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Monday, March 13, 2017

RSN: Sanders: GOP Healthcare Proposal an 'Absolute Disaster' and a 'Disgrace', This Weekend Saw Massive Town Hall Protests Against Trumpcare and Trump

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Bill McKibben | College Students Should Resist - Not Silence - Their Political Foes 
Bill McKibben. (photo:
Bill McKibben, Guardian UK 
McKibben writes: "Canniness is a virtue, at least for organizers. When protest goes well - the Women's Marches, the airport demonstrations - it helps immeasurably, limiting the right's ability to act or at least exacting a high price in political capital. But protest can go badly too, and when it does it gives the bad guys a gift." 
Sanders: GOP Healthcare Proposal an 'Absolute Disaster' and a 'Disgrace' 
Mallory Shelbourne, The Hill 
Shelbourne writes: "Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday slammed the proposed GOP healthcare plan as an 'absolute disaster' and a 'disgrace.'" 
This Weekend Saw Massive Town Hall Protests Against Trumpcare and Trump 
Josh Israel, ThinkProgress 
Israel writes: "On Saturday, Reps. Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Duncan Hunter Jr. (R-CA) became the latest Republican legislators to be read the riot act by constituents who are furious about Donald Trump's administration and his Trumpcare plan." 
Behind the Blue Wall: Claims of Bias in the Massachusetts Police Force 
Nestor Ramos, The Boston Globe 
Ramos writes: "Inside the overwhelmingly white and male barracks of New England's largest police force, women and minority troopers say they must navigate a workplace culture that can be hostile or even discriminatory toward them." 
Woman Asks Amazon Echo if It's Connected to the CIA - and It Goes Silent 
Rob Waugh, Yahoo News UK 
Waugh writes: "In the wake of this week's Wikileaks revelations about the CIA taking over gadgets such as Smart TVs, a video has surfaced showing Amazon Echo being very cagey about the subject."
India Extends Paid Maternity Leave to 26 Weeks. The US Is Still at Zero. 
Brian Murphy, McClatchy DC 
Murphy writes: "India's lawmakers passed a bill Thursday that mandates 26 weeks of paid maternity leave for women, upping the benefit from its previous 12-week level, according to media reports." 
House Passes Bill to Ban Fracking in Maryland 
Food & Water Watch, EcoWatch 
Excerpt: "The Maryland House of Delegates passed a milestone fracking ban bill Friday with unprecedented bipartisan support. House Bill 1325, which passed by a vote of 97 to 40, would ban hydraulic fracturing statewide." 

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