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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Did Steve Bannon have a role in Yemen raid decision?

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The most solemn obligation for any president is when to send the men and women who wear our uniform into harm's way.

President Trump did that when he sent Navy SEALs into Yemen for a raid that left Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens and as many as dozens of civilians dead, including an eight year old American girl.

Last night, President Trump used Ryan Owens' death as a shameful piece of propaganda. He even suggested he was smiling down from above because Congress -- a body with a 10 percent approval rating -- gave him a two-minute standing ovation. What an absolute disgrace.

But something went horribly wrong that night in Yemen. And a made-for-TV moment shortly after blaming President Obama for a raid he chose not to green-light isn't going to make it go away.

The American people deserve answers. And if Congress can find the time to hold multiple and repetitive hearings into Benghazi, it can certainly find the time to hold a single hearing on this botched raid.

Tell Congress: Investigate the process used by Donald Trump to authorize the raid in Yemen that left a Navy SEAL and dozens others dead.

The military will always do everything it can to prepare for operations, as much as possible. And the military will take every precaution to prevent the loss of life. 

Despite all of that, losing lives is often unavoidable. Those of us who served understand that when we enlist. However, we also realize that sometimes operations should not be approved in the first place.

Did the Commander in Chief ultimately make the wrong call, based on bad reasoning, given to him by unqualified people? What role did Steve Bannon play? We know Bannon was at the dinner where Trump gave the order. We know that Bannon, subsequently, was named to the National Security Council.

Bill Owens, the father of our fallen hero, Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, 
deserves to know. America deserves to know. And it's important that we make our voices heard.

Tell Congress: Investigate the process used by Donald Trump to authorize the raid in Yemen that left a Navy SEAL and dozens others dead.

Unlike the internal review done by the military, which cannot examine the decision-making process at the top, Congress must look into how this decision was made. 

They must investigate right away.

All my best,

Will Fischer 
Director Government Affairs & Iraq War Veteran


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