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Friday, March 3, 2017

Trump slashes Great Lakes funding by 97 percent in early budget plan ET AL

Scott DesJarlais [TN-fraud]: FAMILY VALUES FRAUD!

Congressman Scott DesJarlais, the pro-life, all-family values Tennessee Republican who cheated on his wife and then pressured his mistress to have an…


Donald Trump is having a very, very bad week. As reports emerge that several of…




“There is a group of people that just don’t want health care and 
aren’t going to…


GOP congressman thinks poor people don’t want health care, ‘just like Jesus said’

“There is a group of people that just don’t want health care and aren’t going to take care of themselves.”

Rich guy says poor people don't want health care- after all, they just lay around and eat MacDonalds and don't go running or anything!
Being poor is very stressful
Healthy food is more expensive,
When you're working 2 part-time minimum wage jobs you are too tired to go jogging and 
Expanding medicaid has resulted in people being healthier.
So f**k you you entitled jerk.


With news swirling about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' contacts 
with Russian officials before the 2016 election, the top Democrat on 
the House Intelligence…

 Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah): outing a CIA agent & never prosecuted! 
Who's the snowflake now chaffetz?

This is the same guy who's still investigating Hillary Clinton's emails.

And the Spineless Republicans will Genuflect to Russia!

Just watch!


Ari Berman on Sessions' track record thus far.
"Before Sessions was even confirmed, he “lobbied for a ‘shock-and-awe’ period of executive action,” according to The Washington Post, which included the Trump administration’s disastrous Muslim ban.
"In less than a month on the job, he’s reversed the Obama administration’s positions on voter-ID laws, private prisons, transgender rights, police abuse, and marijuana legalization."

"The problem with Sessions goes well beyond Russia. He’s put the Trump administration on the wrong side of every major issue when it comes to civil rights, the Constitution, and the rule of law." - Ari Berman


Sally Yates knew she risked her job when she stood up for the RULE OF LAW!
It's called INTEGRITY!
This also defines the Moral Bankruptcy of Dead Beat Don!



Whether or not he perjured himself on the Russia matter, Sessions must go.

Thank the Dirty Energy Koch Brothers for this environmental disaster! 

You remember? They're the ones who funded the TEA PARTY to convince poorly educated Americans to support their extremism.

"The Trump administration says it will release its final budget the week of March 13. The EPA and State Department are expected to take major blows to meet Trump's goal of increasing military spending by 10 percent.
The EPA has the option to appeal the cuts before the budget is sent to Congress, but has not yet made any public statements about a counter proposal.
The Great Lakes funding cut is the largest total dollar reduction on a list that includes major cuts to climate change programs, restoration funding for Puget Sound and Chesapeake Bay, research into chemicals that disrupt human reproductive and developmental systems, enforcement of pollution laws and funding for Brownfield cleanups.
The plan also includes a $13 million cut in compliance monitoring, which the EPA uses to ensure the safety of drinking water systems. State grants for beach water quality testing would also be eliminated."


Bipartisan pushback on drastic cuts expected.




A month before the November elections, Donald Trump Jr. attended a meeting in…


This is a new revelation. I haven't heard of this one before, have you? Apparently the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Not only were the sons not supposed to be involved in government decisions (to keep separate Trump's "blind trust"), but to be negotiating the U.S.-Russia Alliance? Israel, if you're paying attention to this man whom your President Bibi Netanyahu admires, you must realize he's a backstabber.... Israel and Jews mean nothing to the Trumps. Israel and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are as dispensable as the many women he's assaulted over many years.

Washington Post

Let’s start at the top and move outward through Trump’s network.

An overview of the reported connections.


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