicans including Paul Ryan viciously accused Democrats of trying to ram the healthcare plan through — without any participation from the public. Oh!

Fast forward to the present. The newly elected Maryland Congressman Raskin presents the truth with facts — something America is starving for right now and can’t seem to get from Trump-loving Republicans.

Here is his video published on Sunday, March 12, 2017: GOP’s Wealth Care Plan Moving at Breakneck Speed” 

Transcript of Rep. Jamie Raskin: ******
“Back when the Affordable Care Act was being debated, and I wasn’t in Congress then, so I approached this just as an historian, there were multiple complaints from the GOP members about how fast things were going, how the legislation was being rammed through.  
For example, our now Speaker Paul Ryan said about the ACA, ‘Congress is moving fast to rush through healthcare overhaul that lacks a key ingredient,’ he said, ‘the full participation of you the American people.’
Greg Walden, the Energy & Commerce Chairman from Oregon said, ‘On a bill of this significant, you would think we would at least allow the people to come in who are affected by the extraordinary changes in this bill, and have a chance to let us know how it affects them.’
And the Ways and Means Committee Chairman, today, Kevin Brady said, ‘The Democratic Congress and White House simply aren’t listening. Democrats are ramming it through over the public’s objections.’
Well let’s go back and look at how long it took the Democrats to get the Affordable Care Act passed and how much public participation and debate there really was.
Here in Congress, there were 79 hearings; I repeat 79 hearings on the Affordable Care Act. There were one hundred (video glitch) witnesses, both expert witnesses and members of the public, citizens coming to testify about the need for expanded health insurance coverage for the American people because of the high expenses of the health insurance and the rip-offs of various insurance companies.
And, there were multiple scores that were received from the congressional Budget Office during that time, as the constant attention to the budgetary and fiscal implications of the Affordable Care Act.  
Now fast-forward to today. We took a year and a half to get to the Affordable Care Act. How about them? Well, let’s see…  
The Republicans introduced their bill on Monday. They passed their bill in the dead of night, at 4:30 in the morning three days later.   There have been no hearings on the bill. There have been no witnesses to testify on the bill, there have been no expert witnesses, there are no witnesses from the public. There is no analysis from the nonpartisan congressional budget office on how much the bill will cost american taxpayers, American citizens on their plans, or how many Americans will lose their health care at all.
In other words, the party that complained about how fast the Affordable Care Act came into being, which was over the course of a year and a half with dozens of hearings, and dozens and dozens more than a hundred witnesses, and lots of public debate, where we went back to our districts in that town hall meetings where there was orchestrated opposition against the plan, but we still stood there and we engaged in the dialogue, and we stood up for the Affordable Care Act.
The people who said that that was too fast are now ramming through at unprecedented breakneck lightning speed a bill that will wreak devastation on the healthcare rights of the American people. 
That's what's taking place. If you've got a contaminated clandestine secret closed process, it will produce terrible undemocratic and unhealthy results...”
Cheers to  another Congress member who does the homework and unabashedly calls out GOP lies — and with gusto. We can’t have enough of this. 

You can visit Rep. Jamie Raskin on Twitter, on Facebook or on his website.

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