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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Russians linked to Trump dropping like flies!, Chaffetz Madness: War Against the poor

In order to take away health care from the poor and working class they attack the poor and working class for being poor and working class.
The members of Congress who put together this repeal of the Affordable Care Act all either have government-sponsored health insurance or are independently wealthy and can afford any care they could possibly need.
This is shameless and worse. It's an attack on American lives.

Endemic poverty is less alarming if the poor are responsible
for their own…


Droppin' like flies! Tough gig!

All of the Russians tied to President Donald Trump, according to the 
dossier that…
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JUST IN: Another Russian With Ties To Trump Is Dead – That’s 8 So Far (DETAILS)

All of the Russians tied to President Donald Trump, according to the dossier that American intelligence agencies corroborated and a former British MI6 agent compiled, are dropping dead.
Yet another Russian who was directly identified in the Donald Trump/Russia dossier have died under suspicious circumstances. Alex Oronov, the first of the list to be a citizen of the United States and a resident of Trump Hollywood, died two days ago. No details yet are available surrounding how he died, but it is reported that he was 69 years old and in good health.
Oronov was a Russian/Ukrainian/American who allegedly arranged the meeting between the Trump and Putin administrations where Putin was ensured no action would be taken against Russia over Crimea. It has been suggested that these details are what arrived on National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn’s shortly before he resigned.
This meeting is said to have taken place with a former Russian business partner of Trump’s, a Felix Sater. Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney, and Andreii Artemenko, a pro-Russia Ukrainian, were also present according to some reports.
All of those inadequately substantiated allegations aside, the death of this individual cannot be ignored as it seems to provide more weight to the above story.
Artemenko announced via Facebook that Oronov had died.
Oronov joins Erovinkin, Krivov, Karlov, Melanin, Chandelon, Polshikov and Churkin, who have all died since the dossier scandal became public just a few short months ago.
Sergei Krivov died in New York on election day at the Russian Consulate with his skull bashed in. Oleg Erovinkin was a former KGB general who contributed to the former MI6 agent’s dossier on Trump and Putin’s ties, and was found dead in the back of a car. Sergei Mikhailov was arrested for assisting the CIA, was seen dragged out of a meeting with a bag on his head in Moscow, and was then found deceased; Mikhailov was also a Russian intelligence agent.
This all sounds like it’s too crazy to be true, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t fake at all. These deaths are real, the circumstances are real, the only things that aren’t substantiated are the connections identified prior as allegations. But it certainly seems awfully coincidental that following the news breaking of this alleged meeting and these deals spelling ties, conspiracy and blackmail, that nearly every person involved has dropped dead.
2017 America is quickly turning back time to the 1920s mobster days because this feels like some horrible coming-to-life The Sopranos stuff right now.
The only question remaining really is: who is likely to be next, and what can the American intelligence agencies and international allies do to expedite the process of verifying the dossier, determining any Russian ties in order to respond accordingly?
In the meantime, despite the severity of the potential implications, Donald Trump sits in the prestigious Oval Office, with access to untold knowledge and resources.
Feature Image via Getty Images/Chip Somodevilla.

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