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Thursday, October 12, 2017

**Middleboro Eyes Wide Shut

Once upon a time, Wayne Perkins waved the banner and proclaimed that communities with casinos paid no real estate taxes.....

HUH?  We know where that comment originated.

So continued the Middleboro Brain Fart of misinformation.....

How'd that go fur ya?

The TRIBE now owns swamp land and pays nothing to the Town......

Jack Healey auctioned the LAND for a pittance along with other parcels on the pretense that he was saving the Town money by not hiring an experienced auctioneer, advertised only in the Middleboro Gazette not known for its wide circulation...sole bidder? Ahhhh....what a surprise!

Neil D. Rosenthal was in attendance...what was it Jack Healey stopped and whispered in Neil Rosenthal's ear on his way out of the auction?

For years, the Brain Dead Middleboro Republicans elected a State Rep...over...and...over...and...over...and...over...who never seemed to find his way into Boston, the Big City.....that never stopped the Brain Dead from continually electing him and 'earning' a PENSION....and much else if anyone was paying attention.....

And then of course, there's the STONE STREET anyone asking questions?

Gee....wasn't the retired Town Manager Jack Healey responsible for 'inspections' ?

How did more dirt get removed than was authorized and approved?

Now Middleboro Property Owners are asked to open their wallets and fund a sorely needed HIGH SCHOOL.....

...only an additional $500 per year for the next 30 long are you gonna live?

Local Real Estate listings rate:


[How can you screw up ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?]



People flock to communities in which schools perform well...they don't flock to communities that offer a shiny new facility......

It's not a new paint job they are buying.

A recent drive to surrounding towns offered some insight about their expanding COMMERCIAL TAX BASE that reduces tax burdens on all.

Talk to developers or banks.

They refuse to consider Middleboro for commercial development because of its reputation and antics.

BOS Chairman Allin Frawley's temper tantrums are widely known and discussed.

Middleboro BOS meetings are watch by other communities.

Sad commentary.

Look around and wonder...who;s in charge?

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