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Monday, March 6, 2017 Hell no. We're gonna fight this new Muslim ban


Moments ago, President Trump unveiled his second attempt at a Muslim ban. At worst, this attempt is just as unconstitutional as the first. At best, it's still completely un-American.

When the president last tried this, we responded:

More than 50,000 veterans, military family members, and VoteVets supporters signed a petition condemning the ban. We filed an Amicus Brief in the courts on behalf of two Muslim interpreters who served with our troops overseas and were denied entry into the states. And, of course, we ran our ad featuring an Afghanistan veteran on Morning Joe and Saturday Night Live.

Point is, as those who signed up to protect and defend our democracy, veterans have a huge role in this fight. It's a large part of the reason we won the last round.We're committed to continuing to challenge Trump, but we cannot do it alone.

Make a $10 contribution today to help VoteVets elevate the voices of veterans against Donald Trump's second unconstitutional and un-American Muslim ban.

Whether it was the petitions or the television ad, everything we accomplished after the first Muslim ban was because members of this community came together to say, "NO! We're going to fight this!" It will take all of us coming together again to be just as effective this round. That's why your contribution matters so much.

All our best,

Jon Soltz 
Iraq War Veteran and Chairman 

The overwhelming number of contributions to VoteVets come from lots of people giving small donations. That's what allows us to fight for veterans, military family members, and all Americans on this issue and many others. 

Add yours today: 


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