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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

RSN: Trumpcare Breaks Every Promise Trump Made About Healthcare

I am not sure how RSN originally landed in my mailbox. But I'm glad it did. Of all the online news services I've encountered, I find yours to be the best source of thoughtful commentary. An island of saneness in this current chaos. Thank you.
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William Boardman | FBI Challenges Justice Department to Tell Truth About Presidents 
Donald Trump, James Comey. (photo: Getty Images) 
William Boardman, Reader Supported News 
Boardman writes: "'that Obama had' - it's unlikely Trump could know whether Obama did or didn't do anything like this without Trump's learning about classified information to which he has little or no legal access. As has been widely reported, Obama (like Trump) has no such authority to 'wire tap' private citizens, any more than Nixon did." 
This Is Still a Muslim Ban: Trump's New Executive Order Decried for Discriminating Based on Religion 
Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, Faiza Patel and Nihad Awad, Democracy Now! 
Excerpt: "President Donald Trump has signed a new executive order temporarily banning all refugees, as well as people from six majority-Muslim countries, from entering the United States." 
Trumpcare Breaks Every Promise Trump Made About Healthcare 
Josh Israel, ThinkProgress 
Israel writes: "On the campaign trail, one of Donald Trump's most oft-repeated promises was that he would repeal the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, and replace it with 'something terrific.' This mythical, magical, secret plan was largely left to the imagination of voters, but he did make a few claims about what it would include." 
Why Women Are Skipping Work and Wearing Red on Wednesday 
James Trimarco, YES! Magazine 
Trimarco writes: "Margaret Prescod seemed preoccupied when I reached her by phone to ask about the International Women's Strike planned for Wednesday, which she is helping to organize. I heard background noise on the line, and asked her what was going on." 
Four-Day Dakota Access Protest Launched in 'Belly of the Beast' 
Excerpt: "Native Americans from around the country are revving up to kick off a four-day demonstration on the steps of Capitol Hill, in continued protest against the Trump administration's decision to move forward with the Dakota Access oil pipeline." 
An Obituary: The National Endowment for the Arts, 52, of Unnatural Causes 
Michael Wilkerson, The Hill 
Wilkerson writes: "The National Endowment for the Arts, aged 52, has finally died. After brushes with extinction in the 1980's and 1990's, along with a three-decade wait to be launched after the McCarthy-era's relentless attacks on artists, police are describing the NEA's demise as 'totally preventable, but oddly, both a homicide and a suicide.'" 
UN Experts Denounce 'Myth' Pesticides Are Necessary to Feed the World 
Damian Carrington, Guardian UK 
Carrington writes: "The idea that pesticides are essential to feed a fast-growing global population is a myth, according to UN food and pollution experts." 

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